American Idol Season 8 – Top 11 – Performance – VIDEO

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UPDATE:   Next week’s theme is Motown…

Mentor Randy Travis is in the audience, as it should be.

  • Michael Sarver -“Ain’t Goin’ Down Til the Sun Comes Up” by Garth Brooks – VIDEOiTunes
  • Allison Iraheta – “Blame it on Your Heart” by Patty Loveless – VIDEO iTunes
  • Kris Allen – “To Make You Feel My Love” by Garth Brooks – VIDEOiTunes
  • Lil Rounds – “Independence Day” by Martina McBride – VIDEOiTunes
  • Adam Lambert – “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash – VIDEOiTunes
  • Scott MacIntyre – “Wild Angels” by Martina McBride – VIDEO iTunes
  • Alexis Grace – “Jolene” by Dolly Parton – VIDEOiTunes
  • Danny Gokey – “Jesus Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood – VIDEOiTunes
  • Anoop Desai – “You Were Always on My Mind” by Willie Nelson – VIDEO iTunes
  • Megan Joy Corkrey – “Walking After Midnight” by Patsy Cline – VIDEOiTunes
  • Matt Giraud – “So Small” by Carrie Underwood – VIDEOiTunes

Michael Sarver – “Aint Goin Down Till the Sun Comes Up” by Garth Brooks – Travis likes the changes Michael made in the melody.   Lots of words, and they need to be sung fast. I like Michael the ballad soul boy better, but he’s doing OK.   He lost a couple of the words.   He looks real comfortable up there, rather than nervous–he looks like he’s having a good time. Randy says, “It was a cool song choice, but I’m not sure it showed your vocal capabilities.” Kara says, “We got to see a lot of your personality, I miss the big notes.” Michael says country music is about having some fun. Paula says, “This is the genre that suits you so well.” Simon says, “It should have been good, I couldn’t understand a word you were singing…a bit clumsy…karaoke.”   “If we were all perfect we wouldn’t need this show, ” says Michael. 1-866-436-5701

Allison Iraheta – “Blame It on Your Heart” by Patty Loveless – Travis tells Allison not to try to be too cute. I love Allison!   Awesome rockin’ sh*t-kicking performance.   Her throaty vocals are perfect for this song.   Kara says, “You bring your own spin to everything…you’re getting better and better.’ Paula says, “Another rock-solid performance” Paula suggests she pick different songs to experiment with all sides of her vocals. Simon says, “I thought it was good, a little tuneless in parts…verging on precocious a little bit.”   Randy says, “I thought it was dope.” – 1-866-436-5702

Kris Allen – “To Make You Feel My Love” by Garth Brooks – Travis thinks Kris is a strong ballad singer. Kris is without his guitar tonight, and his change up is good. A very smart move, going for a ballad tonight. Shows a different side of Kris.   He’s doing a really nice job, and proving he can sing.   A very honest, simple vulnerable performance. And the girls are just about dying now, I’m sure. The last note was a little wonky, but well done. Paula says, “I’m pleasantly surprised…honest pure and vulnerable.” Simon says, “I thought that was terrific. I am genuinely beginning to think you have a shot of doing well in this competition.”   Randy says, “Tender moments from my dawg Kris. Wow.” Kara says, “It was very Kris Allen.” – 1-866-436-5703

Lil Rounds – “Independence Day” by Martina McBride – Lil gets a pimp chat with Ryan.   Lil admits she’s not too familiar with country.   She says she’s going to hold back a bit rather than do an R&B version. Travis suggests she slow down the arrangement. She looks awesome–love her dress. She’s doing OK, but I’m not loving this. It’s a little karaoke. Maybe not the right song for her. Randy says, “Interesting, ambitious, it got better after you hit your power range.”   Lil says she wanted to try something different.   Kara says, “We all know you’re a great singer…we get the Lil we know in the second half.” Kara gives her props for standing her ground. Paula says says she looks beautiful, “It would have worked better if you didn’t sing two verses.” I agree with this! The verses were boring. Simon calls her “little” instead of “Lil”. Then he keeps it up. lolz. “For me, it came over like you were forced to sing something at a wedding, ” he says.   Lil and Simon are arguing a little. Simon thinks she should have done an R&B twist. I agree. 1-866-436-5704

Adam Lambert – “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash – Adam also gets a pimp chat with Ryan.   Adam calls Travis “a gentleman”… He says he “found” a different version. (inspired by Dilana from Rockstar Supernova’s middle eastern flavored version) Travis seems a little taken aback by Adam, and not crazy about the arrangement he chose. Peeps are either going to love or hate this. I love it, because it’s so out there and so out of place on the Idol stage. I’m imagining heads exploding all across America. Adam is riveting. And while the arrangement is OTT, the vocals are reigned in. He’s got the stage presence, plus incredible vocals and phrasing. Very strange, but in a good way. Kara says, “That’s very interesting. All a little strange. But I kinda liked it. It left me confused and happy.”   Paula says, “You are true to who you are as an artist. I loved the sounds.   You’re raising your own bar each week.” Simon says, “What the hell was that?   Sorry, but I would never go to Nashville if I was you. There are lots of people throwing their TV sets out the window. Indulgent. Horrific.”   Ryan says, “It’s current it’s young it’s hot.   9 Inch nails doing a country song.” 1-866-436-5705

Scott MacIntyre – “Wild Angels” by Martina McBride – Travis isn’t convinced by his choice at first. He asks him to pick up the tempo. The stylists fixed up his hair nice. How is it that his song for Michael Jackson and Country week sound exactly the same?   Scott is not very versatile. He’s picking up the pace a little in the middle–a very good suggestion from Travis.   He’s still pretty boring, though. 80’s Adult contemporary, is what he is. Paula says, “To me tonight was another impressive lovely performance….you work harder than most people on the stage…the piano may be a bit of a crutch now…mix it up a little.” Simon calls Paula stupid for asking Scott not to play the piano.   Randy agrees (about the piano–not that Paula is stupid). Simon says, “I don’t think you’re choosing the right songs.”   Scott says he lost a lot of hat picks in the past couple of weeks. Hm. Randy says, “For me, it’s not the songs…I’m looking for those hot unbelievable vocals from you.” Kara says, “We want you to up your game a little bit…you bring class and poise to that stage.” Scott says he plans to sing without the piano at some point if he sticks around. 1-866-436-5706

Alexis Grace – “Jolene” by Dolly Parton – Alexis also has a pimp interview with Ryan. Alexis feels confident, because she loves country music. She looks beautiful. Not sure I love this arrangement.   I expected something a little more countrified. She brings the proper intensity. Really good in spots, especially at the end, but kind of a hot mess overall. Randy says, “There was a bunch of pitch problems…it wasn’t a great performance.” Kara says, “I think you lost your edge a bit…Kara suggests Carrie Underwood songs…a little flat.”   Carrie Underwood songs? Really? Paula likes it more, “You took an artistic approach, you were able to tell a story from beginning to end.” Simon says, “I thought it was OK, a little bit sound alike..I didn’t hear a lot of originality.”   WTF Simon? She didn’t sound like Dolly at all. 1-866-436-5707

Danny Gokey – “Jesus, Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood – Danny has trouble remembering his words in front of Travis. WTF is he wearing? Fugly jacket ahead! After taking a break from preaching last week, Danny’s pulling the Jesus card.   This isn’t great.   There are some missed notes, the song doesn’t suit him vocally, especially the verses, which he half talks/half sings. When he belts it out, it’s still a little pitchy. Last week was so much better. Kara says, “When you hit your stride it’s like none other…the front have was not spectacular…Danny came out of his shell.” Paula says, “I love when artists build a story…I think you were brilliant.   I think Carrie Underwood would buy that record.” Simon agrees with Paula but does not like what he’s wearing. Randy didn’t like the verses either.   The judges are overpraising this performance. 1-866-436-5708

Anoop Desai – “You Were Always on My Mind” by Willie Nelson – Anoop says he’s changed up his style of singing this week because of last week’s criticism. Go go Anoop.   He’s finally bringing it. Heartfelt, sweet tenor, nice falsetto.   Good glory notes.   Anoop is doing exactly what he needs to do this week. He showing us that he can sing. Paula says, “Anoop is back! I’m so proud of you…it fit you like a glove…you touched my heart.” Simon says, “You’ve just managed to go from zero to hero…good choice of song…one of my favorite performances of the night…I take it back you deserve to be in this show.”   Randy says, “This is the reason we really wanted you in the competition..I like the arrangement.” Kara says “Untouchable song…but you did it…the biggest surprise.” 1-866-436-5709

Megan Corkrey – “Walking After Midnight” by Patsy Cline   – Travis calls it “totally unique.”   Man I don’t know what to thing about Megan. I’m drawn to her unique vocal tone, but I’m not crazy about her phrasing.   It turns out she has a serious case of the flu, though, so maybe that’s affecting her interpretation. I have to say, this was a good song choice for her. Randy says, “I was quite impressed…it actually all really worked.”   Kara said, “perfect song, perfect look.” Kara is impressed that she’s singing with the flu.   Paula says she wasn’t at the run through because she was at the hospital.   Simon says, “You were better this week than last week.” Simon didn’t like her dress. 1-866-436-5710

Matt Giraud – “So Small ” – by Carrie Underwood – Why is Paula smelling Simon’s arm?   Matt’s sitting behind the piano. Very soulful. He loses a little steam when the song goes big–he’s pitchy and missing the big notes. The softer notes are better. But very heartfelt. He pulls it off.   Kara says, “Amazing.”   Paula says, “Your authenticity and honesty is unparalleled tonight.” Simon says, “I don’t think you’ve had enough credit in this competition.” then Simon tells Matt he outsang Danny, and compares him to Michael Buble. Randy says, “You got it goin’ on.” Yep. Stealth TCO. 1-866-436-5711

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