America’s Got Talent Semifinals Week 2 Live Blog (VIDEO)

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- Episode 1023 -- Pictured: Piff the Magic Dragon -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

It is time for another round of America’s Got Talent!

What’s up guys, it’s Adam here with another recap of tonight’s live America’s Got Talent. Can you believe this season is just about over? To be honest, after last week’s shocking elimination of Siro-A, aside for a few last favorites of mine, I am really disappointed with the top 10 roster so far. Hopefully we can get some great acts in there after tonight. I am still pulling for Piff, but I also am super excited to see Paul, Freelusion, Daniella and Alicia. Who are you most looking forward to?

And we are live!

Kicking off the night is 3 Shades of Blue! I totally called that this would happen. Performing first, the fact that they barely made it in to the top 22 and the fact that people will be mad at them for stealing Freckled Sky’s spot basically seals their fate. Let’s see what they do. Wow, they are performing one of my personal favorite songs ever in Sail, by Awolnation. Props to you if you remember when that rock girl did this on The Voice. And for what it’s worth… I kinda was really digging this. I love their energy, but still it won’t be enough. I don’t know, it might just be the song as to why I am digging it so much. Howard seals their fate though by calling them karaoke. Yep, I loved this performance, but they are gone.

Gary Vider is up next. In his intro package he talks about how he needs to give faster delivery. Tonight, he makes some jokes about something and they are not really funny. I’m sitting here with a bored face watching this. Howie stands up for him, which basically means nothing. I still think Gary is going home. The judges love him though, so what do I know.

Next fodder act is Alondra Santos!. Tonight she is singing Ole Ole, by Ricky Martin and it is actually not bad! I think she is doing great a great job, but this song’s melody is really simple. It basically is the same notes and tune over and over, and while that is great for a studio song, live it seems repetitive. Still, I enjoyed it. The judges call her out on her song choice, but commend her for representing her culture. She is still going home.

Freelusion is up next, and they are the only dance act left! Tonight, they perform a… PHENOMENAL routine about machines and technology taking over our lives. I loved this performance! At the end a machine comes to life, comes out of the projector and walks towards the judges. But like the act’s name it was just an illusion. Well done! The judges give them strong praise, but Howard calls them out on the dance getting lost. I still think they deserve to move on.

Next, singing “Ain’t No Sunshine,” is Alicia Michilli. I love Alicia, but this one isn’t doing it for me. It is coming across as very karaoke and generic. I’m losing the personality in the performance. I’m a little disappointed. Howard sums it up by saying she won’t be moving on because she played it safe and it was only so so. I hate to admit it, but I think he is right.

Here we go, my personal favorite of the season, Piff The Magic Dragon is up next. Tonight, he is ditching all the production and going for some close up magic. One word: REDEMPTION! Wow, what a comeback, trick after funny quip after solid trick makes the redemption story of the night. At the end, he throws cards at a video screen with Mr. Piffles, runs through the audience to appear in the screen to grab a card that exactly matches a card chosen by one of the judges. Wow, I am impressed. With a standing ovation from the judges I think Piff has solidified his spot in the finals.

Up next is Daniella Mass. Tonight, she is going for Crying, by Roy Orbison and it is… so so. I think it was good, but I have a feeling Sharon is closing the show, so I worry people will forget her when she takes the stage. Her upper register needs some work; there are some REALLY messy notes in this! The judges loved the performance. I worry for her tonight, I think she is in trouble.

Uzeyer is our only danger act left in the competition and he is also a favorite of mine! Today, he starts his act rolling in a hula-hoop, then he climbs his ladder and at the top he….. falls, and it looks like he fell hard. He assures everyone he is okay, but his face says it all. He looks crushed and embarrassed. The judges commend his courage and still say he should be proud of himself. Uzeyer begs for another chance, but of course there is no time. While Nick gives his voting numbers, Uzeyer walks off stage and honestly, I feel horrible for him. Poor guy.

Ugh. Next is Stevie Starr, The Professional Regurgitator. During his intro he says first thing in the morning he drinks a bottle of Coke, and he loves to eat raw butter. EW! Tonight, he swallows smoke and soap (WHY!?) and makes bubbles, smoke bubbles and I just still don’t get why this is entertaining! He finishes his act swallowing a raw egg and bringing it up still whole. In the end, all the judges stand for him and Howard declares that he, Gary and Piff are the standouts of the night so far. I just can’t.

Sharon Irving is yet another singer performing in the batch. Tonight she is taking on the extremely overdone song Imagine, by John Lennon. Eh, it is a typical karaoke performance, I am not really feeling this at all. I still think she is generic singer and besides being able to hit the big notes, she really is nothing special. Regardless the judges stand for her and basically scream to the audience that she needs to be in the finale. Well, I guess we need one girl in the finale. I really wouldn’t mind losing her, but I doubt it.

I am so excited for this act closing the night. Paul Zerdin is ditching his puppets for Howie! He brings Howie onstage and puts a mask on him in order to use him as a puppet. He swaps places with Howie at the judges table and makes him do a bunch of embarrassing routines, including twerking and Irish step dancing. It is GOLD! Wow, this was another grand-slam from Paul and I have to say it, he deserves to win this season! I would stand for this act, hit my golden buzzer and hand him the check! Game over, Paul you just won this season in my mind.

Whelp, that rounds out the night, thanks for joining me guys. As always, if you liked what you read and you want to show your appreciation, you can follow me on Twitter at @adamhsamuel. Thanks again and I hope you all have a great night.

This is AdamSLM signing off…

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