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UPDATE: John Jay and Rich of the Phoenix KISS station are in LA and reporting major dramz backstage with Paula Abdul tonight: Says JohnJay, “Idol rocked!!! Drama right now in paulas dressing room!!!! Contract stuff!! HOLY CRAP!!! Is she coming back???? I hope so! This is CRAZY!” and “Omg! I can’t say what’s up right now!!! Just know that were still at american idol!!! Cal tomorrow and ask us!!!! PLEASE!!” Great way to get peeps to tune in tomorrow. Of course, I’ll take the bait…

*Watch This Space for Updates*

Did you guys notice that the judges are back to starting their critiques with Randy, going down the line and then ending with Simon? I wonder if that decision has to do with saving time? I’m so glad they’ve ditched the cheesy judges introduction. That was a waste of time. Too bad they had to ditch the video packages for each contestant tonight. I’d rather see that than hear more yakking from the judges.

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Lil Rounds and either Matt Giraud or Anoop Desai are going home tomorrow. Or, in a surprise boot, maybe Allison Iraheta. That would totally suck.

Lil Rounds – “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan – Well, she’s no Chaka Khan. She’s pretty much her usual karaoke, warbly, off pitch self. She’s completely out of her depth and has been this entire competition. – Randy says, “You definitely got the party started, but it sounded so wild to me you definitely can sing, but it still didn’t really show us what kind of artist you could be.” Kara says, “I think all of America has been waiting for you to sing Chaka Khan or an artist like that…but it wasn’t worth the’ve been every other woman on that stage but yourself.” Paula mentions that Lil has been on vocal rest and that her, but she says, “Although you were hot tonight, you didn’t quite hit the boiling point. Simon says, “Oh Lil you look so sad.” She’s being slammed. What do you expect? Lil says, “I want you all to know, I actually had fun tonight. Then Simon says, “I’m gad you had fun, but this is going to be the last week we’re going to see you…there was no originality…it was very copycat…I abolutely believe this is your last shot.” Lil says she does not believe she’s karaoke tonight. Someone probably from her family yells out… Her mother in the audience with her arms crossed, pulling a whatevia…hilarious. “America votes.” Lil says before she signs off. But, they probably won’t be voting for you. Still, the judges were way harsh tonight. They are definitely done with her. 1-866-436-5701

Kris Allen – “She Works Hard For the Money” by Donna Summer – He’s doing it acoustic–“Kris Style”–very jazzy, great vocal. Kris is self-assured. He’s got some drummers on stage with him. Nobody believed this spoiler today. I owe little d an apology…:(. He could have gone the safe route and picked the Bee Gees, smart to pick a song nobody expected. Kara says, “So Kris, you took a real risk with that arrangement, it paid off big time…so impressed with you…it sounded like it could go on your record.” Paula says, “There aren’t many men who are willing to shop in the woman’s department. You shopped and found a perfect fit.”  She compares him to Santana. Simon wastes time taunting Paula before he says, “That was a complete polar opposite to the first performance…original well thought out. That was not karaoke.” Then he said he didn’t care if he bought women’s underwear. Heh. Randy says, “You know who you are you come out every week, you are ready for the big time. Amazing.” 1-866-436-5702

Danny Gokey – “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire – That first yell was not pleasant. He doesn’t have the smooth vocals of the original.   He’s tagged a bit of “I Can See Clearly Now” in there. He attacks his songs rather than sings them, there’s no finesse in his delivery, so I’m not liking this so much. Randy says, “This is a great song, you turned this into something that really worked for you tonight…I was worried that it didn’t have enough melody.”   Kara says, “You are an incredible vocalist…you pitch is so right on…you never have an issue.” Really?   Paula says, “You chose vocally to show your agility and brilliance…you have one of the sexiest voices ever.”   Simon says, “I agree with everyone…but as a performance, I didn’t get any star this stage you have to do something special…a bit clumsy.”   Paula yells, “We’ll see you in the finals Danny! 1-866-436-5703

Allison Iraheta – “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer – She’s sitting on the steps, it starts off slow.   She’s all glammed out in glitter.   Not sure about her hair. She sounds awesome though. She’s roughed up the arrangement.   Very growly and intense.   Big final note. She changed it up considerably.  I like the arrangement. Randy says, “I didn’t love the arrangement it was a little overindulgent for me…but you’re one of the best singers in this competition.”   Kara didn’t like the arrangement either. “You were in the right lane…you are one of the best singers…a 9/10 for me.”   Paula doesn’t mind the arrangement. She thinks she’s authentic. Paula says, “That last note, you hit it off the charts.   Simon says, “I think you were always going to come into this week as an underdog. But, that was a brilliant performance.” The judges are now thoroughly on the Allison train. 1-866-436-5704

Adam Lambert – “If I Can’t Have You” by Yvonne Elliman – He says he’s doing something he can connect to emotionally. The front half of the song is very tender–beautiful falsetto. The chorus is totally rearranged and he loses me a little when he hits the glory note and it ends abruptly. Not my favorite by Adam–not as memorable as “Tracks of My Tears” or “Mad World” but still pretty wonderful. Randy says, “You are ready right now dude…he’s is a hot one tonight.”   Kara says, “Adam, , you’re brilliant…most memorable performance…the emotion…the way you’s inspiring.”   Paula is about to dissolve into a puddle. She says, “You chose to pick a disco song and not make it cliche…I feel your vulnerablity….you will   be in the finals.”   Simon says, “You did something we weren’t expecting, it was original, you’re going to remember it…your vocals were immaculate.”   Adam says Michael Orland helped him with the arrangement. 1-866-436-5705

Matt Giraud – “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees   – Hm. Although this is a bit frenetic, he’s mostly staying in tune and not losing it on the high notes. Very nice high note! He’s literally up there fighting for his life, but it’s almost a little desperate. Randy says, “Didn’t love the song choice or the arrangement…you can really sing dude…this bunch is the most talented group of 7 we’ve ever had.”   Kara says, “You brought disco back…I like to see you move…I thought the vocals were pretty, solid”  But of course, Kara says, he wasn’t as good Adam. Paula says, “You sing the way I bowl…sometimes you hit gutter balls and sometimes a strike..this is a strike…you saved your own life.”  Who is writing this shiz for Paula! Simon says, “I didn’t like that performance. I think you have to put your self in the real world…it came across as a bit desperate..the vocals weren’t great…not original…I’m not such a huge fan of that, I’m afraid.” 1-866-436-5706

Anoop Desai – “Dim All the Lights” by Donna Summer  – Starts off slow, then it kicks in. He’s got some really nice moments in this song, but Anoop isn’t commanding the stage the way he could, and that becomes apparent when the song goes uptempo. I would rather listen to him than watch him. That last notes were kinda rough. The new facial scruff suits him. Randy says, “Rough last note…didn’t love this one (arrangement) …but dude you can sing also…Anoop…nice baby nice.”   Kara says, “I thought it was a great song choice…kind of a ballad feel, your strong suite…it sounded like it could be on the radio…last two weeks your best performances…nice changes…good vocals.” Paula says, “You look fantastic…real men know how to wear pink…no one can deny how beautiful your voice is. Smile more.”   Simon says, “That was mediocre at best. I prayed that the tempo wouldn’t come in. It was a horrible version of that song…genuinely that was your worst performance by a mile.” Geez Simon, it wasn’t that bad. 1-866-436-5707

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