America’s Got Talent 2017 Quarterfinal 2 RESULTS, Live Blog and Videos

America's Got Talent Celine Tam

Tonight, it’s the America’s Got Talent 2017 Quarterfinal 2 RESULTS. We live blog which of the SEVEN acts advance to the next round, according to your votes.

Featuring creator and executive producer Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel on the judges panel, and host, Tyra Banks.

America’s Got Talent 2017 Quarterfinals 2 Recap

Tyra recaps last night’s “CRAZY” show. Basically, technical problems made things…”interesting.” First, due to lighting problems that prevented Light Balance from hitting the stage, their taped dress rehearsal footage had to be used instead. And then, escape artist Demian Aditya’s trick totally flopped. That was followed by Mel B and Simon staging a fake fight which, hilariously, the usual entertainment sites treated as if it were real.

Next, all 12 acts stand on stage as Tyra introduces the judges. Simon calls last night’s show “one of the nuttiest.”

Time for the live Dunkin Save Vote. Evie Clair, Eric Jones and The Masqueraders are 6th, 7th and 8th place (random order) and up for the Dunkin Save. One act will be saved by America, the other by the judges. Go to to vote.

We’re still in the time-wasting zone as we visit the Dunkin lounge. Gotta make some mollah.

Finally the results: Brobots and Mandroidz and Light Balance take the stage. Light Balance is safe. The panel pimped so hard for them, it would have been a shocking elimination otherwise. Brobots and Mandroidz are eliminated. Tyra is happy. Light Balance were her golden buzzer.

The next result: Mandy Harvey and the Pompeyo Family take the stage. The next safe act is…Mandy Harvey. Pompeyo Family eliminated! Aw, the young daughter in the family is crying. The trouble with Pompeyo? The act was the same every week.

Twelve minutes left to get in your Dunkin votes! Tyra asks the three acts how they’re feeling *EYEROLL* Next, it’s Circus1903, from Vegas. Well, that was entertaining. Especially the life-sized mechanical elephant.  NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THIS ACT.

Johnny Manuel and Demian Aditya take center stage. The next act going into the semi finals is Johnny Manuel. Johnny is through Demian is eliminated. Howie tells Johnny to stick to the big diva songs. Oh boy. The riffs will never end. 

Merrick Hannah, Mirror Image and Celine Tam are last. Celine Tam is through! Another act is also safe and its Merrick Hannah. Mirror Image is eliminated. Simon calls Merrick “a little star.” 

Tyra continues to be super annoying during these eliminations.

Time to reveal Dunkin Save results. The act that America saved is…Evie Clair. The judges decide the next save…after the break. 

The judges make their pick.

Heidi – Masqueraders
Mel – Eric Jones
Simon – Masqueraders
Howie – Eric Jones

Another tie, ya’ll–just like last week. The act which got the most votes from viewers is Eric Jones. OK then. Thought the judges would pick The Masqueraders. I’m pleasantly surprised. 

Next Week: Danell Daymon & Greater Works, Junior and Emily Alabi, Chase Goehring, Diavolo, Angelina Green, Colin Cloud, Final Draft, Oskar & Gaspar, Oscar Hernandez, Kechi, Sara & Hero and Mike Yung

Safe – Advancing to the Semifinals

Light Balance
Mandy Harvey
Johnny Manuel
Celine Tam
Merrick Hannah
Evie Clair – Dunkin Save – America
Eric Jones – Dunkin Save – Judges (Tied, went to vote)


Brobots and Mandroidz
Pompeyo Family
Demian Aditya
Mirror Image
The Masqueraders – Dunkin Save

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