America’s Got Talent 9 – Finals – Power Rankings

Wow, only two more weeks left of AGT! Is it just me, or has this season flown right by? Anyway, lets take a pre show look at the acts performing and who I think has the most momentum going into this show. I actually have a pretty solid idea of who I think will end up advancing, so please in the comments, give me feedback on whether you agree with me or not.

I have organized the acts a different way this time. The key the show is looking for in the top 6 is variety. In other words, they don’t want a top 6 of all singers. That said, with each category, expect the chosen acts to receive a lot of praise and the other a lot of bussing to ensure the producer’s favorite act advances.

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LA's Next Great Stage Star II Finale

In no particular order:

Strength Act (1 Advancing)

Christian Stoinev– Christian blew it last week. The judges really gave him a bussing and I think this week is going to be where it ends for him. I actually would suggest dropping Scooby from most of the act and just show off how impressive of a an act he himself is. He needs to really step it up to have a shot, but even if he does, with tonight being the craziest yet, I think his fate is sealed.

AcroArmy– I didn’t give these guys nearly as much credit as they deserved in my predictions, but I must say, I re watched their performance and I am now a fan. Those 10 seconds of pure adrenaline when that one guy was throwing the girl then catching her by her hands was insane! These guys now have a lot of buzz going around them, and I think if they deliver they should definitely be advancing.

Magic Act (1 Advancing)

David and Leeman– I didn’t want these guys to advance last time. Yes, they are talented and even funny, but there are better acts here then them! I was saying this every time they performed yet they still eek through. Of the three magicians performing tonight, I’m positive only one will be advancing, and I know who it should be, I just hope this is where it ends for these guys and they they don’t rob the deserving magician. If they make it through again they seriously will be robbing someone.

Mike Super– Mike is the first wildcard to ever make it this far in the seasons that I’ve been watching. Mike nailed it last week, but I’m still predicting this will be where it ends for him. As I said before, I feel one magician will be advancing and I think the producers are gonna be bussing the others to make sure the chosen one advances. Mike is up in the air, but I just feel he will get bussed so the chosen magician will advance.

Mat Franco– If any magician will be representing magic in the top 6, it will be Mat. He is a huge favorite and has never taken a step back since. I bet the producers don’t want 3 of the 6 acts advancing to be magicians, so expect a lot of bussing for the other magic acts so Mat will be the sole advancing magician.

Singers (2 Advancing)

Emily West– Emily has been on top all season. Will she hold up to the momentum she now has gathered? I predict yes she will and will deliver another solid vocal and end up advancing.

Mara Justine– Mara is a little iffy going into this round. Each time she has performed, she needed to be saved. Mara has a great voice, but I’m thinking this will be where it ends for her. Yes she can sing, but she is still really young and I think the pressure is getting to her. The judges seem to love her, so she has a shot, we will just have to wait and see.

Miguel Dakota– Our token WGWG of the season is in a great position to actually win this whole shabang. He has been consistent and is a clear favorite of the core demographic of this show’s viewers. I’m pretty sure he will sail through.

Quintavious Johnson– And then we get to Quintavious. Quintavious has been rock solid every time he performs, but for some reason, I think he is in danger this week. I don’t know what it is, but I think we might lose him , but we will just have to see.

Variety, AKA one act categories(1 Advancing)

Sons of Serendip– Do these guys qualify as a band? I can’t put them in the singers category because they kinda are more about all the members then a single singer. Anyway, these guys are a huge favorite of mine way back since the beginning. However, tonight there are 6 acts performing music in some way! I worry because I’m pretty sure they will get lost in tonights shuffle, which is a shame because the lead singer is really incredible. In the end, somebody has got to go home.

Emil and Dariel– In the past 2 seasons the winner has come from an act that skipped the Vegas round and went straight through to the live shows. Now, the last act that fits the mold are these guys, and honestly, I can totally see the trend continuing for a 3rd year. These guys are highly entertaining and great cello players and have always delivered. I hope they make the finale because they are a huge favorite of mine.

Blue Journey– Um…. why did they need to be saved again? A week ago, I predicted these guys would end up winning and now they made it just by the skin of their teeth. They are up in the air, but I’m still predicting they will deliver tonight. Whether or not they advance is a different story, but I hope they can eek through.

Note: if you add up how many I projected to advance, you only get five. The reason is because I’m pretty sure the 6th act advancing will come from the Singers or Variety, I’m just not quite sure which.

Should Advance:

1- Mat Franco
2- Emily West
3- Miguel Dakota
4- AcroArmy
5- Emil and Dariel
6- Blue Journey or Quintavious Johnson

Will Advance:

1- Mat Franco
2- Emily West
3- Miguel Dakota
4- AcroArmy
5- Emil and Dariel
6- Blue Journey or Quintavious Johnson

Adam’s Really Early Winner Prediction: The winner of this season will be Mat Franco, Emil and Dariel or Miguel Dakota

So those are my thoughts, what are yours? Sound off in the comments below! Also, if you think I’m cool, you can always follow me @adamhsamuel on Twitter.

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  1. I agree with the predictions completely. I won’t lie and say that I don’t love Mara Justine, and wish she would advance, but I know she’s just much weaker compared to some of the remaining acts. I really hope Blue Journey advances over Quintavious. He’s great, but the whole idea of a kid singer having a show in Vegas seems highly unnatural to me.

  2. I would like to see Mat Franco win. He is the perfect act for Vegas.

  3. 1. Mat Franco
    2. Emily West
    3. Miguel Dakota
    4.Quintavious Johnson
    5. Emil and Dariel
    6. Mike Super
    7. Sons of Serendip
    8. AcroArmy
    9. Blue Journey
    10. Mara Justine
    11. David and Leeman
    12. Christian Stoinev

    I did this before looking at yours. Our 1, 2, and 3 were exactly the same. LOL. I put Mike Super advancing, but it really depends on the trick. If he brings his best, he deserves to advance. Or he could totally flop.

  4. Please not Emily..Her looks and mannerisms are just too distracting and not in a good way. Mara shouldn’t even be in this final group at all. Any of the others would be fine.

  5. First of all I can’t wait for tonight’s show and cannot wait to see the surprises

    Rankings and predictions
    12. David and Leeman- Their tricks just don’t do it for me and showmanship only gets you so far they took a big step back in the quarterfinals but they improved in the semis but the trick level was bad I like their jokes and all but their magic just isn’t there.

    11. Mara Justine- I’ll admit I love love her voice but her song choices are atrocious and I think she needs something unique not all ballad pageant performances like she’s been doing and America does seem to keep saving her but can she get through this time I think the answer is no.

    10. Mike super- I’ll admit I loved him last time and ranked him number 1 but he needs to keep it up on that level and I’m just not sure I don’t love him that much I just loved his only good trick but if he does something that outstanding he will go through with mat Franco.

    9. Quintavious- People should realize that he hasn’t done anything unique and his song choices aren’t all that great he’s a bit better than Mara but can you see him headlining a show in Las Vegas or even being in the finale. The answer is no.

    8. Christian Stoinev- I thought he may win but his semifinal performance took a huge step back it was confusing and it was focusing less on him and more on the dogs and the show should be about him the most then Scooby and not that other dog and don’t make it seem so dramatic with the planes so if Christian comes back he will get my vote.

    7. Blue Journey- I’ve never been a fan of them because I know that their dancers are weak and it’s all the choreographer. The big thing was their was no story and it was so dark last time I could hardly see them and their wasn’t a ton of movement. If they come back just like Christian they have a chance.

    6. Miguel Dakota- His smoky voice is great but he needs to show us something new something wonderful but he does have the full package now I want an acoustic just himself no band and a calm song like something jason mraz or John Mayer something smoky coffeehouse style maybe even one direction. He will go on even if he sounds decent.

    5. Emily West- I love her but I want something more interesting her performances have been sounding a lot alike I want something maybe fast and jazzy I could see shake it off Taylor swift or all about that bass. I want her to move on but don’t want her to win it all.

    5. Emil and Dariel- I tied them with Emily west because they haven’t done anything new lately they are improving though but with an amazing song emotional with a singer I’m thinking a well known song like Demons or Radioactive or something awesome like Billie Jean or beat it or thriller

    3.AcroArmy- They were stunning last time but they still need to do something even better they keep topping their performances and if that happens again it’s possible that they could handily move on and possibly win this show.

    2. Sons Of Serendip- I think America truly loves this band they are haunting and maybe with something a bit more uptempo they could turn into a real front runner I love the singer and the harmonies and they remind me of boys 2 men and I love the harp I want them to put an r n b spin on a hit like Problem or Break Free or Shake it off.

    1. Mat Franco- This isn’t even close he is by far the best and one to beat he gets better and better and better and better and he will continue he’s a lady’s man and he’s got the looks tricks showmanship jokes and everything he’s the most polished thing ever to be on AGT and if he doesn’t win this is ridiculous.

    I’m predicting a Mat Franco win!

    Should go thru
    Mat Franco
    Emily West
    Emil and Dariel
    Blue Journey or Miguel Dakota

    Will go thru
    Miguel Dakota
    Emily West
    Mat Franco
    Blue Journey
    Mara Justine

  6. I’m not sure who’s going to make it through. I think David and Leeman are definitely out. Mara has yet to be voted through in any round, and I don’t see that changing now that she’s directly going against better singers. Last time I predicted SOS wouldn’t make it because their style isn’t suited for votes. I’ve never been more happy to be wrong.

  7. There’s no way that Mara will go through. Completely agree about Mat! I predict that Quintavious will be in the top four.

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