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iTunes theme for next week?

Still waiting to hear what next week’s theme is.   Top Idol heard a rumor that the theme will have something to do with iTunes.   I’ll post as soon as I have something official…

*David Cook (“Come Back to Me”) and Lady Gaga (“Poker Face”) will perform on next week results show..

Michael Sarver is eliminated tonight – The judges do not save him.

Over 36 million votes came in–the most ever for any Top 10 in American Idol history.

Videos and Live Blog after the JUMP…

Ruben Studdard will be performing. So will Smokey Robinson and Joss Stone.   Plus, Stevie Wonder will sing a Motown medley.

  • Group song – Motown Medley – VIDEO
  • Ford commercial featuring “Pocket Full of Sunshine” – VIDEO
  • Ruben Studdard performs his single “Together” – VIDEO
  • Matt Giraud and Michael Sarver are in the Bottom 3 – VIDEO
  • David Cook preview (very short!) – VIDEO
  • Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson sing “You’re the Only One for Me” – VIDEO
  • Scott MacIntyre is in the Bottom 3 – VIDEO
  • Stevie Wonder sings a Medley of his hits, Plus Will Simon save Michael? – VIDEO
  • Michael Sarver is Eliminated – VIDEO

At the top of the show, Simon Cowell explains that he was JOKING when he said he blew off Obama for dinner on the Tonight show earlier this week.   Of course it was a joke–unbelievable how many news outlets took that story and ran with it. Also, I highly doubt Prince Philip called Simon a “sponger.”   Oh that Simon–he is such a kidder…

The Top 10 lip sync sing a medley of Motown hits. Stevie will make them look lame shortly.   Um. This can’t be live. The editing is terrible. Plus, they edited in photographs and video of vintage Motown. Weird.   I want my old pointy pose back *pout*.

Ford Commercial: “Pocketful of Sunshine” – these are getting cheaper and cheaper looking.

Season Two winner, Ruben Studdard sings his new single, “Together” – OMG that suit. He looks like an overgrown (way overgrown) schoolboy.   Nevertheless, Ruben sounds great.   The song isn’t bad either.   It’s got R&B Contemporary written all over it.   Somebody, please pass Ruben a towel…

Next, right before the results the kids chit-chat with Ryan about their fabulous ride in a private plane to Detroit last Thursday.

The gaiety ends as the results begin…

Adam Lambert stands up…Ryan recites his deets, and of course he is SAFE.   Matt Giraud stands up. Ryan runs through the judges glowing comments, but guess what? America does NOT agree!   Matt is in the Bottom 3! Kris Allen stands up…after Ryan runs through his deets he says, “You too are….” Kris heads for center stage…”SAFE!” says Ryan. Kris is faked out two weeks in a row.   Lil Rounds and Michael Sarver stand up…Geez, guess who is safe? Ryan namechecks Jennifer Hudson and Kimberly Locke whose renditions of “Heatwave” sent them into the B3…but Not Lil.   She’s SAFE. “Sit down, sit down, ” Michael says to Lil, before he heads off to join Matt Giraud in the Bottom 3.

Sneak peak on Wednesday of David Cook’s video for his next single, “Come Back to Me”!

Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson duet on “You’re the One for Me.” Smokey’s vocals are in remarkable shape. Still hitting those high notes!   Joss Stone starts the song off kinda rough. Actually, she kinda sucks.

The next round of eliminations begin. Allison Iraheta stands up…this week, Allison is SAFE.   Anoop Desai stands up…America loves Anoop…he is SAFE. Danny Gokey stands up…America still loves Danny, he is SAFE. Scott MacIntyre and Megan Joy stand up…the person in trouble tonight is…Scott, who is in the Bottom 3. Megan is SAFE, and she sure looks surprised.

Scott, Michael and Matt are in the Bottom 3.   Ryan asks Randy who he thinks doesn’t deserve to be there, and that’s his cue for to begin bitching about Matt in the Bottom 3. (Good thing Scott can’t see Michael pointing to Matt as Ryan asks the question) The judges have spent several weeks pimping Matt as a front runner, and it appears America is having none of that. To add insult to injury, Scott is sent back to the couches right away.

Right before Stevie Wonder takes the stage, Simon declares that Matt and Michael are in the bottom, because the public doesn’t like them very much. Harsh! Simon says the judges will decide whether to use the save based on the contestant’s sing-out performance. Oh please. The judges won’t be using the save on any of those contestants. Not this week.

Stevie Wonder takes the stage to sing a medley of his Motown hits: “My Cherie Amour”, “Superstitious”, “Overjoyed” and “All About the Love Again.”   Shots of the happy contestants grooving away on the couches of safety make me feel very sad for Michael and Matt, who are squirreled away somewhere, awaiting their fate.

Back live with American Idol. “Who will sing for survival tonight?” Ryan asks…

Michael Sarver has the lowest number of votes

No way are they using their save on Michael.   Simon just as much told Michael last week that he wouldn’t consider saving him.   Michael sings he Ain’t Too Proud to Beg, but he’s keeping his dignity intact, even though he’s not performing better than last night.   The judges make a half hearted attempt to “conference” during his performance.   But, it’s mostly Kara and Paula dancing when the camera swings over to the judges.

OMG. I can’t believe this sh*t.   After Michael is done singing, Simon is says, “We haven’t decided yet.”   Ugh, this is bullsh*t. As if they were EVER seriously considering using the save on Michael. The judges have a tiny fake conference, before Simon finally says, “I got to make a decision. Michael, you’re going home.”   Michael, who is literally laughing up on stage, knows the deal.   I hate the phony drama of the judges save.

Michael, still smiling, watches his journey while Carrie sings about home.   The kids group hug, and we’re out.


Adam Lambert
Kris Allen
Lil Rounds
Allison Iraheta
Anoop Desai
Danny Gokey
Megan Joy
Scott MacIntyre

Bottom 3:

Matt Giraud
Michael Sarver
Scott MacIntyre

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