Anoop Desai Get’s Ready to Release Debut Album this Spring

Anoop Desai has a ton of stuff on his plate as he prepares to release a single and an album sometime in April.

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Mark William Gets Ready for Album Debut and Return to Green Room 42

On Tuesday, he shot some sweet photos for his upcoming album with fashion photograher,   Karl Simone.   See above, and more at Team Anoop Desai.

After the shoot, Anoop took off for Nashville, where he plans to work with songwriter Josh Hoge on some new material.

(I saw the talented Josh Hoges perform a few years ago when he opened for Elliott Yamin, Josh is also real tight with Season 6 Idol, Chris Richardson. But I digress.)

Of course, in Nashville, there will also be reunions with Idol buds Ricky Braddy and Danny Gokey

On Friday at 1 pm, don’t miss Anoop’s interview with Robin Milling at Blog Talk Radio, more information HERE.   The topics will include Anoop’s upcoming album, his stint on Idol, and more.

On Sunday, Anoop will perform the National Anthem before the Tar Heels basketball game at UNC.   It’s the ACC opener!

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  1. YUM. I’m really excited for Anoop’s single and album. Really loved Season 8 of AI. So many great artists.

  2. I love Anoop, he is one of my favorites from this season. I will buy his single and album. :)

    I am also glad that he will be performing the national anthem for the ACC opener this weekend.

  3. Waah, so excited! I love Anoop, he was one of the best vocalists last year and he’s just a really cool guy. Met him during the tour and my daughter had made a sign for him and he was really sweet to her, and he made it a point to meet anyone who had signs for him. He loves his fans and really appreciates them. Can’t wait for his album! <3

  4. omg he looks so hot in this pic! wonderful color on him. I wish him success :)

  5. Dang. That pic melted my screen. I can’t wait to hear his album. Yesssh. Hotttt.

  6. Time for a glasses update. Doesn’t he have any good friends who have his back?

    Maybe Danny can hook him up. heh.

  7. @Buderschnookie – Of course thats not the actual picture! LOL. He was photographed by Karl Simone, a very well known photographer among celebrities. Malan Breton is the one who dressed him…a former contestant of Project Runway who is now running a very successful line of clothing. I mean, these are pretty big names. Malan is the one who took this TWEET PIC of Anoop and tweeted it.

    @Junior – its not outdated…this is what a lot of the people are wearing as fashion. He does NOT wear these on a day to day basis. Its just for show. Lots of people wear these glasses, including Ne-Yo! Some people just happen to not like the look and thats fine…but these glasses are def in right now.

  8. MJ…some peeps are getting the idea that this is the actual photo. could you maybe, pretty please, tweak the blog to where it says the tweet from Malan’s tweet: “#projectrunway meets #americanidol Anoop Desai behind the scenes promo shoot pics wearing Malan Breton Homme

    thanks :)

  9. The man can wear a suit.

    And I have to say, on tour he and Matt were the most pleasant surprises musically.

  10. I like the photo. And I’m looking forward to hearing his single and album. But does he have a label deal, or is he going to be releasing this stuff independently? I haven’t seen anything about him signing with a label yet — just with a manager

  11. Thanks for posting, MJ! Like Diana said, I believe these photos were just camera photo shots taken by Malan Breton who dressed Anoop. Malan Breton was one of the Project Runway finalists a few years back.

    I’m really liking that his PR agent (JS2 communications) is hooking him up with A list people in terms of styles and images. I’m stoked that I don’t have to worry about his website and album covers with him wearing a blue hoodie looking like a portrait done at Wal Mart.

    I hope al the media outlets replace those old, terribly bland stock photos of Anoop (from the AI photoshoots) with the new photos coming out of this week as soon as possible.

  12. ^^ YES! Thats what it reminds me of…

    Has no one told him about those glasses…. dude, ditch them.

  13. ^^ YES! Thats what it reminds me of…

    Has no one told him about those glasses…. dude, ditch them.


  14. I bet Anoop will sing a beautiful rendition of the anthem! He has one of the purist vocal tones I’ve ever heard. Good luck, Anoop!

  15. So happy for Anoop; he has a great voice. I assume it will be an indie album?

    Is he trying to be funny or serious with the glasses? He looks cute either way.

    Danny Gokey tweeted about hanging with him in Nashville. I hope they have a great time. Will probably hang with Brent Keith also (Danny has already gotten together with him a couple times).

  16. I think I left the Idol show with a little thing for Anoop lol Enjoyed him live and hope he does well. Can’t wait to hear his stuff.

  17. Anoop is so cute, I prefer his look without glasses (such beautiful eyes) but he looks good. I’m sure he will do a beautiful job on the NA, he has a great voice. My husband and I were watching the S8 rerun last night, and seeing his “You Were Always on my Mind” reminded me again of what a nice quality his voice has.

  18. Man can wear a suit, that’s for damn sure!

    The glasses have grown on me… but apparently not everyone gets it..

  19. Does anybody else think Anoop looks a little likea young Jeff Goldblum here?

  20. I’m sure someone has already posted this but he looks like the guy from Digital Underground… the humpty dance, here’s your chance to do the hump….

  21. Love Anoop, love the Heels, everything is good (except that they lost to College of Charleston in bball, WTF?). He’s looking good – I have a big soft spot for Anoop. And yes…

    seeing his “You Were Always on my Mind” reminded me again of what a nice quality his voice has.

    Same here, I had forgotten how much I loved that performance.

  22. of the 2 pictures, is definitely my fav. Because of the lighting not the glasses.
    I remember Malan as one of the designers from Project Runway – nice of him to tweet the pics but glad these are not the professional ones…have to say, Anoop looks really good in a suit.

  23. Anoop has tweeted that an interview he did with Robin Milling in NYC earlier this week will be airing tomorrow,

    THIS tweet from him is encouraging:
    Got some great songs goin w @joshhoge here in Nashville. Already a lot of great opportunities lined up for 2010-y’all ready for this ride?
    about 4 hours ago from web

  24. Though he has an amazing voice, I was not among the Anoop fans on AI. I did love “Always On My Mind” and that’s my Anoop download from the season.

    Anywho, I’m loving that picture!! The suit is awesome and he wears it well. I really like the glasses too! Nothing wrong with being compared to Buddy Holly! :D That’s the picture posted right? Of course Anoop is a lot more handsome!

  25. Anoop is the last person I thought would end up in Nashville. What a great looking photo, but I look forward to the professional ones, too. He’s an attractive man.

    Anoop has one of the BEST voices from Season 8. For me, he sings ballads like no other. I can’t wait until he releases his album!

  26. Graammie Kari –
    you would probably be surprised what a variety of music is being made in Nashville. Country is big of course, but blues, jazz, hip-hop, folk, rock, punk rock, alternative rock, bluegrass, gospel, classical, soul and most lately, neo-soul…..which r&b/neo-soul is what I would classify the sound Anoop is going for.

    Josh Hoge makes some cool music..
    I’m instersted to see what he and Anoop come up with.

    I definitely agree with you that Anoop has one of the BEST voices of AI8.

  27. I was a huge fan of Anoop early last season. But I’m not excited…yet? He has potential. :)
    Definitely a good looking fellow.

  28. Yeyy!More Anoop!
    ^^Yes, he looks GREAT in a suit!The glasses are okay….

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