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Steve is the HoH, which means either John, Liz, or Vanessa will be evicted tonight. The Power of Veto winner will hold all the power as he or she will decide who casts the sole vote to evict. Who will be the next member of the jury and which two will join Steve in the Final 3? Let’s find out.

The episode begins with the aftermath of the Austin blindside. Vanessa is in tears and feeling very bad about evicting her friend. She explains her decision to Liz, but Liz in the diary room says she no longer trusts Vanessa. We next see a flashback of the few minutes before the eviction. John tells Steve that he will be blindsiding someone, but it won’t be Steve. Steve goes to confirm the plan with Vanessa, and she tells him to trust her and look nervous during the ceremony.

After the HoH competition, Liz pulls Vanessa aside to talk to her about Austin’s eviction. They are both in tears as Vanessa says it was a really tough decision and Liz says she is completely alone in the game. Vanessa even tells Liz that Austin leaving is better for Liz’s game. Liz pretends to make amends with Vanessa, but says in the diary room she knows she’s completely alone in the game. Vanessa even swears on her girlfriend that she will take Liz with her to the end of the game. Vanessa talks to John afterwards and she promises a Final 2 deal to him too. She has a Final 2 deal with everyone left in the house. John knows Vanessa changes her mind a lot, so he plans to try to make her feel comfortable with their deal as much as he can.

At the nomination ceremony, Steve nominated John and Vanessa for eviction. However, the Veto is all that matters this week. In the diary room, Steve admits he really does not want Vanessa to win the Veto and wants her gone next.

Jury segment is next. Julia shows up and everyone is shocked that she’s there instead of Liz. She shows them the footage from the week she was evicted. A week later, we see Austin walk in. They also watch the footage from his blindside. They all talk about Vanessa’s game, and Austin is still extremely bitter and doesn’t want her to win. The only juror who gives Vanessa credit for her game is Shelli. It seems like there could be a bitter jury this year.

Afterwards, Rachel and Brendon from Season 12 and Season 13 show up to talk to Julie. Rachel says that she’s surprised there are no floaters at the Final 4 like there usually tends to be. Brendon says that the only way he thinks John will win is if he wins the rest of the competitions. Julie also asks them about their thoughts on Liz and Austin’s relationship, and they believe their romance can last outside of the house too. Lastly, Rachel announces that she is pregnant. Julie gifts her with a onesie  with #TeamBrenchel written on it.

It’s now time for the Power of Veto competition. The competition is hosted by last year’s HouseGuest Caleb. They will be quizzed on past events of the season and must answer with the exact date an event happened. The competition will be played in rounds, and the last to ring in with the correct answer will get a strike. After two strikes, that player will be eliminated from the competition.

Round 1: Liz gets a strike.

Round 2: Liz gets another strike. Liz is eliminated.

Round 3: Steve gets a strike.

Round 4: Steve gets another strike. Steve is eliminated.

Round 5: John gets a strike.

Round 6: John gets another strike.

Vanessa wins the Power of Veto.

Liz feels confident Vanessa will take her to Final 3, whereas John feels he will be in danger. Vanessa has deals with them both, so which one will she keep her word to and which one will she betray?

It’s time for the live Veto Ceremony and eviction. Vanessa stands up and uses the Veto on herself. Liz takes her place on the nomination chair. John and Liz give their pleas to Vanessa. John says it’s been a great summer, but he won’t beg. Liz says she knows Vanessa will do what is best for her game. Vanessa stands up and tells John that she likes him on a personal level, but doesn’t believe he would turn his back on Steve. Vanessa evicts John.

John walks out of the house with roaring applause from the audience and talks to Julie. Julie asks him about his deals with Vanessa. He admits he was just covering his bases and knew he was going to be evicted if he didn’t win the Veto. He also admits that he would have evicted Vanessa if he won the Veto. She talks to him about his persona and if it was just strategy, but John admits his personality is just the same outside of the house. Julie asks him who he predicts will be in the Final 2, and he says Vanessa and Steve.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17. Thanks for reading and come back on Sunday for another live recap.

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