America’s Got Talent 2015 Week 7 Recap Live Blog VIDEOS

America’s Got Talent 2015 Week 7 Recap Live Blog VIDEOS


What’s up guys, it’s Adam, here again to recap tonight’s (thankfully) final night of America’s Got Talent auditions. I am beyond ready for the next rounds, but hopefully we at least will find a contender tonight, because this season is really lacking one.

And with that, it is time for the show to start! Here we go, AGT starts…. NOW!

After a quick introductory package, first up is a dance group. Daditude! are a group of older gentlemen who are all fathers (hence the name). They have been dancing professionally for a while. They don’t seem dressed to dance though… Regardless, they take the stage and deliver a solid, if not very memorable performance. They were good, but I won’t remember them at all by the end of the episode. Eh, I am indifferent with these guys. Howard said they were good, but not a million dollar act. He thinks they are more suited for parties, and I agree with him. Regardless the other judges overrule Howard and advance Daditude to the next round with three yeses.


Quickly, we get a singing duo, a magician who uses a cymbal to do tricks and a father country singer. All are through to the next round. That country singer was really a standout for me.

A young contortionist brings us out of commercial. We don’t get her name, but she was really fantastic. This leads us into some more contortionist acts, and eventually a guy who says his act is something never before seen on AGT. Scott Churchson is a hand and face contortionist…. WHAT?! Yep… he is a joke act. The judges buzz him and that is that. The less said about that the better. He just didn’t really do anything.

A singer performing Yesterday brings us out of commercial. He was pretty fantastic.

Time for a choir! Selected of God Choir are up next. They are proud Detroit individuals, who were brought together by their leader, who always wanted to start a choir. They perform The Prayer (is it just me, or is this song getting very overdone lately?). Pretty strong vocals here. I’m not the biggest gospel music fan, but they did a solid job. The judges stand for them, along with the audience. Of course, the judges send them through with four yeses.

A couples montage plays us back from commercial. Duo Volta were a couple… but not anymore. They broke up 2 months before their audition. The dude ditched her…. oops. The two do some acrobatic stunts and they are ok, not mind blowing. Still, they did more then enough to advance. Howie calls the dude stupid for leaving the girl. Jeez, leave them alone Howie, they clearly had some drama that caused them to break up, give them a break. When all is said and done, Duo Volta are through to the next round with all 4 yeses.

Ooooh. Pat is a competitive eater! He invites the judges on stage to crack about 120 eggs, which he will eat live and break a record. And then he eats (well, drinks is the better word) all of the eggs. I personally find this talent fascinating, am I the only one? Heidi found it gross and votes no, but the other judges overpower her and send Pat through with 4 yeses! I think it is a cool talent!

Time for a band! Three Shades Of Blue are up, and are they really the first rock band of the season to audition? I think so, which is such a shame. This season seriously needs some more rock bands. The group is composed of three brothers and one best friend. I’m pulling for these guys, personally. They perform “Feeling Good”…. why? That isn’t really the best song to rock out to. I bet they got shoehorned into that song, as I have heard rock bands on this show being forced into songs that aren’t really rock. They do their thing, but this song just isn’t a rock song, and they needed one. The lead singer is pretty good though and I dug their vibe. The judges think they brought it, and send them through with four yeses. As much as I liked them, I don’t think they really will last. Bands usually get the short end of the stick here on AGT, which is one thing I really dislike. Still, they were my favorite act of the night so far.

After a bunch of joke auditions, The Gem City Jewels are a singing duo, who are coming off as very egotistical. And they are pretty horrible. They are just another joke act who can’t sing on key. NEXT.

Pretty Big Movement is a girl dance group who all have colorful afros. They are trying to prove that size doesn’t matter and should never hold one back. I like these girls already. I don’t know, there is just something very magnetic about their personalities, and I honestly am really digging their vibes. Their dancing is ok, nothing special, but still I liked them. Mel calls them brilliant and inspiring. Howie is amazed by them. And with 4 yeses Pretty Big is through to the next round. I loved these girls!

Quickly, we get a really talented ballet dancer, a dancing duo, and a group of dancers. All are fantastic and through to the next round.

After a drag queen singing “Your Man”, it is time for a boy-band. Vox all met in college, but have only been together for about a month. They are opera singers!… and are also going to be this season’s winners. You heard it here first guys, Vox will be the winner of Season 10 of AGT. They get the judges on their feet, along with the audience. No need to drag this out, with 4 yeses Vox is through to claim the million the next round. They appeal to the key demographic and are incredibly talented, what more is there to say?

This article just became NSFW. Next, we have a love and passion expert. Joanna Kennedy “puts the hot and happy back in relationships.” Before she takes the stage we see her…. blowing up a sex doll. She takes the doll out on stage and says she is going to help Nick become a better kisser. Howard picks a girl out from the audience to kiss Nick. WTF is going on?! She has Nick and this girl get closer, and at this point the girl’s eyes are screaming how uncomfortable she is. MAKE IT STOP! But nope they just keep going on until finally a commercial saves us.

WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING! The commercial shows Nick and the girl finishing the kiss. Did we really need to see that!? Ugh. Joanna gets a no of course.

As disappointing as that last audition was, next week looks HYPE! Looks like we are in for a great show next week, and I can’t wait.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode! Thanks for joining me! If you liked what you read and want to show your appreciation, you can follow me on Twitter @adamhsamuel

This is AdamSLM signing off..

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