American Idol 9 – Top 9 Results – Recap

Two contestants will be eliminated next week.

Andrew Garcia is safe. Mike Lynche has to sing for his life. He performs  “Woman’s Work” for the judges

  • The Top 9 sing a Beatles medley – VIDEO
  • The Top 9 Ford Commercial “Will it Go Round in Circles” – VIDEO
  • 3 girls are SAFE – VIDEO
  • Jason Derulo sings “In My Head” – VIDEO
  • David Archuleta sings “Imagine” – VIDEO
  • The Boys are split into two groups.  Mike Lynche, Andrew Garcia and Aaron Kelly are in the Bottom 3. Aaron is sent back to the couches – VIDEO
  • Rihanna sings “Rock Star 101” – VIDEO
  • Mike Lynch is eliminated, he sings, he’s saved!VIDEO
  • Download iTunes Top 9 performances HERE.

Well ya know? I’m glad we got that save nonsense out of the way.  I’m not a big fan of that particular gimmick. Now, we can just get on with eliminating contestants without making them beg for their lives.

I supposed Mike Lynche deserved to be saved.  Mike’s time on the Idol stage has certainly been more impressive overall than Aaron, Andrew, Katie or Tim.  Two will be eliminated next week, and I’ll bet the producers are hoping it’s Tim and Andrew–two contestants they have not been very impressed with, for the most part.

Of course there’s that sensitive matter of race. If Mike had left, there would have been an all-white Top 8, with the exception of  Hispanic, Andrew Garcia.  Saving Mike saves some negative press, although not entirely.  It is odd that Black males haven’t fared very well on Idol in recent years.  Not sure what’s up with that.

The save itself was pretty anti-climatic. And is it just me, or did the contestants not seem very excited to congratulate Big Mike on his save? Crystal got a little teary, and that was it. Contrast tonight, with what went on Season 8 when Matt was saved, and there is no comparison.

One other thing, I was thinking the producer’s might use the save on Idol Gives Back, to give it a feel-good vibe. It’s going to be tough to dash somebody’s dreams, with all the hopeful messages floating around the theater…

Live blog after the JUMP…

The pre-packaged video has the judges giving out compliments while “Hey Jude” plays in the background.


You can bid on one of a kind items donated by the judges and others. Proceeds will go to Idol Gives Back.

Yay pointy pose! Beatles Medley: “Here There and Everywhere”, “Got to Get You Into My Life”, “Fool on a Hill” (BAD LYPSINCING!) “All You Need is Love”, “She Loves You”. CHEESY. “The End”

Ford Music Video ‘Will it Go Round in Circles” Kaleidoscope!

Tim Urban is so weird. Ryan correcting his English? Katy Stevens says she’s always nervous. “Got to keep the hope alive, ” she says.

Siobhan Magnus stands up…Kara thought her performance was restrained, but after Siobhan explained, she wasn’t confused anymore, she thought it was believable…Ryan leads Siobhan to the center of the stage.

Crystal Bowersox is next. She looks so nervous! She joins Siobhan at the center of the stage.

Katie Stevens stands up…Katie tells Ryan was thinking about her Grandma when she sang “Let it Be”.  Katie joins the other girls. The last remaining girls in the competition are standing center stage.

Randy says the girls are hot, they definitely should not be going home. Does the studio audience believe they should be going home? Oh hell no. Crystal is safe. And so are Siobhan and Katie.  Oh, I saw that one coming a mile away.

Jason Derulo takes the stage to sing his hit, “In My Head”. Next week, Adam Lambert is mentor for a “very special theme”. Jason was signed by Kara Dioguardi. Why is he wearing Adam Lambert’s jacket? He’s got Adam’s guitarist, Monte, playing for him. MJ ripoff! Please!

After his performance, Kara Dioguardi gets all moist talking about her boy Jason. Simon really liked that, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard him compliment the talent like that.  Props for not taping ahead of time.

David Archuleta Returns! He performs “Imagine” sitting at the piano. Archie’s got a Beatle haircut. He looks a little like Ringo. j/k. Aw, Archie. That was very heartfelt. David says he’s still always a little nervous. He feels like he might be judged! He’s writing and recording right now.

More results: Ryan will form two groups. Lee Dewyze stands up. Lee says he doesn’t have self-doubt, he just has to show his confidence.  A confident person shows it, don’t they? Lee takes one side of the stage. Mike Lynche is next, and he’s sent to the other side of the stage. Casey James is next. He’d like to put a song like “Jealous Guy” on his album. Casey stands next to Lee. Aaron Kelly is next. Simon thinks he’s good enough to continue, and he’s also hardworking and likable. He’s got to try and put his own spin on things, Simon advises.  Aaron stands next to big Mike. Tim Urban is next. Tim joins Lee and Casey. Andrew Garcia is next. He joins Mike and Aaron.

One group is safe. The other is the B3. Which group Ellen? She hates this part. She points wimpily to one of the groups. Ryan misinterprets her, and thinks she means Mike-Aaron-Andrew group.  It’s a bit of an hilarious cluster-f*ck, so Ryan just decides to get on with the elims.  The group in the bottom 3 is Andrew Garcia, Mike Lynche and Aaron Kelly.  Ryan immediately sends Aaron back to the couches.  Then we go to break.

Rihanna takes the stage and does her space age “Rock Star 101” thing. Wasn’t she supposed to sing “Te Amo”?

Back to the results. Michael and Andrew are center stage. Who is going to have to sing for his life? OMG. Andrew Garcia is safe. Mike Lynche  is going to sing for his life! Crystal’s lip is quivering.  He sings “This Woman’s Work”. The falsetto is rough. Mike’s wife is sobbing in the audience. The judges confer. Will they save him? He holds a huge note at the end. Not gonna lie, this was a little rocky.  He finishes, and waits to hear the judges verdict. There’s only one save per season.

Simon says, “We all wish you did something like that yesterday. the judges decide to save him. This is why you’re in the position because of what happened yesterday. We only have one save in the competition, this is unanimous Michael, we have decided…” Simon smiles and winks, “…that we’re going to see you next week.”

Michael is saved! The crowd erupts. The contestants…hm, a little slowly…leave their seats to give Mike a congratulatory hug.  The judges congratulate themselves–Kara is hugging and kissing her peeps on the panel.  Michael is all yeah baby! holding his fingers up. But, he looks like he wants to cry.

Two contestants will be eliminated next week…


Crystal Bowersox
Siobhan Magnus
Katie Stevens
Lee Dewyze
Casey James
Tim Urban

Bottom 3

Mike Lynche – has to sing for his life. Is Saved
Aaron Kelly (he’s sent back to the couches immediately)
Andrew Garcia (is safe)

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