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Katy Perry Is Ready To ‘Ditch’ Her Career To Be ‘American Idol’ Judge

“I make ’em cry all the time, ” Perry joked to MTV News. “The ‘American Idol’ experience was awesome. If I was offered that job as a permanent host, I would ditch my career and take on that career.”

Perry said she didn’t actually cause anyone to tear up, but she did have a great time during the experience. “It’s kind of like judging a talent show, ” she said. ” ‘American Idol’ was great fun. It was so easy. I didn’t really make anybody cry, but I did tell the truth to some kids that might have needed to hear it.”


Daniel Franco From ‘Project Runway’ Makes ‘American Idol’ Cameo

A montage of people who came to the Los Angeles auditions dressed like Lambert featured several men and women decked out with spiky hair, eyeliner and lots of leather. One highlight included someone butchering Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality” while employing all of Adam’s tics but little of the talent that made Lambert an “Idol” breakout star.

In the middle of it all, however, was Franco — who was cut in the first-ever episode of “Runway” and then begged to be back on season two — cracking a joke about how he looked like the lovechild of Lambert and Susan Boyle. “If Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle had sex, which is pretty farfetched, ” Franco said on Tuesday’s show, “I’d be it, pretty much.”

For those keeping score at home, other Lambert wannabes in the montage included Cassidy Haley (Lambert’s musician friend whom he has tweeted about in the past) and Michael Castro, little brother to “Idol” season-seven finalist Jason Castro.


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Bakersfield man makes it on American Idol

Bakersfield, Ca.– Band members of the group Souljar along with friends gathered at the home of Brian Boozer to watch fellow band member Jim Ranger audition on American Idol.

At first, nobody had any idea Ranger would be one of the contestants, as participants are not allowed to publicly talk about their auditions.

“All these different sources kept saying ‘Jim Ranger, American Idol’ and our interest was piqued, ” said Boozer.

The rumors were true and on Tuesday, Ranger appeared on the nationally televised show. He sang a song-a capella-called “Drive” which is about his wife.

PHOTO: Idol Contestant’s Missing Mom

For those who may be able to help in the search for Idol contestant Angela Martin’s mother, who disappeared in a south Chicago suburb on Dec. 26, Angela’s family has provided a photo of Viola Brown Martin.

“My mother is a loving mom despite everything that she’s been through, ” Angela tells PEOPLE. “She was there at my audition in Chicago. She was the one holding my daughter. It was a highlight for her because this was my third time and she was really happy to be a part of it.”

On The Couch With American Idol Judge Randy Jackson

Last week I had the chance to interview “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson. It was my first time chatting up the Dawg, so I didn’t really know what to expect (other than hearing the word “dawg” a lot, which I did).

Admittedly, I’m not a diehard Randy fan on “Idol.” In my recaps, I’ve accused him of being non-committal, inarticulate and a parakeet to Simon. In person, he was the complete opposite.

As you’ll see in the Extended Play, Randy’s bursting with opinions and argues them surprisingly well, especially given his “For me, for you, for me, for you, for me” reputation. Granted, I didn’t always agree with him, but I appreciated how candid and honest he was. (Heck, I’ll even forgive him for continuing that ridiculous “A girl will win ‘Idol’ this season” talking point the producers keep shoving down our throats.)


Adam Lambert Bundled Up in Toronto

Bundled up for the Toronto CA weather, Adam Lambert was spotted out and about on Tuesday (January 26).

Braving the windy conditions, the “Whataya Want From Me” singer looked to be in chipper mood as she strutted down the street.

Spoiling ‘American Idol’: Does It Really Matter?

The news that ‘American Idol‘ hopeful Michael Lynche had been thrown out of this season’s pool of 24 finalists because a family member revealed that he’d made it past the Hollywood round was the latest twist in a contestant-winnowing process that’s long been filled with leaks coming out of the production and spoilers appearing on the Internet.

Lynche’s father confirmed to the St. Petersburg Times — which, coincidentally, used to employ Lynche’s mother — that Lynche had made it into the top 24, and the show saw that as a violation of the confidentiality agreement it has with contestants.


Perez Hilton Wants To Replace Simon Cowell On ‘American Idol’

He’s catty, not afraid to get petty, and he’s not opposed to showing a little chest hair. So naturally, Perez Hilton believes he’d be a great pick to replace Simon Cowell next season on “American Idol.”

And if that doesn’t work out, he’d be more than willing to join Cowell behind the judges’ table on the U.S. version of “X Factor.” Basically, he’s trying to say that he’s available either way.

“I think that Simon Cowell leaving ‘American Idol’ is amazing, because those are two potential jobs that I may have in the future, ” Hilton told MTV News. “If they’re looking for a new judge on ‘American Idol, ‘ I am available. I haven’t asked Simon Fuller, who created the show, but maybe I should.


‘Idol’ Isn’t Afraid of Tardy Simon Cowell Anymore

After nine seasons without so much as a whisper ever leaking to the press about Simon Cowell’s on-set behavior, why all of a sudden does news break that the lead judge was late for taping? The answer: Because he’s leaving, and they’re not afraid of him anymore

“You should expect many more nasty leaks about Simon. The show no longer feels the need to protect him, ” a source close to ‘Idol’ production tells me. “Simon has been late for years and is baffled that all of a sudden, after he announces he is leaving the show, leaks to the press have started to occur.”


Rosie O’Donnell: Simon Cowell is Irreplaceable

Rosie O’Donnell is a huge fan of Simon Cowell, but is she thinking of taking over his duties on “American Idol”?

O’Donnell, 47, sat down with “Extra” to discuss rumors she may be tapped to fill Cowell’s empty judging seat on “Idol” next season.

“I read that too, but I don’t think it’s true, ” Rosie says of the rumor. “He’s irreplaceable.”

Extra TV

Matt Giraud to debut ‘You Don’t Know Me’ on iTunes and at his sold out show Friday at in Grand Rapids

Matt Giraud will debut his first single, a duet called “You Don’t Know Me” with jazz singer Anna Wilson, at his sold out show Friday at the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center. Wilson will make the trip to Grand Rapids to perform the song, which will appear on Wilson’s upcoming “Countrypolitan Duets” album.

If you missed the boat on purchasing tickets to the Kalamazoo piano man’s show on Friday, not to worry. You still can see the “American Idol”-West Michigan product when he makes a guest appearance at “West Michigan Idol Night, ” Feb. 20 at the Grand Rapids Griffins hockey game at Van Andel Area, 130 W. Fulton St. Game time is 7 p.m. Tickets range from $5-$30; call (800) 585-3737 for more information.


Michael W. Smith Gathers Artists To Record Song To Benefit Haiti Relief Efforts

On Wednesday, January 27th from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Multi-Platinum™, GRAMMY® and Dove Award winning artist Michael W. Smith will gather with artists from the Nashville community, and beyond, at Ocean Way Studio to sing “Come Together Now”. Written by Smith, David Mullen and Cindy Morgan, the songs aims to remind people of our obligation to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Artists slated to lend their voices include (Subject to change): Chris Sligh, Phil Stacey…

A Little Christan Sense

Bob Dylan, Jennifer Hudson, and Natalie Cole to Sing at White House

In celebration of Black History Month, Bob Dylan will join a lineup of entertainers spanning many generations for “In Performance at the White House: A Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement.”

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will host the February 10 concert. Some of the featured singers slated to perform songs from the Civil Rights Movement are Natalie Cole, Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, John Mellencamp, Smokey Robinson, and Seal. Morgan Freeman and Queen Latifah will emcee the star-studded event.


Adam Lambert as wild as ever

Don’t fret, Glambert fans. 2009 American Idol runner up Adam Lambert says he has not toned down his theatrical makeup, nor his over-the-top attitude.

A story in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly suggests he had a “make-under” in the video for his second single Whataya Want From Me?, following his controversial appearance on the American Music Awards last November.

“I love when people read into stuff, it’s fun, ” Lambert said Tuesday morning at a Toronto hair salon to promote his debut album, For Your Entertainment.

“It has all to do with the song. Whataya Want From Me? is emotional and vulnerable and is more sensitive. You can’t get up there in a glittery suit and with fancy eye makeup on, and be like grinding my pelvis around to that song. It doesn’t work.”

Toronto Sun

Adam Lambert works at getting beyond ‘the kiss’

It was David Bowie who first cannily reasoned that if you look and act enough like a rock star, you might actually become a rock star.

The same thinking paid off in spades for last season’s American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert. He might have lost the final vote to Kris Allen, but his attitude, his charisma and his gift for playing rock ‘n’ roll dress-up – not to mention a supple voice that can really wrap itself around the high notes – marked him as one of the few true, born entertainers ever to grace the series. He arrived a star. He just needed a venue.

Toronto Star

‘American Idol’ Alum Visits Atlanta

A top ten “American Idol” alum stopped in the metro area to inspire a group of visually impaired up-and-comers. Scott MacIntyre, who is visually impaired, spent the day at a jam session at the Center for the Visually Impaired in downtown Atlanta last week.

MacIntyre may be legally blind, but he has never lost sight of how far he’s come. The former “American Idol” contestant was in Atlanta to share his story with young people who are also visually challenged and shooting for the stars.

MyFox Atlanta

Former Idol Kimberly Caldwell visits FOX 35!

Perhaps best known as a second season contestant on television phenomenon American Idol, Kimberly Caldwell struck a chord with millions of the show’s viewers thanks to her gutsy vocals, passionate performances, and earthy charisma.

If you’ve been an American Idol fan for the long-haul, then you probably know Kimberly Caldwell, who finished in seventh place in season two.

My FOX Orlando

Stage version of ‘The Color Purple’ adds spectacular music to an uplifting story

Felicia P. Fields brought a reedy alto and fun swagger to Sofia; Angela Robinson’s Shug was regal and sophisticated. La Toya London sang with sweetness as Nettie; church ladies Yolanda Wyns, Kimberly Ann Harris, Virginia Ann Woodruff and Lynette DuPree sang with sass and tight, resonant harmonies.

The men, too, ultimately find goodness. As Mister, Rufus Bonds Jr. gained sympathy with his strong tenor on Celie’s Curse; Stu James’ Harpo grows into a caring husband with Sofia.

One can understand Oprah Winfrey’s association with this musical — she’s a producer. A note of hope rings clearly throughout The Color Purple, drowning the anger and noise of oppression.

Star Telegram

Shambert Alert! Attack Of The Adam Clones At The ‘Idol’ L.A. Auditions

I was really, really psyched for tonight’s episode–and not just because it took place in my hometown, Los Angeles (see outtakes from when I attended the L.A. auditions here), or because Fox’s preshow promos promised plenty of rocker types and a possible “Next Adam Lambert.” (Although come on, now: It takes more than an emo combover, a Hot Topic wardrobe, and some artfully smudged Wet ‘N’ Wild eyeliner to be The Next Adam Lambert. A search for another Glambert is as futile and mythical as a search for a unicorn, as tonight’s episode ultimately proved.) No, I was also excited because I knew Idol’s L.A. open call would bring out the real freaks and geeks: the skewed, the proud, the Angelenos. And yes indeedy, L.A. made me proud tonight. There’s nowhere I’d rather live than the city that has spawned not only last season’s Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta, but also this evening’s Austin Fulmer and Jason Greene (more on those two freaktastic auditioners later.)

‘Idol’ LA auditions: Katy Perry delivers, contestants disappoint

The best moments from “Idol’s” Los Angeles auditions? Brief cameos by Sanjaya’s biggest fan, Crying Girl, and former “Project Runway” contestant Daniel Franco, and a guest judge stint by Katy Perry, who not only took her professional responsibilities very seriously, but also kept contestants and viewers alike entertained with her adorably exaggerated gestures and the occassional good-natured spat with Kara DioGuardi (the two hitmakers have collaborated on several songs, including Kelly Clarkson’s “I Do Not Hook Up” and are good pals).

LA Times

‘American Idol’ Goes For The Gold

Last night, ‘American Idol‘ shone its spotlight on the Los Angeles auditions, which were full of montages of bad singers and worse reactions to Simon Cowell and his band of judging types. Not to mention fake-edgy female singers who have used their irritating personas to mask the fact that their voices aren’t exactly Whitney/Celine caliber — by which I mean Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry, both of whom, let’s be honest, are really more suited to Project Runway judging than anything relating to vocal prowess.

‘American Idol’ recap: California Screamin’

Shall we start with that sour-patch kid in the ”hip” black hoodie with ”amusing” devil horns? To be fair, I don’t think there was a person on the planet (with the possible exception of Cecile Frot-Coutaz) who anticipated that Avril Lavigne would provide witty and/or insightful commentary during her trial run in the Paula Abdul Commemorative Swivel-Chair. But low expectations aside, I’m still having difficulty grasping how and why Avril implied that bearded ”worship pastor” Jim Ranger shouldn’t get a Golden Ticket because he was (gasp!) married, and (oh-em-gee!) said marriage had produced three (how do we say this politely?) child-type creatures! Okay, so that’s not exactly how Avril put it, but her weirdly dismissive questions about Jim’s brood, and her condescending newsflash that ”to be a pop-star you have to travel” seriously rubbed me the wrong way.

Entertainment Weekly

Neil Patrick Harris Plans for More Horrible—and More Glee?

Gleegasm: But what about reports that Joss and NPH could reunite on Glee? As you know, Joss Whedon is set to direct an episode of Fox’s hit musical series later this season, and rumor has it that show producers want Harris to guest star in that very episode. Is that really happening?

“That’s something that’s trying to be worked out, but I haven’t heard whether or not that’s going to take place. I hope so, that’d be great, [but] I don’t know anything about it. I’m just a director on hire for that, ” Joss says about his plans for helming an episode of Glee this March. “I’m a huge fan, [so] I’m going to show up and hopefully put the cameras somewhere useful.”


Susan Boyle Comes Home to Find an Intruder

Susan Boyle returned to her home in Scotland to find something she didn’t expect – an intruder, police have confirmed to PEOPLE.

The singer was entering her house in Blackburn, West Lothian, late Tuesday when the unexpected guest ran out past her.

A police statement said Wednesday, “Lothian and Borders Police were called to an address in Blackburn at around 9:50 p.m. yesterday following reports of a disturbance. A man was detained in connection with the incident and released without charge pending further inquiries.”

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