America’s Got Talent 2015 Finale Results Live Blog (VIDEO)

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- Episode 1026 -- Pictured: (l-r) Paul Zerdin, Nick Cannon, Drew Lynch -- (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2015 Finals Recap VIDEOS

Which of the Top 10 acts will win the 1 million dollar prize and a Las Vegas showcase?

On tonight’s America’s Got Talent finale, we find out! Plus, the show will feature encore performances by the AGT finalists, accompanied by special guests including pop singer Rachel Platten, magic superstars Penn & Teller, gospel legend Yolanda Adams with the Harlem Gospel Choir, Las Vegas headliner and former AGT  winner Terry Fator and AGT semifinalist Freelusion. Last season’s winner and newest Las Vegas star, Mat Franco, will also return and perform.

Also, we say goodbye to departing judge Howard Stern, with help from his fellow panelists, Mel B., Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel.

And here we are.

Welcome everyone! For the last time this America’s Got Talent season, I am your host Adam, and this is the finale! I’m not one to get all mushy and such, but if you stuck with these recaps throughout the weeks, I just want to thank you so much. Whether you agreed with me or not on things, getting to share this great platform and talking to you guys has really been the reason why I do this. So just for that, thanks a bunch!

I’m still not going anywhere, by the way, so I hope to have some more articles up sometime in the future, so look out for those. If you like Idol spoilers I’m already hard at work on that, so keep an eye out for that in particular. Anyway, on to the recap!

We are live!

Kicking off the show is a quick montage about the contestants, showing how badly they want to win. Then we get our intro from Nick and are shown a recap of last night’s show.

Time for our first celebrity duet of the night! Kicking us off first is The CraigLewis Band and Yolanda Adams. They are performing I Want To Know What Love Is, by Foreigner and are joined by a choir. Powerful performance! Lots of big notes from the duo, but Yolanda by far has the best voice.

After another round of the annoying product-placement lounge segments, it is time for the magicians to perform! Oz kicks thing off with a simple appearing card trick, then Derrick and Mat Franco join the stage! As much as I love Oz, Mat would win this season all over again if he was on it this year. The two do a simple trick together before Piff flies in from the ceiling! Then… PENN AND TELLER JOINS HIM ON STAGE! Kinda fanboying right here. They help Piff with a cool trick involving a card, sword and some fire, and my gosh it is entertaining as all I could ask for! In the end, all the magicians take the stage for a final bow! Highlight of the night right here. Penn and Teller are just legends, and Mat Franco is also incredibly talented.

Next, up we get a short but cool performance from Uzeyer and Freelusion. Uzeyer joins them and they dance to a Charlie Chaplin themed video. Super short, but still really cool!

After, we get a montage about Nick Cannon‘s hosting. This was kinda pointless. It was just a clip of Nick being ridiculous. Next.

Next, Gary Vider and Drew Lynch take the stage to roast each other! They exchange a few quips, but then Jeff Ross joins them on stage to show them how it’s done. Guys, Jeff is funny! He takes swipes at Mel, Donald Trump and Howard! This was loads of fun!

Oh gosh, the Regurgitator is back! Tonight, he is taking the stage with Penn and Teller! After P&T do an AMAZING trick involving turning coins into fish, Stevie swallows a film container and a fish. Then he brings it up in the container and safely into a cup of water. I think PETA is gonna sue someone. Alright guys, I can’t lie and say I wasn’t entertained during that.

Ok, this had to be my favorite segment of the entire AGT season. Jerry Springer holds a therapy for contestants who had been hated by Howard over the years! So many cameos! I saw Special Head, The Cuddler, Big Barry, that weird milkman guy! But trumping them all is Juan Carlos (who advanced over Beach Avenue) who makes his dramatic return. I LOVED THIS! Hysterical!!!

Before the results, Benton Blount and Rachel Platten take the stage to sing Fight Song. Um, Benton sounds way off here. Rachel sounds as fantastic as ever. I think someone should have muted Benton’s mic.

Time for Paul Zerdin and Terry Fator to perform together! They crack jokes about Terry’s puppet and have great chemistry together! At one point Sam and Terry’s puppets even switch voices! Super fun and entertaining!

Next, we have a montage about the season, basically showing the best and worst of the batch of acts. Great roundup of some of the more memorable moments.

Here we go! Results after the break! 5 acts will be eliminated!

We are going to break this down into the top 5 and bottom 5.

First called forward is Derek and Oz. The crowd is screaming Oz, and Oz it is moving on to the top 5!

Drew Lynch and Gary Vider are called forward next. Moving on to the top 5 is…. Drew Lynch! Obvious result is obvious.

Next called forward is The Professional Regurgitator and Uzeyer. This one is also obvious. Moving on is… The Professional Regurgitator!

So far I got 3 acts right in my predictions!

Whelp, my predictions are no longer 100%. Called next is Benton Blount and The CraigLewis Band. Moving on is…. The CraigLewis Band! All that pimping helped, I guess.

This next result is going to suck. The last 2 to find out their results are Paul Zerdin and Piff The Magic Dragon. This sucks either way it goes. Moving on is… Paul Zerdin! I’m crushed for Piff, but after last night I get it. I’m still sad though.

Your Official Top 5:
1- Oz Pearlman
2- The CraigLewis Band
3- Paul Zerdin
4- Drew Lynch
5- Stevie Starr (The Professional Regurgitator)

Time for another result! Finishing in 5th place is… The CraigLewis Band!

Before the next result, a tribute to Howard Stern leaving. I’m really sad to see him go. Personally, I’d rank him in my top 3 favorite judges on any of these competition shows. His brutal honesty is something that has been missing since Simon went soft, and I always found it refreshing to have someone tell it as it is. Sadz.

Time to find out who came in 4th! It is….. The Professional Regurgitator. The crowd is booing!!!

And keeping it going, coming in 3rd place is….. shocker, Oz Pearlman!!!! WOW!!!! How did Drew beat him?! Oz at least gets a video send off, but I am watching it with my jaw dropped. This is an insane result.

SOOOOOOoooooooo this is your top 2!!!
1-2- Paul Zerdin
1-2- Drew Lynch

Either we will have our first comedian winning, or a ventriloquist will take the title again. THE FINAL RESULTS ARE NEXT PEOPLE!

Here we go guys….. THE WINNER OF SEASON 10 OF AMERICA’S GOT TALENT IS……. PAUL ZERDIN!!!!!!!! YES YES YES! Paul starts crying as he finds out and Drew congratulates him! Well done, Paul, you deserve it!

And that’s it!!! Thanks so much again to everyone who joined me tonight or at any point during this season! You guys are epic!!! As always, if you liked what you read and want to show your appreciation, you can follow me on Twitter at @adamhsamuel :-)

For the last time this season…. this is AdamSLM logging off…

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