SYTYCD11- The Finale- Live Blog and Discussion

Hopefully this isn’t a series finale. Join me tonight for the DANCE FINALE!
Who Will Win?



SIX judges tonight. Mary, Nigel, Debbie Allen, Tara Lipinski, Adam Shankman, and Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Awww. No Christina? No Misty Copeland? Sadface.

The Top 20- Doctor Jazz- By Warren Carlyle
Ricky is again immediately featured. It must be hard to live in his shadow. Valerie gets featured. That’s good. Not enough Zack or Jessica though. Zack gets featured in the ending pose, when he’s already frozen. Sadface.

1) Mary’s Pick- Jessica and Casey- Contemporary by Travis Wall- Like Real People Do
Basically, this is the reason Jessica and Casey made the tour. It’s a fantastic routine, an I’m not surprised they chose it. It’ll probably be on the tour too. A beautiful reprise.

Audition Recap: Courtney Barnes
I’m not surprised they picked him. He had tons of personality, and wasn’t a terrible dancer.

2) Debbie’s Pick- Ricky and Valerie- Hip Hop by Farside and Phoenix- Turn Down For What
Valerie’s doll routine. The split lift is still amazing. Good choice for a reprise. I’m not disappointed. It was one of the few dances where Ricky wasn’t carrying Valerie through the routine.

3) Zack’s Pick- Zack and Amy- Contemporary by Sonya- Europe After The Rain
It’s the one that Sonya choreographed after her friend died. It’s a beautiful routine. I’m loving the encores so far. I love that Zack picked something out of his style. Beautiful again. Zack has come a long way. I wouldn’t mind if he won.

4) Nigel’s Pick- Rudy and Allison- Contemporary by Ray- Dirty Diana
Nigel got Dancing With The Stars to allow Allison to dance tonight. I’m glad Rudy got to come back and dance. He’s more emotionally connected this time, like has has something to prove. Good choice. Standing O from the judges.

Australian Winner- Michael Dameski
Paula Abdul is the lead judge on the Australian version of Dancing With The Stars. She gives a speech about dance being universal. She introduces the winner of her version, Michael Dameski. Now THAT’s how you solo. Incredible routine.

Audition Recap: Jerrod Swain
Animator, low energy in interviews, but a decent soloist. He was put through to choreo, and I believe he dropped out because he couldn’t do the choreography.

5) Valerie’s Pick- Valerie and Zack- Tap by Anthony- Sing
The 1st week routine where they used the stairs. Another impressive routine. A nice show of skill. I’m loving the choices tonight. They really are choosing some great numbers. Another standing O.

Lil Beast and Sir Blaze- Les Twins- Fading Flower
A hip hop duo. They’ve danced for Missy Elliot. It’s filler, for sure. I would have rather seen some of the SYTYCD family dance, but they’re good.

6) Ricky’s Pick- Ricky and Jessica- Contemporary by Sonya- Vow
Had Jessica stayed Ricky’s partner instead of Valerie the whole season, she’d be a contender to win. She’s a stronger dancer than Valerie, and wouldn’t have needed to be carried so much. I doubt Valerie would have made the finale without the first few weeks with Ricky. This is still an amazing dance, and the reason that Jessica survived so long while her partners did not. I’m glad we got to see this again. That walk forward is incredible. I had forgotten that.

Audition Recap- G4?
The little kid who did hip hop and got to dance with Fik-Shun and Cyrus, and met Twitch, which made his dream come true.

7) Viewer’s Pick- Carly and Serge- Hip Hop by Luther- Senile
It’s the skeleton routine. Didn’t Nigel hate this at first, thinking America wouldn’t vote for them? That’s hilarious that this was America’s pick. It’s good that Carly and Serge got to dance again since neither made the tour. Carly definitely should have. She was just the victim of a double elimination night. Glad to see this routine, and these dancers, brought back.

Jasmine and Ciara talk to the Top 4.

8) Jenna’s Pick- Tanisha and Rudy- Jazz by Sonya- You Need
Rudy gets another dance! Jacque still hasn’t danced tonight. Hopefully she will. This dance is good, and really showed what Tanisha could do, but it was a little too late. I’m not surprised that Jenna picked this. It’s a good dance. I’m not sure I would have picked it for the finale.


Enrique Iglesias and Sean Paul perform their new song, “Bailando.” Bathroom Break!

9) Adam’s Pick- Zack and Ricky- Hip Hop by Farside and Phoenix
A recent routine, where the two gigantic playing cards are onstage. These two have actually gotten better since the last time we saw this number. I think the pressure is gone, and they can just add more swag now. It’s just got that extra special something this time around. Standing O.

RESULTS! Someone will be told they are in 4th place.
The 4th Place Finisher is… ZACK. Wow. I thought he’d at least place higher than Jessica. We get a Zack recap of all his finest moments.

I hear Carly has been chosen as the alternate for the tour. Good for her. I’m sure Serge was the guy.

10) Tara’s Pick- Emilio and Jasmine- Hip Hop by NappyTabs- Get Low
The snake charmer routine with the basket. A good choice. I’m glad we got to see Emilio dance. This is another great dance.

Audition Recap: Dani Platz– The girl with the eating disorder. She was good.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is on the stage instead of Cat. He wants to be on next season, and says Travis is his spirit animal. Travis starts to choreograph a routine on the spot for Jesse, who can’t do it.

Audition Recap/The Whole Season– I hope we get another season, and I hope Caleb and Jaja come back. Still two of my favorite dancers this season.

ETA: American Idol season 11 winner, Phillip Phillips’ new single, “Unpack My Heart” narrates this full season recap beginning at about the 1:23 mark!

Top 10 and the All Stars- By Sonya and Christopher Scott- Sweet Disposition
DOMINIC! He never got to dance this season, it’s cool to see him added into this routine as an all star. Also, Fik-Shun, Will, Jasmine, Robert, Marko, Amy… great routine. Love it. This has been a great night.

The Dance Crew Winner- The Wanted A-Sheiks– It’s a Bollywood dance troupe. I’m surprised they were the highest vote getting group, though I’m surprised people voted at all.

11) Jessica’s Pick- Jessica and Robert- Contemporary by Travis Wall- When I Go
Another recent routine. I’m not surprised she picked this, even though it is recent. It’s a good dance.

RESULTS! Who will be in third place?

JESSICA Finishes In Third Place. That means Ricky or Valerie has won this season. Will Valerie beat Ricky? We get a Jessica recap now. Looks like Christina Appelgate was wrong.

12) Cat’s Pick- Ricky and Valerie- Contemporary by Travis Wall-
Another great dance. Valerie has gotten so much better. She’s not being carried anymore. Kudos to her for making the finale against Ricky. And to think she wasn’t even put straight through to Call Back Week.

We get to see the journey now of both Valerie and Ricky. In another season, they would have both been winners right now.

The Winner Is…. RICKY. Valerie is 2nd Place.

Ricky is sobbing. He’s so shocked. He says it’s a dream come true, and he can’t believe this happened. We all knw it would happen. The Top 20 rush the stage and hug him. Jacque didn’t get a routine tonight, despite being the 3rd place girl. That’s a shame.

This is my last blog of the season. I’m hoping you’ll see me blog again soon. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out my personal site: I’ve had a blast writing for you guys, and I hope I get to do this again next summer. It will be a real cultural shame if they cancel this show.

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