Big Brother 16 Episode 31 – Recap and Discussion

Well that episode could have been better than it was. I don’t understand why these houseguests are so afraid of making big moves. In a lot of past seasons, making a big move would have won you the game. I’m hoping a big move will be made tomorrow night in the Double Eviction. Anyway, on to the recap of tonight’s episode.

The show comes back on from Sunday’s show after the nomination ceremony where Christine and Nicole were put up for eviction by Caleb.  He reminds the audience that Nicole is the actual target for the week and is worried that if she stays in the house, she will come after Caleb or the other guys in his alliance. He makes sure that all Christine has to do for the week is sit on the block and “look pretty.”  Next, we go to Derrick and Caleb in the storage room. Caleb reminds Derrick that although he and Nicole may come from similar backgrounds, they are not playing the same type of game. Derrick agrees with him but in the Diary Room, he tells us that he would rather see Christine walk out the door than Nicole because he “just doesn’t like her.” He wants to wait until after the veto competition to make any moves against her though. We go to Christine in the fire room talking to herself about how she hates the guys and how they’ve made her go on the block more than once and doesn’t feel appreciated by them. She knows she has to win the veto to guarantee her safety for the week.

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Cut to Nicole in the storage room where she is crying to Derrick about her position in the game. She thinks it’s ten times harder being back in the house the 2nd time around. Derrick does his best to make her feel like they could possibly be allies in the game. Derrick adds that he’s there for her if she ever needs someone to talk to. After this, we go to the Head of Household room where Cody and Caleb are talking about different scenarios that could happen after the veto competition. Caleb tells Cody that Victoria will be the replacement if one of the nominees wins the veto. He wants to know what Derrick thinks.  After, Derrick heads up to the Head of Household room where Caleb asks him what would happen if Christine was able to save herself with the veto. Caleb also wants to know if Christine would come after him should that happen. Derrick tells Caleb that Christine would not be happy about it but she would also have to be aware that none of the guys would take her to the end of the game. Derrick also tells Caleb that he wouldn’t mind if Christine went home this week and also reminds him that Christine almost beat him in the last Head of Household competition. Nicole wouldn’t really have her head in the game even if she stayed in the house.

After this we go to Victoria and Nicole who are talking in the Have Not room. Nicole tells us that they’ve gotten really close since she’s been back in the house due to their similar views on the remaining houseguests. Victoria confides that she doesn’t like Christine. Nicole hopes that if Victoria won the veto that she would use it on her. Victoria nods her head yes but knows she will have to fight for herself and not rely on others to help her.

We go to Caleb and Derrick in the Head of Household room. They talk about how hard the competition will be if they reach the Final 4. Derrick does his best to get information out of Caleb and succeeds. After making Caleb feel good about himself, Derrick reminds him that he is bad at competitions. Next, he throws subtle insults at Cody and Frankie. He tells Caleb that it would be a close race between those 2 for the money.  Caleb eats up what Derrick is saying and admits that if he wins the final Head of Household, he’ll take Derrick to the Final 2. Derrick informs us that it’s Mission Accomplished. We then cut to Christine walking to the Head of Household room to hang out with the guys. Caleb tells her that if  one of them win the veto, they’ll take her off the block and nominate Victoria in her place. Derrick doesn’t agree with this, but is keeping it to himself.

It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Everyone is chosen to play in the competition except Frankie. He is not happy because he wanted to play to ensure his safety for the week. He actually checks the bag to make sure he has the chip like everyone else since he is not playing. We then go the Head of Household room where the guys are complaining about Frankie. Caleb tells Derrick and Cody that he will always choose them over Frankie. Cody adds that he’s not a fan of Frankie either but Derrick does his best to keep the guys targeting Christine this week if Nicole wins veto and takes herself off the block. It is then time for the veto competition.

This week’s veto competition is called “BB Blast” and has a bomb theme. The houseguests must correctly cut colored wires in order to diffuse their bomb. IF they cut the wrong wire, they are eliminated from the competition and their bomb blows up. Also, the 1st person eliminated from the competition will have to wear a dinosaur costume for the week. The competition begins and Cody feels super confident about the game. However, he is the first one eliminated from the game and will wear the dinosaur costume all week. In the second round, Nicole creates a song to help her memorize the wires and everyone stays in the game. In the 3rd round, Caleb is eliminated. Derrick doesn’t want to win the competition but he still wants to look good to the other competitors. In round four, Victoria is eliminated.

The show returns from break in the middle of a round of competition. Derrick tells us he purposefully cut the wrong wire to get eliminated to help Nicole but she also blows herself up. This means that Christine won the Power of Veto! After the competition, they all notice that Frankie ran and told Christine something and they aren’t happy about it. Caleb mentions that he may have a new replacement nominee for Christine. When the girls enter the bathroom, Caleb reports to the guys that Frankie whispered something to Christine. He wants to know what was said.  Later, Cody corners Christine in the kitchen and asks her. She claims that Frankie told her that if he had played in the competition that he would have made it as far as she did. It’s time for Cody to don his dinosaur costume. When he walks out of the Diary Room, the houseguests go crazy over how he looks.

Next, Cody joins Caleb in the Head of Household room to talk about Frankie and what would happen at the end of the game. He’s afraid of Frankie winning Head of Household next. He really believes that he would cut him or Cody loose the first chance he gets. Christine can’t stand Frankie and would love for him to be sent home this week. Derrick tells us in the Diary Room that he’s torn as to what to do this week. We go back inside where Derrick and Cody are still debating over what to do about Frankie. Cody thinks that it might actually be better to keep Nicole this week because he doesn’t know who Frankie would nominate if he won Head of Household. Derrick says that he would be on board with whatever decision is made this week.

Cut to Nicole and Derrick alone in the Have Not bedroom. Nicole complains to him that no big moves have been made in the game and she adds that Derrick has been playing a really good game. She also compares him to Dan Gheesling, saying that he’s playing a very similar game. Derrick is flattered by this but is also stressed out about it because he now knows that Nicole is on to his game. Using what Nicole told him, he goes upstairs to the Head of Household room to stop the plan to evict Frankie this week. He makes sure that Nicole is the target again and with that it is time for the Veto Meeting.

At the veto meeting, Christine takes herself off the block and Caleb nominates Victoria in her place rather than Frankie. Caleb makes sure to remind the entire house that Nicole is the target for the week. And with that the episode is over.

Who will evicted tomorrow: Nicole or Victoria? What will happen in the Double Eviction? Tune in tomorrow night to find out. As always, the comments are open to discuss the episode. See you guys back here on Sunday!


  1. After seeing the show things make more sense to why they originally brought up the possibility of evicting Frankie. I had seen some of this on the live feeds, and part of the discussion between Caleb, Cody and Derrick wasn’t shown, and I think it might have been when they were discussing what Frankie told Chrisine during the veto. It made more sense to why Caleb suddenly wanted to send him out. And it also made sense why Derrick decided to send Nicole home. He really controls everything more than people know, and that’s becoming apparent in the diary room.

  2. It’s the Derrick show, that’s why no big moves. Everyone who tries gets talked out of it by Derrick but they think it was their decision. Derrick’s DR came off little overconfident. He’s good, but the lack of fireworks is boring, not a fan.

  3. I was surprised, reading interviews with Donny after he left for Jury, that he believed Frankie and Cody were controlling the game.

    Derrick. He’s good. REALLY good.

  4. I was surprised at that too. I don’t think any of them know how much in control Derrick is, even within the alliance. I think that him and maybe Cody are somehow trying to create distrust among the other alliance members and this might have even started with Zach, but somehow still keeping their trust. I do hope he wins.
    I don’t think the others realize they should have gotten together in another alliance. Even Nicole seems to have given up. It’s like some kind of invisible unmovable force in the house.

  5. I think one of the reason there are no big moves is that for the most part, they really like each other. I also think they got rid of some of the stronger players early on, leaving the remaining strong players in the same alliance so that no one can beat them.

  6. i dont think its matter of like to each other,i mean we hear how christine and cody talk how much they hate frankie also derrick/caleb do not like Christinebut at this point i think the lack of big moves is that derrick doesnt want to go to take the heads out instead he is taking out the “body of the snake” out to seperate them from forming small allainces that may come after him when he isnt looking and he has been doing vey well in seeding people,this week is going to be interesting if frankie won and he decides to go after someone other than Christine though he ight end up listening to derrick and stick to the plan

    Nicole did good this two weeks sad to see her go

  7. hmmm strange i thought he hought differently i would expect Nicole had the same idea when she came back to the house in terms of Frankie controlling caleb while cody controlling Christine and derrick but she might have changed that in the past few days,the whole game changing with the BOB probably made people miss on noticing things that are obvious.

    derrick certainly knows how to get info from the people around him and how to say enough to make people panic.

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