American Idols Live 2010 – Tatiana’s Sunrise FL Recap

Tatiana and her friend were so close to the stage at the Sunrise Idols Live show, they were able to lob a hot pink bra on stage during the finale with pin-point accuracy! Check out her account of the hilarity below:


Tonight was seriously the most fun I have had in a while! I guess I should give a bit of background info before starting this recap: I am a 22 year old college student who has been avidly watching AI since season 7 (after a long hiatus after Clay’s loss which is better off not being discussed, as I am sure the 14 year old me can’t handle it right now. lol)

I was beyond ecstatic when I found out I won concert tickets for the Sunrise show through the Celebrity Blog ONTD and immediately told my best friend that we would be going! She was just as excited and could not wait. We were super anxious to get to the venue early, to try and meet them, but because she is a teacher and starting at a new school in the fall, we had to make a pit stop to finish some paperwork, which resulted in arriving at the venue much later than planned. We had to pick between eating and staking the place out, and very wisely (or stupidly depending on who you ask) chose the latter. We then began to wait. And wait. Walked to will call to see if our tickets were ready, saw Aaron Kelly and Tim Urban trying to come out through the front doors. We waved at them, they waved back, we found out will call was closed. Walked back to the area they were supposedly coming out, and waited some more, until we got to the point of starvation and decided to go eat. As we get into the car, I tell her we should pass by the buses, juuuuuust incase. We found Tim walking around!

We were pretty excited to see Tim because that had to mean the others were probably going to come out too! We approached him and Aaron and were able to get a picture with them! After some chit chat, they tell us they’re gonna go run up and down the arena stairs. They say their good byes and we stick around for a few minutes. After about 10 mins we see Andrew, Casey, Lee, Big Mike and baby and maybe Ryan Stevens (not sure, I only saw his back) walk toward the venues… we called for Lee but he kinda turned around, waved, and kept walking towards the venue. We decided we were too hungry to keep waiting, so we took our lunch break and left the venue to eat. (Chipotle FTW!)

After lunch and some Starbucks we came back full and ready for what was to come! We walked back to the doors where they were supposedly coming out from and saw Aaron and Tim yet again! Seriously those guys are like the sweetest and nicest guys ever. We kinda just hung back and let everyone talk to them since we already had our picture. Tim met his Pecks (whoever does his pecks account on twitter, which I was not aware of?) which made for a pretty hilarious encounter. Aaron was being super sweet to everyone too. They spoke to everyone and hung out for some time, and left once they were done. After lots of waiting under the hot South Florida sun and humidity, and upon hearing that the meet and greet was taking place at 5, we decided it be best to retreat back to the car and the comforts of Air-conditioning until it was time to go in…

Now, to try and be somewhat proactive during our time waiting for doors to open, my friend decides it was a good time to clean her car, and Thank god for that because what happens next basically was the cause of how awesome our night turned out. While cleaning out everything and organizing the library she has in her trunk, she finds a bra that had been sitting there for months. I suddenly came up with the bright idea of throwing the bra onstage during Lee’s set! She doubted my capability of going through with that and laughed hysterically, but I was determined and stuck the bra in my purses back pocket (since security only checks the main compartment) We laughed and envisioned the many possible scenarios that could go down that night; It landing on his head mid-song, me missing and hitting someone else and being embarrassed, him catching it between songs, and getting flustered or getting caught off guard… All of these possibilities made it way too hilarious to not attempt Mission: Pink polka dots to Lee (I just came up with that; I’m so clever… hah.)

Once the car was clean, and doors were about to open, we walk to will call and find that my tickets were in awesome section 1, row 5, which sounded pretty amazing to us. Once inside and making it through security, our suspicions were pretty much confirmed; the seats WERE AWESOME! We sat in a corner section next to the barricades and we were seriously soooo close! It was amazing. We relished in our good fortune while we waited for the show to start, and now knowing our exact location, began to perfect our plan for Mission: PPD2L. It was prime location for throwing, and hoping I had enough guts to go through with it, with good enough aim, it was starting to become a more feasible plan. Our excitement grew when the lights dimmed to signal the start of the show! I’ll give a quick rundown of each of the top 10’s performance: (I am not super critical so don’t expect any cut throat critiques or anything)


I was not a huge fan of her on the show, but I did love her rendition of Terrified during Hollywood week, so of course I loved her rendition of it live. I loved her outfit and thought she sounded great overall. Not super great songs to start a concert of that size with, but still, she was good.


Love him! He was cute and seemed to be very in the zone. He told us to get up and dance during Sunday Morning so we left our seats and picked out awesome spots on the barricades so we could do so. Lol


She was super cute and sounded sooooo much better than she did on the show! I did not care for her too much on the show, but tonight changed my mind about her. We went all out during her set. Fighter was fantastic!


His hair was a bit flat for my taste (lol) and his songs were a bit too low key for that point of the show, but he sang well and mentioned that he loved that the name of the city was Sunrise. Overall, he was very cute with the crowd and seemed thankful to be there. He is adorable.


I loved her outfit and set and thought she was amazing! I wasn’t a huge fan of her on the show, but she was so good tonight!


That kid is so cute. He’s like all hardcore on stage and really does go all out. I’m a huge fan of singing at the top of my lungs during shows, so the fact that I did not know a single one of his songs made it really hard for me to get into it, but performance wise, I thought he did great.

Group song:

I’m not even going to lie, I was all about singing along to this one so I didn’t really pay much attention to the stage, but at this point I decided to perform Mission:PPD2L during the finale group song and not during Lee’s set… I wanted to incorporate everyone! How could I leave anyone out of this?!


Bathroom breaks, beer run and bad news: Security informed us that some people wanted to be party poopers and that we could not stand at the barricades for the 2nd half of the show. Mission:PPD2L seemed impossible now. My aim, let alone range with a bra, which weighs nothing, did not ensure success. Sadness.

Big Mike:

He does have a nice voice but I wasn’t too into him on the show. Tonight was about the same. The sitting + slow songs + shmoozefest were all factors that were not helping his case. However, I did love Ready for love.


Casey is so pretty. He’s a pretty badass guitar player too. I loved Don’t and the duet with Big Mike. Again, Casey was pretty. His shirt was not though.


Crystal is talented and super cute, she’s just not my cup of tea. I loved her intro and “What’s going on?” was my favorite thing about her set. She played around with the crowd and went on about how she’s terrible at throwing guitar picks at the crowd. It was cute.


Ahh.. the man of the hour… Excitement was through the roof when he came out and everyone was screaming like crazy! I’m not even going to lie, I love Lee and think he was so amazing! But take that for what it’s worth. He really is a passionate singer and you can tell when you see him live (and even moreso when you’re like 5 ft away) By the start of the 2nd song, we scrapped the no barricade rule and Mission:PPD2L was back in motion. He was very thankful and kept telling us how he wanted to just stay all night and play. He was adorable! I think he had technical problems at one point, but he pulled through it. I could go on and on, but I won’t. Let’s get the exciting part, shall we?

Finale song:

Having seen the videos of prior shows, I had already decided that I was going to throw the bra when both Lee and Crystal walk towards the front of the stage. The downside was the Crystal was standing on my side. The upside is my awesome aim. My only regret was not getting enough air on that sucker, but considering I was super nervous about throwing it, I think I can consider it a Mission Accomplished!

When I threw it, it landed close to Crystal’s feet and she saw it, looked at me, and kind of signaled to ask if it was for her. I playfully told her it was, but that it was actually for Lee. She started to laugh and kind of nudged Lee who had yet to notice it. He looked down, saw it and started to shake his head, laughing. He was about to pick it up but I guess thought better of it? I mean I guess I don’t blame him… he doesn’t know where it’s been. But needless to say I think it made everyone laugh a bit. I’m not going to lie, had he left it there, It would have broken my little heart, but he kicked it all the way backstage! Which must mean there is like a .05% that he kept it right?! Haha! My bff had the duty of historian, so she took video of Mission:PPD2L. You can see how it went down below. It starts at about 2:12.


A woman did come up to us after and made sure we still had our bras on. It was awesome, we laughed. It was awesome. Mission Accomplished.

Outside Barricades:

Once we came outside, we picked a nice spot on the barricades and started to wait. Security told us it would be about 40 mins. Whether or not that was accurate went beyond me because of how hungry and exhausted we were. We met 2 new groups of people who both said this was their first season ever watching American Idol and they both loved it. It was a couple of sisters about our age and a brother and his 2 sisters who were probably in between mid-30’s to mid-40’s between all three of them. So there you go… To each his own I guess.

The first people to come down the escalator were Andrew, Lee, and Casey but only Casey and Andrew came out. Casey was nice enough but he didn’t sign my ticket, which is fine I guess, because his signature was just a C and a J. I can survive. Andrew was amazingly sweet. We hugged, took pictures. He was very grateful. He took his time. I loved him.

From the other door, you could hear Lee came out. He was with Security (Ray? Is that his name?) and whatever had to be signed had to be given to him, he would give it to Lee to sign and Lee would give it back. I was determined to get his reaction on Mission:PPD2L (and a picture!) so when he approached me, here’s how it went down:

Me: Listen, Lee… I noticed you didn’t pick up the Bra. I want you to know it’s clean and new! Don’t worry about it…

Lee: (looking up from signing) That was you!? That was your bra? (Laughs)

Me: Actually it was my friends, but yes, I did throw it. But if you don’t want it I guess Crystal can have it since she did see it first.. But it is clean!

Lee: (Laughing!) Oh my god, no! Don’t even worry about it! It’s just it was a family show… Of course I want it; I’m totally keeping that thing! I can’t believe that was you! Actually, that’s the first bra thrown on tour, so.. Congratulations!

Me: REALLY!! (Laughter from everyone)

Lee: Yea! (he hugs me, or maybe I hug him? I’m not sure; it’s kind of a blur lol)

My bff: OMG! It was my bra! Can I have a hug too!?

Lee: Of course!! (hug)

So we all kind of laugh for a bit and he says his goodbyes and moves on. We’re all kinda laughing about it when I realize I really want a picture! So I run to the end of the barricade and ask him for a last minute picture! After we take it I see Crystal is approaching our spot and I ask her about it too.

Me: Hey Crystal! If Lee ends up not wanting the bra you can totally have it! (laugh)

Crystal: Oh my god that was not you guys! You did not take it off did you!?

Me & my friend: Noo! No! (laugh)

Me: It was hers but we found it in her car!

Crystal: Oh! (laughs) We were making fun of Lee backstage and telling him that he’d be able to tell who threw it at him just by looking at them!

(Laughter and I don’t really remember what she said after, I think she just signed my ticket and laughed a bit more and that was it.)

Big Mike came out too and someone mentioned LNS, So I told him he needed to include the Bra! He said he would definitely make it happen, buuuuuut.. yea, here’s hoping!!!

Siobhan, was nice, but very, very, very silent….

Katie was adorable! I loved her! Her poor brother though looked like her assistant carrying gifts and stuff. Haha..

Didi was sweet, but no pictures…

Since we had already seen Turban and Aaron twice that day, we decided to leave and call it a night. It was a long day, but that’s the most fun I’ve had at a concert in quite some time. If you read this whole thing, I love you because god knows it’s taken me forever to write it. It’s 6 am and I haven’t slept. Thanks a ton for reading it! I hope you’re upcoming/past show will be/was as amazing as mine, and if you’re not going to one, I hope I’ve described it to make you feel as if you were there! Haha! If you wanna see my pictures, they’re at:

Thanks again and Good night!

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