America’s Got Talent 2019 Recap: Semifinals 2 Performance Videos

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT — “Semifinals 2” Episode 1420 — Pictured: V. Unbeatable — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent Semifinals continue tonight, LIVE from the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Eleven contestants will perform in front of judges Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell for YOUR votes. Terry Crews hosts. Join us as we live blog all the performances.

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The winning act receives 1 million dollars and will headline their very own Vegas show. Only FIVE acts will advance to the Finals. SIX acts will be eliminated by the end of tomorrow’s Results show.

VOTE for your favorite act via NBC. com, XFinity X1 Voice command, or the AGT Phone app!

For the first time ever, guest judges will take part in the semifinal round. And tonight, it’s actress and rapper Queen Latifah. She’s looking forward to the acts coming on stage and “leaving it all on the floor.”

V. Unbeatable  – Dance/Tumblers from India – The group leader formed a dance group. Despite the kids coming from poverty, they taught themselves to dance from Youtube videos. This week, the group uses a ladder as a prop. And yes it’s scary. The kids climb up to the top and tumble off WHILE THE LADDER MOVES AND SWINGS. The kids are stepping it up this week. It’s definitely the most dangerous routine they have performed on the show. Simon will like that! Yup. Thumbs up from him! “Very unbeatable! You guys are in it to win it,” he says. “I think your country are going to be so proud…I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing week.” Queen is blown away. She calls it “on point.”  Julianne assures them, “Dance is for everyone!” She wants to learn from them.

Dom Chambers  – Magician – He is sure that he’s come up with a thing no magician has done before. The beer is back, except this time he’ll make a beer disappear rather than appear. He works his way up from small glasses to bottles to MEGA BEER. It’s a giant glass full of the stuff. Terry joins Dom on stage to assist. Or not! He just came out to help prove a giant beer is really involved. Before he makes mega beer disappear, Simon guesses a number that magically appears on a white board. Then, Dom slurps the entire beer with a giant straw? Eh. I’m not impressed. The act had a few comedic moments, but I’m not blown away. Simon says he brought personality, scale and fun. “This may have put you through to the final.” And Howie agrees. Julianne loves his interactive story skills, “Thank you for including us.” Queen want to know about his brewski diet. He should have a gut, she says. Gabrielle says he brought it back to what made folks fall in love in the first place.

Luke Islam – Teen Broadway singer – Julianne’s Golden Buzzer – Of course, the key to touching Simon’s heart is to perform a song from his favorite movie, The Greatest Showman. He sings a dramatic version of “Never Enough.” But is it enough? He’s a few years away from being great. There are intonation problems and he’s not quite mature enough to grasp the song’s meaning. At 11 years old, he’s still imitative. The judges are on their feet, though. Julianne feels like a “proud mama.” She says he’s a voice for all those people who have “never been enough.” She can’t wait to see him in the finals. Gabrielle calls him a world class talent. Howie is sure he’ll make it to Broadway. Queen compliments him for “being in that moment.” Hm. Simon doesn’t comment. 

Lukas & Falco – Dog act – WILDCARD – Lukas is texting…with his dog. Oh, the dog is being wined and dined by Hollywood suits. All he has to do is lose the human! This video package is cute. Lukas loves old school rock, performing auto-themed tricks to Blondie’s “One way or another.” Ooh. Lukas tries to coax Falco into a trick. No go. The doggo is SOOO CUTE. But not only is this routine a rehash, but there are several mistakes. The act is a hot mess tonight. When Falco jumps up onto the judges table, he sets off Howie’s buzzer. He loves the dog, but wasn’t impressed. Simon is such a dog lover, he can’t accept the act’s suckitude.  Simon insists that he LOVES Falco even more, despite the mistakes. Because of the mistakes! Spoken like a true stan. Gabrielle agrees. He kept trying! Queen wants to party with Falco. Eh. There’s no way the act deserves to advance.

Piff the Magic Dragon and Tokio Myers will perform on tomorrow’s results show.

Chris Kläfford  – Singer who won Swedish Idol – Simon didn’t like his last original song. But winning the Dunkin Save gives him courage to sing another original anyway. Hm…this is an OK song. It sounds dated–like a song that would chart in the aughts? The melody gives him few opportunities to show off his sturdy range. His vocal falters at one point. Only Julianne stands. Howie loves him but…he doesn’t love his strategy. He notes that only “Imagine” got the Youtube views. Julianne calls it amazing. ‘I love it!” Gabrielle agrees with Julianne. She loves his originals. Queen is already at the concert! She’s hearing the song produced. She admires his guts. Simon thinks he should have repeated his Judge Cuts song. Hm. That song wasn’t better than last time. Chris barely made it out of the Quarterfinals. I doubt he’ll make it to the finals. 

Detroit Youth Choir  – Choir – Terry’s Golden Buzzer –  The video package has the choir director watching a clip of the kids thanking him. TEARS. Ndlovu Youth Choir is already in the finals. Will Detroit Youth Choir make it? They sing “High Hopes” by Panic At the Disco. It’s nice. I like what this choir represents. Working with underprivileged youth is noble and worthy of being highlighted, but as singers, these kids are high school level good, but not more. Queen says, “That’s entertainment.” She compliments the director. Gabrielle started off crying and never stopped! “You took us to praise and worship, you took us to a step show!” she gushes. Simon calls it “as good as your first audition.” He adds, ‘We all need a Mr. White in our lives.” He’s still crying from watching the video. “They work so hard,” he says. 

Alex Dowis  – Light Projection Artist – This time, Alex draws a 911 situation? Firemen appear? There’s a death, then CPR. A trip to heaven? Oh. This is a 9-11 tribute. Hm. One day before the 18th anniversary of one of the darkest days in American history. This was way too maudlin for my tastes. Also, he used a horrible tragedy to pander for votes. Nope. Nope. Nope. Howie didn’t follow every moment of it. I agree with him. It took me a minute to even figure out what was going on. Gabrielle says “There’s a place here for you.” Queen says, “You take people on a journey.” What you did was remarkable, says Simon.

Marcin Patrzalek  – Teen guitarist – Nearly being eliminated last week lit a fire underneath Marcin. He’s an extremely talented guitarist, but it’s not the kind of thing folks connect to. Instrumentals bring no narrative. Technical brilliance isn’t enough on these shows, unfortunately. Marcin performs beautifully once again. He’s been consistent across the weeks. But can he beat a pandering 9-11 tribute? Probably not, unfortunately. The judges are on their feet! Julianne can see what the future holds for him. “Way to come back!” she says. Gabrielle says “You killed it up there.” Simon calls this performance “a sheep turning into a wolf….this by a mile was your best performance so far.” Gabrielle calls it “tight.” She loves the percussive elements of his guitar playing. Howie hopes America votes him into the finals. So do I!

Emanne Beasha  – Young opera singer – Fun fact. Her family is from Jordan. She previously won Arabs Got Talent. But they won’t tell you that. She’s got a Jay Leno unicorn with her, in honor of her golden buzzer patron. I don’t have much more to say about Emanne than I already have said. Great Opera singing takes years of training. Not a thing meant for kiddies. She’s singing an Italian opera version of a Bryan Adams power ballad. Eh. Julianne acts like she’s witnessed the second coming. She’s close to tears, calling it “profound.” Geez Julianne losing her crap over a singing tween. Simon calls her vocals “unbelievable, powerhouse.” and “absolutely brilliant.” Gabrielle calls her an “angel on earth.” Queen calls her “unbelievable.” She appreciates her confidence. 

Ryan Niemiller  – Birth defect left this comedian without hands – This dude is really funny. But also relatable and likable. He’s truly able to laugh at himself. It’s disarming! See what I did there. Heh. Tonight he’s telling some pretty funny travel jokes. He’s delivering a really hot routine tonight. He’s on fire! And a definite lock for the finals. As well he should be. Howie calls him a very funny talented comedian who deserves to be in the finals. Gabrielle can’t wait until his comedy special. Queen is still laughing. She’s waiting for the movie. Simon feels like he’s taking the audience along on his ride to the final. “You’ve got a shot at winning,” he says. 

Voices of Service – Singing quartet made up of active duty/vets – These vocalists are incredible, singularly and together. The female voice in particular is phenomenal. The song they perform tonight, “Choke” by OneRepublic, about loss and remembrance is the fitting tribute to 9-11 we needed tonight, to be honest. As veterans, they’ve lived through wars and have dealt with PTSD. They are the real deal. THAT moved me. Simon calls it the best performance of the series. Julianne notes the dynamics of their vocals. “You put your purpose behind your passion,” she says. Queen thinks about her Vietnam vet dad. “I hope to see you in the finals….you are saving and changing lives.” 


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