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AMERICA’S GOT TALENT — “Judge Cuts 3” Episode 1410 — Pictured: (l-r) Ellie Kemper, Light Balance Kids — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Tonight the America’s Got Talent 2019 Judge Cuts continue. Eighteen acts will perform for judges Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell, but only SEVEN acts will advance to the live shows.

This week’s special guest judge is The Office and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actress Ellie Kemper. She’s got the Golden Buzzer and the ability to advance ONE act straight through to the lives. Terry Crews hosts.

We’re live blogging all the performances and RESULTS here. Join us!

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Greg Morton – Veteran comic and impressionist – He’s a 60 year old impressionist who still dreams of a Vegas show. His journey in show business has been difficult. In his video package, Greg drives around Universal Studios, excited as a 10 year old kid. Like he’s never been there before–right. He promises to go “full on.” This includes sharing some of his favorite movie moments. He imitates popular bits from Jurassic Park, Good Morning Vietnam, Back to the Future, ET and more. He is a very good impressionist. He should be doing voice work, to be honest. He receives a standing ovation. Did Greg really not know Howie was in Gremlins? Ellie calls it “brilliant.” Simon says it brings him back to the origins of AGT. “You deserves this opportunity,” he says. 

Carmen Carter – Former Dancing With the Stars and Background singer – She had dreams of being a star, but couldn’t climb to the next level. Background work has been profitable, but she longs to be a solo singer. She sings “Come Together” by The Beatles and gets the crowd involved right away. She has an incredibly strong voice with an impressive range. But she’s a bit generic? And at this point, the big voice diva thing is considered old fashioned. If she could fit the gospel niche, she might find a home there. Big standing ovation for Carmen. Ellie calls it “unbelievable…you felt it in your heart and soul.” Simon says it wasn’t perfect, and she can’t keep doing cover songs. What? With a few exceptions, singing cover songs is what singing contestants do. He’s finding reasons to pick on her. Howie is equally subdued in his praise. She’s obviously not going through (OR MAYBE I’M WRONG!). Sidenote : Former DWTS pro and judge Julianne Hough has never acknowledged that the two previously worked together.

Nicholas Wallace – Magician – MONTAGE! He’s hypnotizing people….or something. Simon calls it “boring.” Howie didn’t like his presentation. “He’s got to be zippier,” says Ellie.

Ray Underwood & Magic – Dog Act – Another boring act that does not impress the judges. “It was so boring,” says Simon. He compares it to falling asleep in school. The act was sorely lacking razzmatazz. 

Gonzo – Tambourine dude – He’s bringing “traditional Japanese karate moves” into the act this time. OK then. Gonzo, who appeared on a recent season of Britain’s Got Talent, has a translator with him. So…more wacky tamborine including chop chop karate moves. Sort of. Talk about boring. The tambourine is attached to him like a yo yo. He fakes tossing it out to the audience. This act is very limited, to say the least. Julianne says he woke everyone up. Howie loves his death stare. Gabrielle does not think it was a step up. She misses his nakedness. So of course, he strips. Simon asks the audience what they think. They cheer coughproducerpromptedcough. Simon claims to love it, but I don’t think that act will advance (MAYBE WRONG AGAIN!!!).

Revolution – Female Malambo group – This energetic dance group hails from Argentina. Their style of dance is traditionally male. It’s got everything–drums, whips, crazy dance moves! AND FIRE. That’s stepping it up. But unfortunately, the performance is edited down. Gabrielle likes it. Simon feels it was a step up. 

Marcin Patrzalek – Teen guitar wiz – This time, Marcin will play a difficult flamenco influenced piece. Aw, He missed his high school graduation ceremony in Poland to compete on AGT. His performance is technically impressive and very energetic. It’s the kind of thing that gets a zillion hits on Youtube. But would folks vote for that?  Julianne is freaking out. Simon seems less impressed, but notes the enthusiastic audience reaction. Gabrielle calls him a rock star. Simon calls Marcin one of the best he’s ever heard. Ellie calls him a virtuoso, and is impressed he can excite a crowd with a single instrument. Julianne thinks he has a shot to win. Hm. No.

Jacob Norton – Teen singer with a deep voice not highlighted during auditions. – He appeared on The Voice Kids UK in 2018 – We get a few seconds of his “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” performance, and it is not good. Simon and the panel feel his audition was much better. So that’s obviously a no. 

Patrizio Ratto – Piano playing dancer – He’s also receiving the brief montage treatment. Howie calls him amazingly talented, but felt his piano/robot dance wasn’t a step up. 

Ansley Burns – Tween singer – Last time, Simon made her sing Aretha twice. She prepared hard for this, so she does not have to sing again. Simon’s fake southern accent (imitating Ansley) is atrocious. Yikes. She’s very perky and personality plus. She could do Disney shows. Her singing, however is just so so. She performs Carrie Underwood’s “Good Girl” and it’s flat and yelly. Simon didn’t like the track (again!) Once again, he asks her to sing a’cappella. It’s a little better without the track. Gabrielle says she blew it out of the water. Ellie is impressed by her poise. Simon loves her personality. “I think you’ve got something special,” he says. “Think she’s someone we could help,” he says as an aside.

Light Balance Kids – Kid version of Light Balance show – The group is from Ukraine and range in age from 11 to 13. Tweens! The young spokesperson speaks very good English. Once again, the group delivers a fun and energetic performance that is a modern meld of dance and computer generated effects. The kids’ ode to America earns them a standing ovation. Hm. Julianne says they stepped up the creativity and innovation. Howie likes the kids better than the adults. Simon calls it brilliant. “I think you could be stars,” he says. IT’S COMING IT’S COMING. Hence my earlier “hm.” Honestly I wrote that in real time. Ellie muses “If only there was a sure fire way we could get you to the live show.” Here it comes: “THERE IS she shouts as she smashes her Golden Buzzer.” Aw. The kids are crying their eyes out.

Stephanie’s Child – Drag girl group not highlighted during auditions –  Check out piece from OUT. The trio backed up The Voice contestant and drag queen Chris Weaver on the season 13 finale in 2017. Simon buzzed their audition. Yet they are back. They’re clapping back at Simon…and he likes it. They are good singers, though. Impressive harmonies! But again, Simon hits his buzzer. He’s gunning for a reaction, and that’s all. What a set up. Howie loved it and will fight for them. “I couldn’t listen to that screaming any longer,” says Simon. “I love a wrong opinion!” chirps one. Gosh, it’s like we’ve time travelled to the mid-aughts version of American Idol

Nick and Lindsay – Husband/wife knife throwing act – Simon did criticize Nick’s opera trilling last time. He sings while doing a host of dangerous stuff, including laying on a bed of nails while Lindsay places a concrete block on his belly. She hits it with a fire lit mallet.It ends with a little knife throwing…and violin. Howie loved that there was…so much. Apparently, there was some butt action. Edited out of the clip, of course.. Julianne thinks they are fun. Ellie wonders how Nick is alive. Simon calls it “fantastically nuts.” He wasn’t even thinking of the singing this time. The act is pretty ridiculous. Absurdity is the only thing that holds it together–their skills are really weak.

Andrei & Alexander – Acrobatic duo not highlighted during the auditions – And not really highlighted here, either. Julianne and Simon are generally complimentary. But, obviously a no. 

Duo MaintenanT – Couple perform sensual acrobatics – Their audition was very good. But we barely see them this time–despite great comments from the judges. And what we see is once again, very impressive.  

Edson & Leon – Elderly hand balancers – They are 84 and 54 respectively. Click the above link for a preview. The balloons and boy scout uniform are a homage to tbe moview UP. Still, these two exhibit unbelievable strength….for anybody really! The 84 year old is SO strong. I want to know his workout routine. They bring everyone to their feet. Gabrielle calls it endearing, charming and death defying. Ellie calls it “quite a feat.” Simon thinks it’s what AGT is all about. Julianne thinks they stepped it up and “made our jobs a lot harder.”

Melissa Arleth – Circus performer works with trained rats – Forty year old travels all over the country in her trailer–with her sweet and lovable rats! They are also super smart, she claims. The sewer rats prove that all the time. Ellie does not like rats. And does not want to meet one! I hear ya, girl. Uh oh. The rat, Maricella, won’t play tonight. Melissa finally coaxes her to enter a colorful maze, and the act recovers. Sort of. Melissa uses her body as part of the maze. It’s amusing. The rat finishes fine, raising the American flag. Ellie has changed her mind about rats. Gabrielle loved it. But Simon says it wasn’t enough to advance to the Dolby.

MacKenzie – Singer – Thirty one year old singer has been chasing the dream. He suffered a vocal hemorrhage, and nearly lost his voice.  He sank into a depression. But he got a second chance! He sings a piano ballady version of “Faithfully” by Journey. The arrangement shows off his voice. He’s got quite the impressive range. He better be careful with those big notes, or he’ll hurt his voice again. MaKenzie delivered the kind of performance that impresses singing show judges. Ellie called his joy undeniable. “It was raw, it was you.” Julianne says the performance felt pushed. She has a point. I would not call that effortless. But Simon thinks it’s amazing. Which is all that counts! He likes that it was raw and real and “the best singer we’ve had tonight.” Gabrielle says that she understands a familiar song in a whole different way.

It’s time for RESULTS! I am really surprised that Carmen Carter advanced. She’s a fairly generic diva singer. She does have a big personality, which Simon loves. So there is that. Gonzo was a stupid choice. His tambourine act has already worn extremely thin. For entertainment value, the judges could have chosen the talented drag queens Stephanie’s Child. Also, it’s criminal that highly skilled acrobats, Duo MaintenanT were passed over for the mediocre knife throwers Nick and Lindsay. Even the rat act, Melissa Arleth, was better. 

My heart broke for young singer Ansley Burns who sobbed and sobbed and sobbed after her elimination. At least she got a hug from Simon! Hm. I say it over and over–kids should not be subjected to these high pressure TV competitions.

Next week, Jay Leno joins the judges panel. 


Light Balance Kids – Ellie’s Golden Buzzer
Greg Morton – Comedian/impressionist
Marcin Patrzalek – Teen Guitar wiz
MaKenzie – Singer 
Carmen Carter – Diva singer
Nick and Lindsay – Opera and Knife Throwing
Gonzo – Japanese Tambourine dude

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