American Idol Season 8 – Top 3 Performance – VIDEO

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Kris’s “Heartless” put him in the game tonight…I think he’s got a chance. Danny MAY go home tomorrow night.

It’s Idol’s 300th show tonight…

  • Danny Gokey – “Dance Little Sister Dance” by Terence Trent D’Arby – VIDEO  
  • Kris Allen – “Apologize” by OneRepublic – VIDEO
  • Adam Lambert – “One” by U2 – VIDEO
  • Carrie Underwood – IGB trip to Africa – VIDEO
  • Danny Gokey – “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker – VIDEO
  • Kris Allen – “Heartless” by Kanye West – VIDEO
  • Adam Lambert – “Cryin” by Aerosmith – VIDEO

Danny Gokey – “Dance Little Sister Dance” by Terence Trent D’Arby   Judges choice from Paula   – Clip of Danny reading Paula’s song choice text.   “I don’t know it, ” says Danny. Heh. Paula says Danny posses that “magical” quality in his voice that Trent does. Danny’s performance is super shouty, super hoarse, with no finesse or shading as usual. Phrasing is non-existent. He’s “doot doot dooting with the sax player. Eep. Randy says, “Let the games begin…lots of energy…that was dope for me.” Kara says, “The dancing was a little too gyrating for me…am I going to remember that performance tomorrow?” Hm. He wasn’t dancing all that much. Paula says, “I think you did really good. you let that magic part of your voice carry through the rest of the song.”     Simon says, “I thought the dancing was desperate. Vocally, very very good…I wouldn’t have put the toy saxophone solo in…I think it was the wrong song.” More kindergarten hijinks from Simon and Paula–Simon’s trying to smother her. “That’s second base or harrassement, ” says Ryan.   1-866-436-57011-866-436-57041-866-436-5707

Kris Allen – “Apologize” by OneRepublic   Judges Choice by Randy and Kara – Randy picked the song for Kris because it’s a “big song with a big range he’s got a big voice…” Erm, I like Kris’s voice, but I would not describe it as rangy or big.. Kara says “Everybody knows the song, it’s dark beautiful melodic lines, he seems to excell at that, it’s open for interpretation.” Kris performs from behind the piano. He’s having a little trouble with the falsetto, but when he’s in his mid-range, in the verses,   he’s connecting big time.   It might have helped to lower the key, or change up the arrangement, which he plays pretty straight. Randy says, “Right now its about who’s here…here’s what I love…you could have a song like this on the radio…nice very nice.   Kara says, “I think it was a really competent performance…but you need to hit it out of the park…I wanted you to make it more of your own…”   Paula says, “It sits in the right place in your voice..there was a bum note there that was loud…but i’m so proud of you.” Hm. I missed that loud bum note.   Simon says, “You can’t choose a song for him, and then blame him for doing the song. It was a competent version of the song…you should have worked out the arrangement…you aren’t holding up your responsibilities.” Uh, Kara was supposed to arranage the song for him?   Uh. Right. Simon spent the whole time lecturing Paula and Kara, and barely any time talking about his performance. Stupid.   1-866-436-57021-866-436-5705 1-866-436-5708

Adam Lambert – “One” by U2 -Judges choice by Simon Cowell – Simon says it’s one of his favorite songs and it took a bit to clear it. He got a call from Bono saying it would be “his pleasure” for Adam to sing the song. It’s just Adam under a blue light with a piano. The background singers and band come in gently. He takes the mic and the song kicks in. Big glory note! It felt a little screamy (not a fan of the wail! sorry!) on the top notes, but I liked the way he changed up the melody. Very passionate. very moving. Randy says, “dude, let me just say, you are definitely still in the zone..unbelievable…but didn’t like you going off the melody…you are a really talented guy.” Kara says, “Adam you are a strategist…you can change up the melodies change up the instruments and make it unbelievable…see what I mean Simon.” Paula says, “You don’t know how miserable I am with Simon gloating…it was one brilliant song, one brilliant performance and one American Idol I’m staring at right now.” Simon says, “I thought it was a brilliant song choice…you worked out what you wanted to do with it…brilliant brilliant performance…If you aren’t in the final next week it will be one of the biggest upsets. 1-866-436-57031-866-436 – 57061-866-436-5709

Ryan introduces a clip from Carrie Underwood’s recent trip to Africa for Idol Gives Back. Brought to you by Exxon Oil!   Got to get in those product placements…

Danny Gokey – “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker – First, pimp chat with Ryan. Danny babbles on about how hard it was to pick a song.   I hate this song. It’s pure unadulterated Velveeta cheese. Didn’t like it when Taylor Hicks sang it either.   He’s got breath control issues in the soft spots–very breathy.   He’s changing up the words in the bridge. He’s riffing now…his voice sounds shot. Liked the second half better than the first. Randy says, “Amazing song…but you showed you’re here because you can really sing…mad vocals.”   Kara says, “Everything you didn’t do in the first performance…you just did. Stunning.” Paula says, “You left all of us breathless…by changing the chords and infusing the gospel part…you nailed it…beautiful beautiful” Simon says,   “I wouldn’t have re-arranged it…this is a singing competition…I would call that a vocal masterclass.” Really Simon? Really? A masterclass WTF? Oh, and now it’s suddenly a singing competition. *eyesroll*   Danny’s not worrying about all the 0-pinions out there…

Kris Allen – “Heartless” from Kanye West – Kris says it wasn’t a difficult choice, “It just kinda came to me.” “This is it, last shot” says Ryan.   It’s just Kris and his acoustic guitar.   Kara should be happy, he’s changed it up. The arrangement is Kris-ized, all jazzy, cool and perfectly phrased. A definite winner. Smart, smart song choice. Randy says, “This is gonna be one of the toughest voting nights…better than the Fray, better than Kanye…you are in it to win it…I love it baby, I love it.” Kara says, “It was bold, it was brave it was fearless…why didn’t you do that with   Apologize’…the tone, the pitch, the phrasing…perfect…amazing.”   Paula says, “This is what keeps you relevant…bravo.”   Simon says, “After what I thought was a lame song choice, I had literally written you out of this competition…that has all changed after that performance.” OMG They liked it! Can’t believe it…they’re pimping him!

Adam Lambert – “Cryin” by Aerosmith – Adam says he’s not going to change it up too much. Those who aren’t fans of the rock wail won’t be happy here. Ahem!   But, the wailing fits the vibe of the song. Not as good as “Whole Lotta Love”, but a typically well-delivered vocal. Still waiting to hear something truly glam from Adam. Clearance issues maybe? Randy says, “you’re one of the best we’ve ever had on this stage…you should be a rock star that’s who you are.” Kara says, “Who hits those notes?   Amazing…We’ll see you at the finals.” Paula says, “You set the bar so high in the sky. We’ll be seeing you next week and many years after that.” Simon says, “I’m not going to suck up as much as the other three… it’s easy to assume you’ll sail through…I want everyone not to assume you’ll be there, but to vote for you because you deserve to be there.” Very very smart for Simon to tell viewers to VOTE. They will.   Adam says it’s an honor to be in the presence of Kris and Danny who are both really talented..

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