America’s Got Talent 2024 Recap: Auditions Week 2 Live Blog

Sky Elements - America's Got Talent 2024
Pictured: Sky Elements — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2024 Recap: We’re live blogging Auditions Week 2

America’s Got Talent 2024 season 19 continues on NBC tonight with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara on the judges panel. Terry Crews as host. See the new acts vying for the 1 million dollar prize.

America’s Got Talent 2024 Spoilers Auditions 2 – Meet the Acts (Photos)

The new season will feature more Golden Buzzers than ever before, as each judge gets TWO buzzers and Terry can pick one. That’s a total of nine Golden Buzzers for the new season.

Chrisyus Whitehead – Kid drummer

The five year old is a drummer, popular on Instagram. He tells the judges that he would share a 1 million dollar prize with poor people, but leave enough for himself to buy slime. He’s been playing drums all his short little life. The tiny guy sits behind drums sized just for him. His backbeat is impressive for a little dude. He’s really enjoying himself up there. The crowd loves him.

Howie says, “You did great.” Heidi adds, “You’re better than most adults doing this. You’re very good.” Sofia says, “I can tell that you’re enjoying it. You’re so handsome.” Simon does a variation on I didn’t like it…I loved it, calling him brilliant. “Your showmanship is unbelievable. You are the coolest person on the planet right now.” 4 yeses.

Ashes & Arrows – Country rock band

The band, a trio of musicians, will perform an original song, “Born to Love.” Two acoustic guitars and a keyboard accompany the singers as they perform the heartfelt ballad. Their harmonies on the chorus are full and pretty and set the group apart. The lead singer’s gritty vocals anchor the group. The crowd waves along.

Howie hates most original songs. And this one is no exception. He calls it a “pub song.” The audience boos him. Heidi likes the song, including the harmonies. Sofia thinks it’s great. “I love you.” Simon agrees with Heidi and Sofia. “You can’t fake how you feel. I really felt that. This is the right thing you’ve done. People are really going to like you.” Howie says no, the rest say yes. – 3 yeses, 1 no.

Hakuna Matata Acrobatic

The four acrobats are from Tanzania. It’s their first time in America. The group mixes balancing in pyramid formation with rolla bolla, dancing and more. They balance on rollers while also hand balancing and forming dangerous looking pyramids. It’s a dangerous act, and their showmanship is A+. The last stunt features a three tier stack on top of a rolla. How will they top it if they move on?

Heidi says, “I was at the edge of my seat.” Howie says, “Unbelievable. This is even taking everything you think is amazing…and tops it.” Sofia calls it “heartstopping” and “dangerous.” Simon calls it a “step up.” He adds, “The getting there was as good as being there.” – 4 yeses

Alex Zinger – Dancer

He’s been carrying the passion to dance for the last 30 years. He’s a financial advisor and real estate agent. Here is his professional profile, which I found after a search. The ” dance” is pretty silly and quickly garners red xs from Sofia and Simon. He’s…enthusiastic. He’s probably a hit at the club. Or not. Eventually all four judges buzz him while the crowd boos.

Nevertheless, Sofia “kind of enjoyed it.” Simon compares him to a drunk uncle at a wedding. Howie loves that he showed up. Heidi compares Alex’s dance moves to Howie’s. “Definitely not boring,” says Heidi – 4 nos.

The Otama Collective – Otamatone musicians

The trio plays silly toy instruments that gets all four judges to buzz them. “It sounds like a toilet plunger,” Heidi remarks. The plastic instruments are made up to resemble the judges. 4 nos dispatched very quickly.

NiNi – Folk Metal

NiNi has an impressive footprint on social media playing heavy metal style songs on Chinese folk instruments. She performs an original song, initially in a traditional sounding style. She sings too. At the point where it appears the judges might buzz her, she picks up another instrument, and breaks into her signature style. She finishes, ripping a rock solo on yet another instrument. The judges don’t buzz her.

The crowd is so loud, she’s crying. Sofia calls it “unexpected and spectacular.” Heidi calls her whole thing “mesmerizing.” Howie says, “I’m at a NiNi Van Halen concert.” Simon says, “Anyone would be mad not to immediately put you on tour with them.” He calls it one of his favorite auditions. – 4 yeses.

Liv Warfield – Singer – Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer

The Chicago native sings her own material. She’s been on stage with Prince and Nancy Wilson of Heart. She describes the music industry as “really hard” but she continues to push. A full band joins her on stage. including a horn section. She performs in a rock/soul style employing a full-throated and aggressive vocal. She’s a cross between Tina Turner and Janis Joplin. She’s obviously been at this for many years, her act is so professional.

The judges are on their feet. Simon says, “That wasn’t long enough! It was like being punched in the face by your energy.” He starts off, “I can’t give you a yes,” before hitting his first Golden Buzzer of the season. He joins the singer on stage to meet the band and give her a hug. “I’m overwhelmed…so grateful,” she says.

Cata & Jay – Acrobatics/Unicycle

The duo from Brazil perform acrobatic feats on a unicycle. However, the judges buzz them. Simon says, “It wasn’t special enough.” They suggest the duo practice more before trying again another season.

Sabrina – Dance group

NBC dropped this audition, from a Japanese dance group, last week. They love AGT, especially Simon. The all female dance group performs precisely synchronized dance routines reminiscent of AGT winners, Mayyas, from a few years ago. They dance with scarves and even change their outfits midway through the performance. Very good.

Sofia calls it exciting. “People are gonna love you.” Simon calls them original and well rehearsed. “You’ve got a real shot of winning after that.” Howie is impressed with their speed and agility. “You are so worthy of being on season 19.” Heidi loved the outfit change. “My favorite act of the day so far.” All four judges say yes in Japanese. – 4 yeses.

Phillip Lewis – Baton twirler

Phillip’s mother has been his biggest supporter as he perused baton twirling. He started in his front yard in Georgia. He’s scared he’ll drop the baton. Phillip’s pre-show ritual involves eating a donut. If Dunkin was still a sponsor, they could have tied that in. And now I’m just noticing that Sonic is no longer a sponsor. No Sonic cups in front of the judges!

Philip incorporates dance and acrobatic moves into his act. That’s alongside throwing his baton high in the air while performing cartwheels. This is the most complicated baton artist the show has featured so far over many seasons. He does NOT drop the baton.

Sofia calls it a “dangerous act.” Howie calls him a “one man parade.” Heidi thinks baton twirling should be an Olympic sport. Simon calls his showmanship “off the charts.” The act is the best baton act he’s ever seen. 4 yeses

Bao Cuong – Danger act

Bao is a danger act from Vietnam. He’s married with two children. Just a warning. I’ll be hiding my eyes, mostly. I hate these gross out danger acts. I can’t watch! He was a Semifinalist on Asia’s Got Talent Season 1 in 2015.

The act involves sticking objects deep inside his nose. Also, hooking skin on his neck, clipping his eyeballs, and then…you’re going to have to see for yourself. Yuck. His big moment comes via shoving a giant pair of scissors down his throat, and then opening them, and then picking up a heavy object. I think his eyes are still clipped. Not really watching!

Simon is impressed, “One of my favorite acts tonight.” Sofia is disgusted. “I hope your Mother never sees you doing this.” His mother approves, Bao insists. Heidi wonders if he’s in pain. Apparently not. – 4 yeses

Sky Elements – Drone art – Simon Cowell’s second Golden Buzzer

The last audition of the episode will take place outside. Sky Elements, from Dallas, Texas, create “drone art” which are light shows in the night sky. They love doing “big things.” They will fly 1000 drones during their audition.

The drones take to the sky, but the art isn’t revealed until after a commercial break. The drones eventually create a rocketship that takes off amid drone created clouds, and then stars, representing outer space. An astronaut with an American flag appears, the empty face morphs into a likeness of Simon Cowell! The drones end by creating the AGT logo.

Howie calls it “epic.” He compares it to the moon landing. “A huge step for AGT.” Heidi compares the act to an alien invasion. “Really well done.” Sofia calls the act “breathtaking…spectacular.” Simon describes the routine as “patriotic.” He thinks America will love the audition.

And then Simon gives the act his second and FINAL Golden Buzzer. Oh. Simon is pretending that he just made up the two Golden Buzzer rule on the fly, and decides his fellow judges will also get two buzzers as well. RIGHT.

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