Andrew Garcia, Mary Powers and Jim Ranger: Pre-Idol Music

I’ve got some pre-Idol music from your Los Angeles hopefuls below. Check it out.

Soulful dad, Andew Garcia has a ton of stuff on You Tube, much of it quite good. As part of the duo, the Adrian William Project: Original Song (Cathy’s Song) Use Somebody. A couple of real nice covers:
Chasing Pavements, Live and Learn Here’s a duet with another young singer, Cathy Nguyen (she’s good! Awesome cover) Knock You Down, and some sweet harmony with a few fellow musicians:  Empire State of Mind, Andrew’s Ustream channel:  UStream I’m predicting it: Andrew is going to become a big fav this season. The buzz has already started. (Andrew is reportedly friends with Season 7 contestant, Ramiele Malubay)

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Rock and roll girl, Mary Powers? Here she is, sounding decidedly NOT rock and roll, singing “Home” from the Wiz, and here she is dabbling in a little Hip Hop, plus two ballads, “Forever” and “Awe and Wonder” with Bill Haller. Hm. A bit of an identity crisis, maybe?

Jim Ranger, the pastor and family man from Bakersfield, is in a popular local band called Soulajar.  Here’s a an interview and promotion the band did with a local Starbucks. The band covers “Ain’t No Sunshine”. Ok, based on his audition, I called Jim average. But I’m taking that back. He really does have a good voice.  More: Soulajar’s MySpace. Jim’s solo MySpace.

After the jump, check out my favorite from the bunch, Andew Garcia and Cathy Nguyen’s awesome cover of  Keri Hilson, Neyo and Kanye West cover “Knock You Down”

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. Cale from Kris’ band tweeted this last night:

    if you watched american idol, and saw a guy named #JimRanger, my band used to play with him at shows, he’s from Little Rock…watch out…

  2. I’ve seen the “knock you down” cover before idol started this year. It immediately led me to andrew’s channel. He is truely a music lover and some of his original songs are really good. I will be rooting for him this season.

  3. I really, really like Andrew Garcia. He can actual play the guitar (not just strum a few bars), he’s a generous singer (per his duets), he has a unique voice and an even uniquer (is that a word) look.

    I like his pre-idol work better than what I have seen from anyone else. Besides, his whole persona brings something new and different to the table.

  4. Andrew Garcia should tour with Ayla Brown or make beautiful babies with her. Her father is a senator. He can make stuff happen. Don’t cry Andrew!

  5. Another reason for me to love Andrew Garcia. He’s said he loves Danny Gokey and he is amazing on his AI interview.

    Another soulful singer.

  6. I already loved Andrew enough to watch his audition twice last night (a small pearl in a sea of sh*t), but I may be his no. 1 fan now after seeing him in that vintage Phils cap. Please, no more backstory, however. Not until he makes his hometown visit as part of the final 3 anyway.

  7. I already loved Andrew enough to watch his audition twice last night (a small pearl in a sea of sh*t),

    I enjoyed Andrew a lot too. He’s got a great voice. Not a fan of the neck tat, but I can get past that. I guess I’ll also have to forgive him for being a Gokey fan. He seems talented enough for me not to quibble with the little things :).

  8. I loved Andrew’s audition. Super voice! He’s a Gokey fan, meh. Well, nobody’s perfect. LOL

  9. Maybe he likes gokey because his voice is similar to gokeys. He looks like a love child of Kris and Danny: with Kris’ musicaltality / guitar playing / plaid collection and Gokey’s voice/soulfulness.

  10. Andrew Garcia’s voice reminds me a bit of Danny Gokey also. I think he will do well in the competition.

  11. Maybe he likes gokey because his voice is similar to gokeys. He looks like a love child of Kris and Danny: with Kris’ musicaltality / guitar playing / plaid collection and Gokey’s voice/soulfulness.

    I think that it’s great that Andrew is a fan of Danny. He has good taste, IMO. :) But vocally he doesn’t remind me of Danny. Andrew has a smooth, buttery tone, his vocal tone is closer to Anoop’s than it is to Danny. I thought that Danny was more Blue-Eyed Soul R&B and that Andrew is closer to Contemporary R&B.

    Andrew has a great sense of musicality and I would guess a lot of musical knowledge as well. He can actually play guitar and not just strum two guitar chords and call that guitar playing, like others have done on Idol in the past.

    I think that once he gets a chance to perform with his guitar on Idol that he will do some “real” guitar playing, which wil bel nice to see. I think that he will be one to watch this season. I have seen some of his videos on youtube, and he has nice covers up there.

    Also I like Jim. I like that he auditioned with an original song and I like that the original song sounded decent. I am interested in seeing how he does on the show. I think he might play guitar?

    I think that Mary has a decent voice, but I don’t think that she’s very unique. I have seen girls like her on Idol, like IMO Alexis Grace and Amanda from season 6.

    Most of the girls for me this season are interchangeable, and are Kelly Clarkson/Jordin Sparks lite. Which isn’t interesting to me.

    I haven’t read spoilers but I can guess that certain people have made it to the top 24. There is no one from the initial auditions that has wowed me like contestants have done in the past.

    And right now I’m not really drawn to anyone. But I think that Andrew did a good job and so far I could see myself rooting for him, and maybe Jim and Tyler this season.

  12. These are my favorites from last night too.

    Jim Ranger’s band, Soulajar, won a contest sponsored by Starbucks a couple of years ago. The bands they competed against were from all over southern California. I know his drummer. Really nice guys. I’m happy to see Jim (and the band) get some national exposure.

  13. I haven’t followed Idol for very long. I liked the top ten from last year, but really only ever watch the auditions to see people make fools of themselves. But this year, I took a special interest, because 3 months ago I took a Worship Pastor position in Northern California, after serving as the worship assistant under Jim Ranger down at New Life Center in Bakersfield. I know everybody thinks their friends are awesome, and the contestants that made it in his lineup deserved to make it to the next level. But, i promise you this,…it’s not the last you’ve seen of Jim. I feel like the Rangers are all part of my family (Jim and his brother Jon are like brothers to me), and I believe the feeling is mutual, so I can say with full confidence, there is a small percentage of people in this world who can do what Jim can do with that voice. I personally know, and have hung out with all the members of Soulajar, and have sang more than a few of Jim’s original songs in church, and while driving my car…it is not the last you’ve seen of him.


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