American idol Top 10 Wrap-up and Predictions.

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Going Home: Michael Sarver
Should Go Home: Scott MacIntyre or Megan Corkrey

Clearly, the least talented of the soul boys he’s splitting votes with, I think Michael Sarver will be getting the boot plus the “sorry, we aren’t saving you” speech tonight.

Scott MacIntyre has had consistently mediocre performances throughout this competition, but isn’t splitting votes. He’s safe for a bit.   Ditto for Megan Joy, who is also benefiting from the Haley Scarnato/Kristy Lee Cook hot girl vote. They both deserve to go before Sarver, but if they end up in the B3 as I think they will, it’ll be a consolation.

Did anybody chuckle when Kara DioGuardi kept referring to the importance of “artistry” at this stage of American Idol, after Simon said the complete opposite a few weeks ago?   At least Simon is leveling with us.

Smokey Robinson could barely bring himself to critique the kids, I guess he’s just a really nice guy!   After about the third “keep doing what you’re doing!” he started to seem a little useless. But the guy is a legend, so I’ll cut him some slack.

Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell should get a room after the show…and concentrate on critiquing the kids when the cameras are on.   The coloring book shtick with Simon was funny at first (poor Scott was clueless ..maybe not the best moment to break out the bit), but they ran the joke into the ground during Allison’s already shortened critique with the mustache antics.   Keep the focus off the judges and on the kids, please.

The contestant’s song selections were the same ole same ole, last night, but this week’s Motown theme did have several bright spots.

The best performance by far was Adam Lambert’s sensitive, heart-rending version of “Tracks of My Tears”.   Adam is playing this game well, after last week’s audacious “Ring of Fire” polarized the nation, Adam came back to show us he’s not just an empty showman–he can truly infuse a tune with feeling and emotion.   I’m loving this guy, ’cause he’s bringing the surprises every single week.

Little Allison Iraheta showed us what she’s made of last night.   Her grown-up, powerful take on “Papa was a Rolling Stone” was a bit mumble-mouthed, but she nailed the song’s message.   I felt her pain.   Thank you producers, for caring enough to save Allison by giving her the pimp spot! Not that she didn’t deserve it.

Coming out of his shell is Kris Allen, whose original and most excellent arrangement of “How Sweet it Is” recalled James Taylor, but did not imitate.   Kris rocked it up while keeping the soul vibe.   I don’t know what Simon is talking about, but I saw plenty of swagger up on that stage.   Kris is going further than anyone expected if he keeps that up.

Those were my favorites.   Taking up the middle ground were Matt Giraud, who I liked a whole lot better before he got out from behind his piano.   It got a little hammy and forced when he started working the stage, and I could hear the nerves creeping into his vocals at times.   Plus, the vocal didn’t change up much from the original.   Interesting, though, I heard two reports from the live performance that said he absolutely KILLED in person.   Still, I think the judges overpraised him last night.

I keep saying it every week–Matt’s being set up as a front runner by the judges.   But I don’t think the audience is buying it…yet.

Anoop Desai had some truly great moments during “Ooh Baby Baby, ” but parts of it were soft, especially the falsetto parts.   That is a hard song to sing.   If he takes Randy’s advice and goes uptempo next week, I hope he can find a nice balance between showcasing his vocals and laying out an entertaining performance.   I like Anoop, I’m rooting for the dude.

I’m not sure taking Smokey Robinson’s advice would have helped Danny Gokey’s performance, but he needed to change something up.   I didn’t care for some of his phrasing on that song, or the way he lurched around the stage.   The performance was better than last week, but his vocals were too shouty and hoarse for my tastes.   Interesting that Danny got the negative edit last night.   Showing Danny promising to take Smokey’s suggestions and then not, (with Ryan reminding the audience to notice) makes me think Danny’s being de-pimped.   Simon telling Danny he was “clumsy and amateurish” kinda sealed the deal.

Ah Lil Rounds.   That song choice killed her.   “Heatwave” is a great pop song, but it’s not a singers’ song.   She obviously has no sense of Idol history–“Heatwave” landed Jennifer Hudson and Kimberley Locke, both formidable Idol singers, in the Bottom 3 their respective seasons. Lucky for Lil, Simon made sure to remind the viewers she was the best singer evah! Despite Lil’s shouty, frenetic performance, she’ll be spared the B3.

Michael Sarver looked completely out of his element last night.   Sure, Smokey told him to hit it harder, but Michael knocked the stuffings out of “Ain’t too Proud to Beg.”   Instead of passionate pleading, we got this forced Vegasy psuedo-soul version of the song.   It’s too bad, because I think Michael really is better than that.   His “You are Not Alone” from Michael Jackson week was heartfelt and lovely, but I think he’s in over his head.   The judges obviously want him gone.   And I think Michael is gone–except for a possible voter backlash against Simon’s blunt assessment that he can’t win the competition.

The worst of the night for me were Scott MacIntrye, who chose a horrible song, “You Can’t Hurry Love” and then sang it horribly. Everything about his   performance was wrong–the song choice, the arrangement, the cheesy piano fills.   Scott turns everything he touches into elevator music.   It would help if his vocals weren’t mediocre.   Scott is basically stunt casting. But I don’t think he’s going anywhere–he’s not splitting votes with anyone. He’s got the John Tesh contingent all sewn up.   I expect him to make it through another week.

And last, is Megan Corkrey.   A big, major WTF??!!   Just because somebody can carry a tune, doesn’t mean they should sing.   Sure, Megan is gorgeous, and she’s got that unique vocal tone, but she’s got no sense of rhythm or timing.   She’s got no sense of dynamics, or how to phrase a song.   She’s tone deaf.   She basically puked all over “For Once in My Life, ” and it wasn’t pretty.

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