America’s Got Talent 9 – Top 48 Week 1 Recap – VIDEOS

The America’s Got Talent live shows are here, straight from Radio City Music Hall in New York City! We’ll be liveblogging the 12 acts performing this week. Results tomorrow night! The broadcast begins at 9/8c PM.

We’ve got the Rockettes on stage tonight, with Nick Cannon, as he introduces the judges, Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B.

Oooh. If an act gets 4 x’s their performance is over. There’s Google voting! Search AGT on Google, but it’s not available until the end of the show. Also vote at

FIVE acts will make it into the semi-finals.

Sean and Luke – Teenaged tap dancing duo from Chicago. They are childhood friends. THE LADIES LOVE TAP DANCERS. They swear. They’ve got additional dancers behind them. They’re OK. There’s a wiff of high school assembly going here. They’re basically like dancing boy banders. The cute factor will endear them to the teenies. But, Nigel Lythgoe would likely turn up his nose. Heidi thinks they put on a great show. Howard calls it “nice”, but not memorable. Mel thought it was a great way to open the show. Howie calls it youthful, classic and energetic. Eh. I’m with Howard on this. – 1-866-602-4801

Sean & Luke, Quarter Finals 1 ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

Valo and Bobby – A circus couple from Bulgaria. They perform dangerous strength-based stunts. They have a cute adorable child, for whom I hope they have a contingency plan. Strong man, Bobby, balances a steel extension with a large loop on top, in which his wife performs stunts. Tonight, she circles around and around on a mini-bike. It’s pretty impressive. The dude is literally balancing the whole deal on his forehead. Howie reveals that the producers were worried the act was too dangerous. He thinks it was spectacular. Howard says they know how to fill up a stage. He thinks viewers need to vote for this beautiful couple. Heidi says they went big. Mel says it was “awful” because she nearly busted a blood vessel, out of fear for Valo. – 1-866-602-4802

Valo & Bobby, Quarter Finals 1 ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

Julia Goodwin – Sixteen year old who began singing in her basement. Yada. Yada. She performs with her dad. She sings that 90s classic, “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls. But this version has a string accompaniment. She’s dressed elegantly in red. Very nice phrasing from the young singer, and I like that she hits the big notes, while staying in control. Howard says she has a lot of poise, but not her best performance. Heidi thinks she’s just giving a glimpse of what’s to come. Mel didn’t feel she gave it everything. Howie believes she deserves a career in music, but she belongs on Broadway, not Radio City Music Hall. She might have fared better with a performance that was less pop classical. But, I have a feeling they were planning on busing her anyway. – 1-866-602-4803

Julia Goodwin, Quarter Finals 1 ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

Baila Conmigo – This act is a salsa team featuring young adults and kids of all ages. Generally, I hate kid acts, so I’m biased. But these children are very talented. Now, get them off the stage. Ha. Just kidding. There are so many of them! Their precision is very impressive. The crowd LOVES them. Standing ovation from the judges. Heidi says it was so much fun to watch. Aw. One of the little kids is crying. Mel B hopes the viewers vote for them. They are her favorites. Howie has never seen people move that fast. Spectacular. Howard calls it a big party taking place on stage. “You did a wonderful job.” says Howard, “America will love you.” – 1-866-602-4804

Baila Conmigo, Quarter Finals 1 ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

David and Leeman – Magician duo who met as street performers. They both have day jobs–one is a teacher, the other a barista. They mix humor and magic. Oh. It’s selfie time. They’re going to tweet the photo they take. They pull out books written by (or not) the judges. They ask them to exchange, rip out a page, and tear it up. Howard snarks on Heidi’s racy book. They mix up the pieces in the middle of the table. Howie reads a random big word from a piece of paper….this is going on FOREVER. Mel B. hits the buzzer by accident… I would have hit it for real. Oh. Look! The word Howie chose appears on name tags in the selfie. It took too long to get to the punch line, but the end result was impressive. Howard agrees with me. Heidi liked their audition trick better. – 1-866-602-4805

David & Leeman, Quarter Finals 1 ~ America’s… by HumanSlinky

The Willis Clan – I don’t know what it is, but I get a Stepford vibe from this family. It’s the biggest opportunity the clan has ever had, says one of the beautiful blond children. Other than that reality show you had on CMT? They turn “Power of Love” into a corny country slapper. Many of the kids are playing instruments. The littlest ones sway in the back. This is cheesy as hell. Oy. The act finishes with two of the littlest kids dancing together. They’re like the Partridge Family, but kind of creepy. This is county fair and church social level talent right here. Let’s hope they don’t advance. Howard likes what they do. (Really?) But he felt the performance wasn’t strong. Howie liked the song choice, but they need their own theater in Branson. That just about sums up the Willis Clan. Heidi thinks they can go straight to the Grand Ole Opry. Mel loves them, but Radio City swallowed them up. – 1-866-602-4806

The Willis Clan, Quarter Finals 1 ~ America’s… by HumanSlinky

Flight Crew Jump Rope – They bill themselves as 9 of the greatest jump ropers in the country. Ohhhh. Black light realness to Tegan and Sara’s “Closer.” This is a nice combo of dance, gymnastics and jump rope. It’s a fun act. They don’t miss a beat, and even include a trampoline! Howard is impressed that nothing went wrong. Heidi loved it. “That was off the chain!” says Mel. “I did not want it to end.” Howie loved that they stepped it up big for the big show. “You are an inspiration, I hope people vote,” he says. – 1-866-602-4807

Flight Crew Jump Rope, Quarter Finals 1… by HumanSlinky

Jasmine Flower – They’re dancing style is “East meets West” with ballet and props and 25 teenaged girls. The props and lighting are gorgeous as the girls create shapes and patterns through movement. The result is an impressive burst of bright pinks and oranges. It’s kind of psychedelic! Mel thinks they are an acquired taste. She’s wondering if America will like it. Howie thinks they are beautiful to watch. Howard thought it brought out a weird energy in the house. He didn’t love this routine as much as their past performances. An act that’s pretty to look at may not be enough. – 1-866-602-4808

Jasmine Flowers, Quarter Finals 1 ~ America’s… by HumanSlinky

Emily West – Ohh. Windmills wrote an entire post on this singer, who has been kicking around Nashville for awhile. After being dropped by a major labe, she moved in back with her parents, almost giving up music altogether. Her performance veers away from country, with a torchy version of Sia’s “Chandelier.” She really is a wonderful vocalist and has fantastic stage presence. It’s too bad she lost her deal. I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t advance. The judges give her a standing O. Mel thought she hit it in every way possible. Howie says the soul and feeling are all there. Best act of the night so far. Howard has been waiting for someone like her. Heidi calls her a star. – 1-866-602-4809

Emily West, Quarter Finals 1 ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

J.D. Anderson – He’s a strong man. He was a 12 pound baby! All the people from his small Missouri town wouldn’t fill up the balcony in Radio City. He’s planning 3 VERY DANGEROUS STUNTS! First, he breaks sticks. Next, he breaks bricks with his head. Well, sort of. For his final stunt, he plows through huge bricks of ice. Hm. What was so dangerous about that? I’m not that impressed. Howard LOVES him. “This man is a superstar.” Maybe the act looked better live? Mel also loved it. Howie is amazed that he isn’t bleeding anywhere. Heidi calls him nutty. But she kind of loves it. I think it’s kind of stupid. Although he combines humor into his act, I didn’t even find it that funny. – 1-866-602-4810

Dan Naturmen, Quarter Finals 1 ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

Dan Naturman – The next act is a comedian, ex-lawyer. He does the neurotic New York Jew thingy. The jokes are kind of pedestrian, to be honest. He can’t believe he can make kids, cause he can’t even put together an Ikea stand. Budabump. Canadian jokes are next. He’s talking way too fast. Howie is laughing his head off, though. Mel was sad that it stopped. She liked it a lot. He had Heidi in the beginning, lost her for a bit, but got her back in the end. Howie thinks he’s on his way. “Now we are rolling,” says Howard. “You know how to command this audience.” – 1-866-602-4811

JD Anderson, Quarter Finals 1 ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

Miguel Dakota – The show ends with a guitar playing dude! YAY. He’s working construction jobs to help his family through tough economic times. He performs “Come Together” by the Beatles, accompanying himself of guitar, with a backing band adding the RAWK.  He could advance solely on his super cute dimples. But he’s actually a pretty decent singer. I wonder if AGT is looking for a vocalist to win this year. They’re pimping some good ones. Miguel has good energy and arranged the song so it isn’t a carbon copy of the original. He should sail through. Heidi thought the song choice was great. Mel is fanning herself. That’s all you really need to know. Howie knows who votes. Heh. He thinks that performance could win the 1 million dollars. “You are a superstar…the one in one direction.” Howard rains on the parade. He likes him, but felt the performance lacked charisma. He wants him to do something vocally that blows everyone away. – 1-866-602-4812

Miguel Dakota, Quarter Finals 1 ~ America's Got… by HumanSlinky

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  1. Sean and Luke- I agree not very memorable
    I was impressed by Valo and Bobby, especially with the bicycle part at the end, I thought they were very good.

  2. I like Julia. Howard is right, she’s kind of freaky mature for 16 years old. She should have waited a couple of years and then she would be phenomenal.

  3. Julia Goodwin- OK but kind of boring. I think it was the wrong song for her.

  4. Julia is actually pretty experienced and has a few performing opportunities while AGT is ongoing. From an article dated June 3, 2014 (the day her initial audition was aired):

    This weekend Goodwin returns to the West Coast for a concert date with thePasadena Pops, another one of the competition prizes. In July, Goodwin will open for Trombone Shorty at the M & T Jazz Fest on the Onondaga Community College campus.

    Other performances are listed on her website:

    She’s kind of a ringer, even though she’s only 16.

  5. David and Leeman were so obviously baiting Howie into “the longest word” it made it obvious there’s something up.

  6. You are SO ON with the Willis Clan critique! Stepford vibe was so perfect. I feel like they are a human drug trying to trap you into “we are the perfect family so come fly with us” hallucinogenic trip..

  7. I like Dan Naturman, he kind of reminds me of Seinfield or Ray Romano, who I also like. Thought he had some good jokes, and was one of the strongest tonight.

  8. I think the Willis Clan is a real life Partridge family. Without David Cassidy and a multicolored bus. If they had those things they might do better.

  9. Instead of taking an older song and modernizing it, Emily West took a new song and made it sound like an older one. She was good but I’m not sure what she would really do if she won.

  10. And now, Miguel Dakota took and older song and modernized it. I really liked his performance. Kind of reminded me of Kris Allen’s version.

  11. While I haven’t seen it yet, I generally dislike “prediction effects”. Mind reading is such a better “reason”. The challenge is mentalism doesn’t play well in a large audience with little time.

    There’s often too much process and the best, most impressive effects take longer than 90 seconds …things like contact mindreading…where you take someone by the hand or you and they hold a scarf and think of where an objects been hidden, and the magician can walk the person to it.

  12. Ugly: That magic act was horrible. You can see em slipping their own paper in the pile and picking it out for Howie, the big grey one. You can also see Leeman prior to taking the picture patting his chest to put the name tag on him and the other dude you can see his arm move a few seconds after towards his chest. A very amateur magic trick. The Clan was even worse, what’s the point of having the two little kids dance if they can’t dance. The singing was even more horrendous. Those two tap dancers were so amateurish it made me want to vomit.

    Meh: The 16-year-old singer had a great voice and great phasing, but once Emily sung she became an afterthought. Valo and Bobby were cool and it looked impressive, but nothing jaw dropping. The comedian had me laughing, but I wouldn’t miss him if he went home. The Chinese dancers were pretty and psychedelic, but nothing impressive. Miguel’s band and the arrangement was incredible, but the kid got drowned out by the music. He will sail through nevertheless – hopefully that doesn’t push Emily out of the top 4.

    Great: Emily West is pure class and a great singer to boot. The Strongman has stage prescence and the humor worked – if there is a variety act that makes it, I hope it is him.The salsa dancers were phenomenoal, those kids, my goodness.The skip rope group was flawless, just absolute perfection.

  13. I enjoyed all the dancing acts, but probably only on will get through. Maybe Jasmine Flowers. Miguel Dakota has stolen my heart. I really like him!

  14. I was in the audience last night. Not sure how the acts translated on TV but by far the live audience loved the salsa dancing kids, Emily West and Dan Naturman.

  15. So … the Sony plant Miguel closes the show.

    AND gets a VT where he’s pretending to do manual labor. And strums a guitar.

    Like a producer’s checkbox of “please vote for this please!”

  16. Emily looks like she could be a spokesperson for plastic surgery gone wrong.

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