American Idol’s Fritz Hager Offers His Body For Song Pre-Saves

American Idol Fritz Hager
(ABC/Eric McCandless) FRITZ HAGER

Fritz Hager is selling his body for his music!

Click-baity lede out of the way! What’s actually happening: The American Idol season 20 2nd runner-up needs more people to pre-save his upcoming song, “Caroline.” According to Fritz, the record company (reportedly the American Idol label 19 Recordings) will NOT release the song until it reaches a certain threshold.

The record label will NOT release “Caroline” until it hits a pre-save threshold

I wondered why artists promote pre-save links to new songs without announcing a release date. If Fritz doesn’t hit the threshold, will the label just NOT release it? Are pre-save thresholds a common requirement before record labels will release new music from an artist? 

Maybe! Because the singer-songwriter is VERY anxious about the lack of pre-saves for “Caroline.”

“I’m about to do something really dumb,” Fritz confesses in an Instagram video clip. “I have a song coming out soon.” He indicates that it’s the song playing in the background. “The pre-save link is open. We currently have 3000 pre-saves. And I need to get to 15,000 to release it at least.” Hoo boy! He’s got a ways to go.

Fritz, once again repeats that what he’s about to do is “so dumb.”

Fritz will tattoo his body if fans pre-save his song “Caroline”

“If you pre-save my song, I will let you tattoo my body,” he offers. For the record, I went ahead and pre-saved the song. PLEASE don’t tattoo your body on my account, Fritz! ABSOLUTELY NOT NECESSARY!

Then, Fritz shows off his first tattoo that he got recently, a cute lil mushroom. Aw. The guy was a tattoo virgin prior to tattooing a “mushroom guy” on his arm! How quaint. The kiddos seem to love to alter their skin with permanent ink. The plastic surgery laser bills 20 years from now…yikes!

But I digress.

“Once I get to 15,000,” says Fritz, “I’m gonna go through the comments and randomly select a tattoo to get,” adding, “If it pops off, every 15,000 pre-saves is a new tattoo.”

“My body is your canvas. “I’m selling my soul here. Do what you gotta do.”  One or two new tattoos is a reasonable trade for pre-saves.


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Fritz initially promoted “Caroline” on September 11. That’s 3,000 pre-saves in two weeks. I suspect the new pre=saves are only a trickle at this point, hence the gimmick to entice fans to save. He should probably find a way to get out the fan bubble he’s in at the moment to promote his music. The song, is actually really good. It’s got an 80/90s alternative vibe going on. Hopefully, he can release it soon. 

So, c’mon. Lend Fritz a hand. Pre-save Caroline HERE.


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