America’s Got Talent 2015 Rankings Week 2

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- Episode 1009 -- Pictured: The Craig Lewis Band -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2015 Rankings Week 2

“This year, we have some great talent, but also quite a few duds in the mix.”

“Well, then how about we spread the talent out equally this week, mixing a few of the good acts with a bit of the fodder to make sure the good acts advance?”

“No, that is too easy. How about we shove all of our great acts into one week so we are guaranteed to lose a few front runners? That way, next week a bunch of foddery acts will advance. After all, we have Ira performing this week, so what’s not to love?!”

Me: *cries*

. . .
Hey everyone, it’s Adam, here with this week’s pre-show predictions. While the above conversation didn’t happen in real life, it basically sums up my problem with this weeks live show. ALL OF THE GOOD ACTS ARE PERFORMING. With little fodder in the mix, we are bound to lose some great acts who really should have advanced. I am a little frustrated, so lets just get on with the rankings.

Note: For everyone who follows my live blog, I will not be covering the performance show this week or the next, as I actually will be in the audience at Radio City! In a way, the fact that this week has such great performers is a plus, as at least I’m going to be getting a great show.

12- Ira (puppet act)- He should never have made it to Radio City in the first place. My head will explode if he ends up advancing this week over someone like Freckled Sky. NEXT!

11- Damone Rippy (fly-boarder)- Like last week, this guy got a straight pass and got to skip an entire AGT round. His talent is ok, but it doesn’t even measure to the other acts performing this week. Damone is destined to be fodder.

10- Derek Hughes (magician)- I am yet to like a performance from this guy. I find his character to be annoying. We have good magicians this year in Piff and Oz, so I really wouldn’t mind losing Derek this week.

9- Myq Kaplan (comedian)- I think this year, Drew Lynch is going to be dominating the comedy block. Myq is good, but I can see the judges comparing him to Drew, and without a sob story, Drew wins. If he does advance, it will only be so he can be fodder for Drew in a later round.

8- Arielle Baril (opera singer)- I really don’t want to put Arielle this low, but this night just has to much talent! With the audience not seeing her for almost 2 months since she got her golden buzzer, I would bet a lot of people will have forgotten her. If she pulls off a strong performance though she has a chance.

7- Uzeyer Novruzov (ladder performer)- I love this act, but on a night so packed with talent, Uzeyer is the one who I think might become fodder. I really am worried for him this week.

6- The CraigLewis Band (singing duo)- These guys are good. They had a strong audition and subsequent performance. I think if they give another strong performance they should be just fine, but they do have to take into consideration their new competition: Sharon Irving.

5- Animation Crew (dance group)- I don’t think these guys are as good as Siro-A, but they are still pretty dang good. Their audition was ok, but I thought they had a fantastic Vegas performance! Hopefully these guys can deliver.

4- Sharon Irving (singer)- I really like Sharon Irving. We have not seen her for weeks, but her audition was really strong and her covers on Youtube were equally strong. I think when she pulls off a strong performance people will definitely remember and vote for her.

3- 3 Shades Of Blue– I really hope these guys do well this week, because if they are bussed for an act like Ira I will riot in the streets. I just hope these guys don’t get foddered by going first with some lame Lady Gaga song the producers stuck them with to sink their ship.

2- DM Nation– These guys are the best dance group this season, in my opinion. DM nation is just that good, and with them yet to deliver a sub-par performance, I hope I am not jinxing them by placing them so high on my list.

1- Freckled Sky- Of course these guys are my number one this week. I am so so so excited to see what they try and do this week. It may be awhile since we last saw them, but I think it shouldn’t matter with Freckled Sky, as they are just that good.

So those are my rankings, what are yours? Let me know in the comments! Also, since I will be in the audience this coming performance show, follow my twitter at @adamhsamuel for spoilers and updates.

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