Americas Got Talent 9 Week 5 Predictions

America's Got Talent - Season 9

Did anyone else find last night really underwhelming? Anyway, tonight’s results are going to be super hard to call with not many clear front runner worthy performances, but some still shone and others did crumble. Lets take a look.

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I’d Eat My Computer if They Dont Advance:

1- Emily West– Her pimp spot worthy performance was pretty incredible and with a standing ovation from the judges, I don’t see how she doesn’t end up advancing. I keep getting more and more impressed with her because she has yet to take a step back; every performance keeps getting better and better.

Likely Going To Advance:

1- Sons of Serendip – These guys are definitely consistent and just keep getting better and better! They had a great performance tonight and I’m pretty sure will be sailing through.

2- Miguel Dakota – Looks like we are going to have another singer win the whole thing this season. Miguel is our token WGWG and I’m glad he switched it up by dropping the guitar. He delivered a solid vocal tonight and many people are still buzzing over him. He is very likely going through.

3- Mike Super – Mike really proved me wrong tonight. His performance was compelling and fun to watch. There is a lot of buzz going around him and he deserves it. He has earned himself a spot in the next round.

Heading Home on the Bus of Shame:

1- Bad Boys of Ballet– I thought they definitely stepped it up compared to last performance, but it just wasn’t enough. They were better, but still not great. They also got quite the bussing from the judges and the girl dancer talking back hurt their already slim chances. We are 100% saying goodbye to them tonight.

2- Paul Ieti– I don’t want to rant about how ROBBED ANNA CLENDENING WAS, so I’ll just say on a night full of singers, he was definitely the weakest one who performed. The judges gave him the bussing he deserved and I’m sure we will be saying goodbye to him tonight.

3- Flight Crew Jump Rope– Ok, here is where things start getting hard; some people have to go home after all. I loved their performance last night, but the judges came down on them really hard for a few mistakes. With a night so up in the air, I think they are going to unfairly fall through the cracks and go home.

Could Go Either Way:

1- Aerial Animation: Oh no Abigail! The judges totally threw her under the bus and with a night so up in the air like today, I’m really worried she could fall through the cracks. Either way, she performed next last and still has a lot of supporters backing her. I still think she delivered, and in the end, I hope she manages to make her way to the next round.

2- Mara Justine– I came down hard on this girl in my recap and I somewhat stand by what I said. I still think the song was pitched way to low and only came alive towards the end, but in those end bits, she really killed it. The judges really praised her, but performing so early in the show when the night was filled with singers put her chances up in the air for me. My gut says though she will end up advancing somehow.

3- Dan Naturman– Tonight wasn’t Dan’s best night, but being being 1 of only 2 comedians, I still really want him to advance. He has a lot more potential then he showed tonight and I think it was cause of nerves, but I hope he makes his way still to the next round.

4- Andrey Moraru– No way near my favorite act of the night, but if he makes it through, I wont be mad. I just find what he does repetitive and a little boring, it just isn’t something I’d pay to go see a show fully dedicated to. Regardless, the judges love him and all stood for him so he still has an excellent shot at advancing.

5- David and Leeman– I’m not sure with these guys to be honest, they are the ones I am most torn about. These guys haven’t had a disaster of a performance yet, but it is still time for them to go, the other talent is just beyond them. I really worry though that being a favorite of the judges, they have spoiler potential of kicking someone more deserving out of the top 6, but we will have to see. I kinda hope they don’t advance, but I have this bad feeling they will.

Who Should Advance:

1- Emily West
2- Aerial Animation
3- Sons of Serendip
4- Miguel Dakota
5- Mike Super
6- Save between Mara Justine and Dan Naturman

Who Will Advance

1- Emily West
2- Miguel Dakota
3- Sons of Serendip
4- Mike Super
5- Mara Justine
6- Save between Aerial Animation and Dan Naturman

Potential spoilers of the results: David and Leeman- I’m afraid these guys will manage to eek their way through. If they do, Abigail, Mara or Dan are likely going home.

So those are my thoughts, what are yours? Sound off in the comments below and as always you can follow me on Twitter @adamhsamuel

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  1. Abigail looked totally defeated. You can see from the look on her face she knows she isn’t going to win now. I’d pick Andrey over her, but won’t be surprised if she still makes it one more round.

    I like Dan, but he honestly told like one good joke. That is not worthy of advancing.

    I agree on your who will advance, except I think Andrey may make it over Aerial Animation. And then there’s David & Leeman, who we both agree could be the spoilers.

  2. I know Miguel Dakota isn’t the best singer, but he has more than enough charisma and good looks to get him through. I wouldn’t mind a Top 3 win for him.

  3. Rankings of a mediocre night

    12. Dan Naturman- He was terrible first of all he started saying I’m happy to be on another night of Americas talent that made no sense whatsoever and he told like 1 decent joke I still think Wendy is much better and he talks too fast.

    11. Paul Ieti- He was terrible he missed every low note and just sings one tone high he’s boring and his story is the only thing keeping him here.

    10. Bad Boys of Ballet- They got better but they still aren’t good enough the guys are terrible and the lady is good but the lady has a big mouth and that’s what will make them cut for sure.

    9. Mara Justine- She also improved but she faltered big time at the beginning but she was rockin it at the end I do love her but think she’s a goner.

    8. Aerial Animation- I can’t believe I’m ranking her this bad but she didn’t do all the aerial stuff her drawings are great and all but when she hardly interacts with them it’s not good and I agree with the judges she needs to lose the guy.

    7. Flight Crew- They were great but made a few mistakes and the judges ripped them kinda so… I don’t know their future I think they could be an option for the save.

    6. David and Leeman- I think that they did a great job of showing the trick but the trick I’ve seen before and so has America and it wasn’t as special as the judges said it was.

    5. Miguel Dakota- His voice is strong with that smoky and blues alternative rock style he’s got it all going for him and he’s got the girls because of his looks and the judges like him well except Howard.

    4. Andrey Moraru- He’s underrated he does it all contortion art hand balancing and much more and is so graceful I agree with Howie with all that and with Howard that America needs to vote for him although I agree with Mel that he had a few stumbles.

    3. SOS- I love them they are a great band and he may be my favorite singer in the competition and he executed and the band was great also.

    2. Emily West- She’s getting better and better and executing every week but her style I’m not sure if it will appeal to everyone but I think she’ll definitely be in the finals.

    1. Mike Super- The biggest surprise of the night best magic of the season no Desmond and he just made me love him how did the triangles appear on the ppls hands and how did he guess that they would be triangles and how did he fly across stage the hows are good lol and his showmanship turned out to be great without Desmond

    Should Go through
    Mike Super
    Emily West
    Sons of Serendip
    Andrey Moraru
    Miguel Dakota
    A save decision between Flight Crew and Aerial Animation with America choosing Aerial Animation

    Will happen
    Mike Super
    David and Leeman
    Miguel Dakota
    Emily West
    Aerial Animation
    A save decision between Andrey and SOS with America picking Andrey

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