America’s Got Talent 2015 Audition 3 – Alondra Santos

A young 13 year old female singer is up next! She is a Spanish singer who loves to sing Karaoke. Her family is super supportive of her, and she brought a crowd of them to her audition. Alondra Santos is her name, and she is a shy Mariachi singer. She performs her song in Spanish, and it has enough glory notes to get the audience on her feet. Nice tone, but I would like to hear her try a ballad next. This was a little to much for me. The girl seems super sweet, kind and has a pretty solid voice, so I think she should definitely get through. The judges loved her and Heidi and Mel even stand up for her. Howard likes her, but points out my point that in the future she should try reigning it in next time with something slower and not so powerful the whole way through the song. Of course, Alondra is through to the next round!

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