Big Brother 16 Episode 28 – Recap and Discussion

Overall, I thought that this was a boring episode of Big Brother. The show desperately needs something to shake it up because it’s no fun watching the same people be targeted week after week. The other major thing that stuck out to me this week was the Team America stuff. I didn’t like that Derrick and Frankie ganged up on Donny regarding the mission. I think they should have just listened to him this week and done something that America wanted too in the process. I’m curious as to what you guys thought about that whole situation. Anyway, on to tonight’s recap.

We start the episode with a recap of what has happened in previous episodes of Big Brother. This included Cody winning Head of Household and nominating Nicole and Donny for eviction with Donny as the target to walk out the door on Thursday night. After the recap, the show returns with Cody saying that Donny is still his number 1 target for the week. They have to make sure that he doesn’t come off the block again. Donny and Cody talk after nominations a little bit and Donny mentions to Cody that he would not nominate him if he won Head of Household. Donny mentions to us in the Diary Room that he would have been more surprised if Cody had not nominated him for eviction this week. Frankie also hugs Donny and reminds him that he has done well in vetoes before and should work his hardest to win it this week to keep himself safe. Donny knows that if he doesn’t win the veto he will probably be going home this week.

Nicole mentions to us that she has been through his whole scenario before and she doesn’t like it. After this, we go to Cody, Caleb, and Derrick in the living room . Caleb voices his concerns about Nicole coming back in the game. He fears she’ll work with Donny to turn the rest of them against each other. Caleb is also convinced that Donny is not really a groundskeeper and is a secret genius or has worked in the Army just because his eyes move up and down while he talks. Cody and Derrick aren’t really responding to that.

We  go to Derrick and Cody  in the Head of Household bedroom. Cody asks Derrick about maybe putting Frankie or Christine up on the block if one the nominees comes off, but Derrick quickly shoots down the idea once again. Next, we go to the Diary Room where Donny gets a card with this week’s Team America mission. For the mission this week, Team America must create their own mission for the week and America will vote on whether or not it is successful.

Donny wants the mission to be something to keep Team America together, and goes to Derrick with his idea. Derrick tells him that they have to get Frankie on board with whatever they want to do this week, when Donny mentions his idea of possibly saving himself from eviction. In the Diary Room, Donny tells us that he thinks America would want Team America to stay together. Donny then gets Frankie involved and again mentions that the mission could be to keep Team America together for the week. Donny mentions to them that the mission could even be as simple as throwing the veto to Donny but Frankie is not interested in his idea.

We go outside to the backyard where some houseguests are relaxing. Victoria is wearing big sunglasses because her face is swollen. She mentions that she is in horrible pain from her wisdom teeth coming in and shows Cody what she’s going through. Victoria is then called to the Diary Room and Caleb mentions to her that she looks “great” but secretly mocks her behind her back. Christine and Derrick talk about whether or not Victoria will be able to compete in the Veto Competition . Victoria walks past them not looking too good, heading towards the bathroom. Nicole goes to the bathroom and asks Victoria how she’s doing and then there’s a big crash and we find out that Victoria has collapsed in the bathroom stall. Nicole then yells to Derrick for help and we see a medic arrive to help Victoria.

After the break, the house medics are still working on Victoria. They give her oxygen to help her breathe and carry her to the Diary Room. Nicole mentions to us that she is not used to helping strangers which is why she didn’t help Victoria more.  In diary, Donny mentions that he is very scared for Victoria and said a little prayer for her. Victoria comes out of the Dairy Room looking a little better than before she collapsed. She mentions to us that she is grateful that her Big Brother family took such good care of her. Next, we go to Frankie and Derrick who are talking about Donny’s idea for the Team America task this week. Frankie mentions that America would never want them to do something like that and he and Derrick want to do something funny like the last mission instead.

It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. The houseguests playing in this week’s competition are Cody, Nicole, Donny, Christine, Derrick, and Frankie. We go to Derrick and Donny in the fire room talking about Donny’s future in the Big Brother house. Derrick acts like he is torn over what to do, but we all know he still wants Donny out of the house. Donny mentions that he is so alone in the house and doesn’t know what he did to make everyone hate him so much. Derrick tries to make him feel better by saying that he would win if he was in the Final 2. Frankie then walks in the room to talk about the Team America mission for the week. Frankie mentions that saving Donny would look suspicious to the other houseguests and suggests doing a “Big Brother Play” instead. Derrick knows that Donny is not happy with this latest development and acts like it’s not a done deal that Donny is going home this week.

Back from break, it is time for the Veto competition. Christine and Frankie talk in the Head of Household room before the competition about what to do if it is the “Stay or Fold” competition. Christine wants to throw each round of the competition to someone in their alliance so that Nicole and Donny do not win the Veto. We then go to the backyard where it really is the “Stay or Fold” competition. This week’s competition is also tied to the new CBS show Scorpion. The winner of the veto will also get to watch the pilot for the show with two other houseguests.

The competition then begins and involves the houseguests guessing how many of certain objects there are. The first  question involves how many pinwheels there are and Frankie is the furthest away from the correct answer and is the 1st one eliminated from the competition. The 2nd question relates to espresso cups and everybody but Cody “folds’ so he gets a security clearance badge. The next round relates to fruit and Cody is the only 1 to “stay” again so he gets another security clearance badge and now has 2 of the 3 badges required to win the veto. The 4th question relates to donuts and Cody is the only 1 to stay again so by default he wins the veto. After the competition is over, it is time for Cody’s prize. He chooses Donny and Nicole to watch the pilot episode of Scorpion with him.

After, it is time for Team America’s task. They decide to put on a play with the 8 remaining houseguests acting like the 8 evicted houseguests. It’s really not that entertaining. I don’t think Team America should get the money this week.  Next, Derrick and Cody talk  game. Derrick is not happy that he hasn’t been able to talk to Cody for 2 days, because Christine and Frankie have been all over him. They mention that Christine, Caleb, and Frankie need to be seperated because they don’t trust them at all. Cody again asks Derrick if the veto should be used this week to put either Frankie or Christine up on the block. Derrick doesnt’ tell him either yes or no to his plan.

After the break, it is time for the veto meeting. Both nominees tell Cody why he should use the veto on themselves but ultimately Cody decides not to use the veto on either of the nominees. And with that we end the episode.

Who will be evicted tomorrow: Nicole or Donny?  Tune in tomorrow night to find out. Also, please feel free to discuss the episode down in the comments!