America’s Got Talent 9 – Semifinal 2 – Results Liveblog and Discussion

America’s Got Talent 9 Semifinal 2 Results and Recap

I’ll be liveblogging the America’s Got Talent results right here! Plus, Maroon 5 performs. Which six acts will advance to the semifinals? Find out.

Maroon 5 kicks off the show with a performance of the band’s hit song “Maps.” Not gonna lie, this chorus is hella catchy. After, host Nick Cannon pimps the new album, V and upcoming world tour.

We’ve got an hour to kill! Time for a recap of last night’s show.

Finally, some results. The 12 acts stand on stage. The three acts in danger this week are Smoothini, a magician, Christian Stoinev and Scooby, and Blue Journey, the dancing duo.

The acts came in 5th, 6th and 7th–not necessarily in that order. YOU can save one of the acts in danger by googling “Snapple Save” and voting for your fav.

Oy. I bet the dog act wins. Scooby is adorable, but based on last night’s performance, Blue Journey, the dancing duo that staged a fantastic routine, including some beautiful animation, deserves to be saved!

We won’t find out the results of the Snapple Save until later in the show. In the meantime…

Nick calls AcroArmy and Baila Conmigo to the stage. Which dancing act will advance? AcroArmy! Good decision. While the Baila Conmigo dance troop is professional and entertaining, AcroArmy’s acrobatic feats are breathtaking. Howard thinks America got it right.

Back from break–the judges are wearing football gear. NFL football begins tomorrow! WHEEE. We catch another glimpse of the Snapple Save acts. Let’s watch them be totally nervous!

Next, Mel B and Heidi are featured in a super annoying video clip that plays on the worst of female stereotypes. Both get catty as they have a glam off. As they compete against each other for Most Fabulous Look, their outfits get more and more outrageous. Blargh.

More results!

Emil and Dariel, Kelli Glover and Wendy Liebman take the stage. Kelli looks as if she’s heading to a funeral. Hers. Not a surprise–Emil and Dariel, the teen cello players, advance. “We’re blessed!” say the boys. They are living their grandfather’s legacy, says Howie. “Welcome to the contest.”

In another video bit, Howie and Mel B play a joke. She wears an earpiece while she chats with audience members, pretending to be psychic. Howie has their family members off to the side feeding him information. People are actually buying this. She has them in a room, set up like a psychic would, with a table and tarot cards. Mel hams it up pretty hilariously.

More results!

Jonah Smith and Mat Franco take the stage next. And Mat Franco is the third act going into the finals! Poor Jonah Smith. They had to know it was over standing next to Mat. Mel calls Mat a very talented magician. Plus he’s pretty cute, she says.

Next, it’s Quintaveous Johnson and Jaycob Curlee.  And the act going into the Top 12 is…Quintaveous Johnson. Heidi is super proud of the 12 year old. His voice and stage presence are amazing she says!

The tallies on the screen were looking a little wonky, says Nick, but not to worry! Every vote is being counted. Alrighty, Nick. We’ll take your word for it.

And finally, Nick announces the winner of the Snapple Save act…and it  is…Blue Journey!

Now, the judges decide whether Smoothini or Scooby make it through to the finals…

Mel B felt Christian faltered last night, while she was impressed with Smoothini. But is he a big enough act? She chooses Christian and Scooby. Howard feels Christian blew it. Too much Scooby, not enough strength. He feels Smoothini’s magic act is too small. Despite the falter, he picks Christian. Howie thought both acts did well. But, he’s going to pick the bigger act, because size does matter. Heh. Christian and Scooby are through.

The Muppets will be guest stars on next week’s finals.

Moving on to the Finals:

Emil and Dariel
Mat Franco
Quintaveous Johnson
Blue Journey – Snapple Save
Christian Stoinev and Scooby – Judges Save

Advanced last week:

Mike Super
Sons of Serendip
Emily West
Miguel Dakota
Mara Justine
David and Leeman

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