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AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- New Jersey Auditions -- Pictured: Tao Porchon-Lynch & Vard  -- (Photo by: Eric Liebowitz/NBC)

Live blogging America’s Got Talent Week 3 right here.

Goooooood afternoon, guys! It’s Adam, here again for another night of Americas Got Talent! There are another 2 hours of auditions tonight, so there will be lots to discuss! Join me here at 8 to see how it all goes down.

Here we go! AGT starts… NOW!!!

After a quick intro, we are introduced to our first act. DJ Smart is up and he a dancer who says he is going to show us what goes on in his imagination…. ok then. His act is very similar to last week’s Freckled Sky, but they were much more impressive. DJ dances while interacting with a projector and the whole thing is pretty well put together. He makes a girl appear next to him towards the end of his performance. Solid job, but again I prefer Freckled Sky. The judges loved him. DJ Smart is through to the next round!

Click to watch DJ Smart’s Audition

Oh no. We have a ventriloquist act up next. Paul Zerdin is his name and he grew up very fond of the Muppets and Sesame Street. He has a puppet named Sam and he does a whole shitck with it, which I actually found rather funny. The whole thing was rather silly and childish, but still entertaining. It is the kind of act that would be fun to see once, but will get super annoying very quickly. This time I found him somewhat funny, but I will be ticked off if he sticks around over more talented acts. Regardless, Paul gets a standing ovation from the judges! The judges found him to not only be funny, but also a nice guy. Paul is through to the next round with 4 yeses!

Click to watch Paul Zerdin’s Audition

A creepy drag group brings us out of the commercial. After, we have a ballroom dancing duo composed of a young man and an older lady. The lady is 96 years old! Their names are Tao Porchon-Lynch & Vard and they have been dancing since Tao walked into a class that Ward was teaching. Tao gives us an insight into her life, which included dancing and modeling. She has been through quite a bit and is quite a remarkable lady! Their dancing? Pretty solid for her age! Not the best, but granted I have to give them a curve based simply on her age! The novelty is their draw, and I think with her being such an adorable older lady, votes will pour in for them. I think people will love this act. Obviously, they receive 4 yeses and are through to the next round!

Click to watch Tao Porchon-Lynch & Vard’s Audition

A young 13 year old female singer is up next! She is a Spanish singer who loves to sing Karaoke. Her family is super supportive of her, and she brought a crowd of them to her audition. Alondra Santos is her name, and she is a shy Mariachi singer. She performs her song in Spanish, and it has enough glory notes to get the audience on their feet. Nice tone, but I would like to hear her try a ballad next. This was a little to much for me. The girl seems super sweet, kind and has a pretty solid voice, so I think she should definitely get through. The judges loved her and Heidi and Mel even stand up for her. Howard likes her, but points out my point that in the future she should try reigning it in next time with something slower and not so powerful the whole way through the song. Of course, Alondra is through to the next round!

Click to watch Alondra Santos’s Audition

The Orchids, a singing duo, are up next as a montage about Ke$ha plays. The two met in karaoke. They are horrible… Judges buzz them right away. Nick Cannon does some shtick and haves them keep singing. Basically he is just mocking them. NEXT!

Click to watch The Orchids’s Audition

Ooooh, a drag queen comedian is up next! Scott Heierman is a pizza delivery boy by day and a fabulous drag queen at night. He starts hitting on Nick as he jokes with the judges. Scott has just the right amount of crazy in him that he comes across as engaging and funny rather than annoying. Loved this guy! He was actually hysterical! 4 yeses and Scott is on to the next round! My personal favorite of the night so far!

Click to watch Scott Heierman’s Audition

Michael John is our first magician of the night! Michael was originally a baseball player, but he gave it up because he loved magic much more. He calls Mel up on stage and does a simple card switching trick. Then he does a trick where he predicts the initials of Mel’s first kiss. The guy’s hands were shaking so much throughout the trick. You can tell he is super nervous. The judges loved the entire thing and give him four yeses! Michael is through to the next round! Girls are going to love him.

Click to watch Michael John’s Audition

Time for a montage of dance acts! After a bunch of cool performances, we get our first auditioner with a name! Ouahib Arkoub is a taxi driver who dances to Lets Get Loud. He is pretty bad, just doing moves that anyone can do. Nothing impressive or standoutish from this guy is all. The judges think he needed a partner. Howie and Nick go on stage and dance with the guy, basically just making fun of Oahib who isn’t in on the fact that he is being mocked. Did I mention I really don’t like Howie?

Click to watch Ouahib Arkoub’s Audition

The Los Angeles Children’s Orchestra is up next. All of them seem really young. They come on stage with tons of instruments and are all dressed up. They perform The Beatle’s Eleanor Rigby and are pretty fantastic. They bring some dance bits to their performance, which definitely adds to the performance. Pretty enjoyable and well put together. Good job! 4 yeses!

Click to watch Los Angeles Children’s Orchestra’s Audition

Quickly, we get a montage of a street dance group, an acapella group and a band/dancing group. Those acapella guys were fantastic! I wish we got more then just a snippet.

Click to watch Audition Montage

Leroy Patterson is a self proclaimed pain junky. He has a high tolerance for pain. I wish I had that! Leroy promises that there will be blood. He takes off his shirt and falls back on thumb tacs. Currently, I am looking away. The dude practically rolls around in the tacs. Make it stop! Heidi says no, but the other three judges give him yeses. Why…!?

Click to watch Leroy Patterson’s Audition

Time for a strength act! Duo Vladimir are a acrobatic hand balancing duo. They are both new fathers with young children at home. They call their act super dangerous. They do some impressive tricks, but I have seen them all before. The judges found them phenomenal and magnificent. With 4 yeses Duo Vladimi advances to the next round!

Click to watch Duo Vladimir’s Audition

Time for the last act of the night! Sharon Irving will be closing us out tonight. Sharon is a gospel singer whose family has a history in the civil rights movement. Take Me To Church is her song she is performing today, and take us to church she does. Powerful pipes this girls got. The judges all stand for her! And, just like every other last act of the night, she gets a golden buzzer! Mel pushes her buzzer, and just like that Sharon is through to the live shows! This girl is one to watch.

Click to watch Sharon Irving’s Audition

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