America’s Got Talent 2011 – Quarterfinals Part 2

The second week of the America’s Got Talent Quarter finals brought 12 acts that were mostly mediocre, even downright awful.

There were a few bright spots: Diva-style singer, Daniel Joseph Baker had some solid chops, The Smage Brothers motorcycle act was scary, but in a good way, Stephen Retchless’s pole dance was a study in strength and beauty, and I have to give it up to the Silhouettes. The troupe’s patriotic pandering was rather, erm, shameless (shadows of the twin towers? REALLY? YOU’RE GOING THERE!?!), but the act was beautifully put together.

Who will advance: The Silhouettes, Smage Brothers, and two of either Daniel Joseph Baker, Landon Swank, Stephen Retchless or Mona Lisa.

Videos: America’s Best Talent, AmericazGotTalents

Attack Dance Crew

Hm. Pretty boring dance act.

Dani Shay – Singer Songwriter

Dani’s performance of “Babylon” was wicked pitchy. Like last week, she seemed really really nervous. Dani hasn’t impressed since her “Lesbian Bieber” audition.

Geechy Guy – Comedian

Dude is total cannon fodder. His jokes are terrible, and not even in “a so bad they’re good” way. He’ll be eliminated tonight for sure.

Daniel Joseph Baker – Singer

Daniel has an interesting style. His cover of Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” was both fierce and entertaining.

The Rhinestone Ropers – Cowboy ropers

Oh dear. The horse that was part of their act got totally spooked by the cameras and the lights. What a bomb. I felt kind of sorry for them, until the guy refused to admit to Piers that they screwed up. Bringing a horse that’s not used to cameras on stage was a really dumb idea.

Dylan Andre – Singer/songwriter

There were several white guys with guitars eliminated in Vegas who could have blown this guy right off the stage. I think singer/songwriters with any chance to advance were purposely eliminated by the judges in Vegas. They want a different kid of winner this year (the last two WGWG).

Landon Swank – Magician

His act was clever, yet boring at the same time. Still, there was so little competition tonight, he might advance anyway.

Smage Brothers – Stunt Motorcyclists

Scary and dangerous Motorcycle stunt riding. It looked like they almost ran over their friend’s head. These guys are going to sail right through.

Thomas John – Juggler

Wow. After a humorous video package, I was expecting this guy to entertain me, but he turned out to be pretty awful.

Steven Retchless – Pole Dancer

Piers is an idiot. Steven Retchless ruled with a gorgeous pole routine that was all strength and grace. Beautiful. I hope he advances.

Mona Lisa – Twin Sister singers

Uh. Ugh. So off-key my ears were ringing. I don’t get Sharon praising all these terrible singers tonight.

Silhouettes – Unusual Silhouette act

Incredibly staged, unbelievably manipulative. These young dancer/performers are going to sail straight through to the next round.

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