American Idol 9 – Top 16 Results – Top 12 Revealed – Recap

Katelyn Epperly, Todrick Hall, Alex Lambert and Lilly Scott ELIMINATED!

I don’t now what’s going on, peeps, but tonight’s eliminations were totally WACK.  I knew the iconoclastic Lilly Scott was going to have trouble further on down the line, but she had the pimp spot and still was eliminated?  At this stage of the Idol competition, has a contestant ever been eliminated with the pimp spot?

Alex Lambert soooo deserved a spot over the other boyletts, Tim Urban and Aaron Kelly.  Alex has some real vocal talent, and was ripe for a wonderful growth arc.  Tim  is just going to stank up the place.  And Aaron is too young and too unformed.  Just UGH.

And speaking of unformed. Katie Stevens? BLARGH.  She’s been consistently awful throughout the semi-finals. Please get that damn pageant bot off my TV!

I have mixed feelings about Paige Miles and Lacey Brown getting another chance. I think they both have potential, but didn’t really bring it during the semis.  Katelyn Epperly probably deserved a spot over both of them.  Surely the talented Lilly Scott did.  But, I wouldn’t count Paige or Lacey out. I hope they both make the most out of their reprieve. Ditto Didi Benami.  No more flailing and floundering around, please.  I’m looking at you Lee Dewyze and Andrew Garcia. Time to step up your game.  If some of these kids can’t get their act together, it may not be a total loss.

Oh, and Todrick Hall? Buh bye to your overwrought “arrangements” and bad singing.  I didn’t pick him in the pool, but I can’t say I’m sorry to see him go.

  • Group Number – Michael Buble – “I Haven’t Met You Yet”VIDEO
  • Katelyn Epperly OUT, Paige Miles IN – VIDEO
  • Todrick Hall OUT, Lee Dewyze IN – VIDEO
  • Scott MacIntyre, Matt Giraud – “Tell Her About It” – VIDEO
  • Alex Lambert OUT, Andrew Garcia IN – VIDEO
  • Lilly Scott OUT, Katie Stevens IN – VIDEO

Tonight YOUR Top 12 will be revealed, as 4 more contestants–two guys and two girls are eliminated.

Plus, Season 8 contestants, Scott MacIntyre and Matt GiraudSimon will be tickling the ivories together as they perform Billy Joel’s “Tell Her About It”. Scott and Matt performed this together on the Idol tour, and it’s a lot of fun.

Next week, 19 Recording artist, and guitar goddess, Orianthi will perform on the Top 12 Results show.

Here we go…

Simon told Simon he was on his game last night…and there’s a chop of Randy in a bikini.

The Top 16 sing Michael Buble’s “I Haven’t Met You Yet”. This is really BORING. If only they weren’t lip syncing, and we could make fun of their bad singing. Oh well, there’s always bad lip syncing and terrible choreography to mock…

Ryan annouces next week’s theme: The music of the Rolling Stones.

The girls are first. Didi is called up first. She explained that she was very scared at first. Randy says consistency is everything….she made the Top 12! Siobhan is next…Ellen tells her to keep doing what she’s doing. Paige and Katelyn are called down. Simon says Paige had the most potential at the beginning of the semis. Simon thinks Paige has the most potential…and OMFG!!!! PAIGE IS SAFE! KATELYN IS ELIMINATED! Shock! Katelyn sings out. Oh noes. Katelyn is sobbing. Aw. Sads.

The guys are next. Lee, Todrick, Tim and Casey form a line. Ryan recites their deets.  Casey and Tim are in.  Todrick and Lee are left.  Todrick is OUT Lee is SAFE.  Todrick sings out. Randy says it was fantastic.  Crystal looks like she’s been kicked in the gut.

I’m going to get Zero pool points this week. I suck so much.

Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraud take the stage to perform Billy Joel’s “Tell Her About It” on duel pianos.  Ok. That was all kinds of fun.  Nice stress reliever!  Scott pimps his album “Heartstrings” available now. Matt mentions his duet with Anna and his upcoming EP.

Crystal is asked to stand. She looks nervous, and unhappy. Of course, she is SAFE.  Michael is next.  Somebody misses their blocking. It’s cute. Michael is SAFE.  Kara over-explains why she got all teary-eyed last night.  Lacey is next.  She takes the stage…SHE’S IN!  NO POINTS FOR ME!  Aaron is next….he’s made it into the Top 12. UGH.  Alex and Andrew take the stage.  Simon says Andrew may have peaked too soon.  Andrew is IN. Alex is OUT. BOO.  Damn the death spot!  Ellen tells him he needs to believe in himself.  Lots of tears from the remaining contestants.  Siobhan is beside herself. Alex sings out.  Ugh.  I would have preferred Alex over Aaron Kelly.

Back from break, and Alex was crying.  Ryan says it was the most intense few moments on that show. I’m so pissed he’s cut!  Katie and Lilly are left. OMG if  Lilly is cut, I AM GOING TO CUT A BITCH.


Lilly is cut. She says a lot of incredible talent was cut tonight (word) and she doesn’t know what America wants to hear. AMERICA HATES JAZZ! (tm Lesley Hunt).  Lilly just knows that there’s an audience who “wants to jam with me” Lilly sings out.  The video packages run, and we’re out.

Top 12

  • Didi Benami
  • Siobhan Magnus
  • Paige Miles
  • Casey James
  • Tim Urban
  • Lee Dewyze
  • Crystal Bowersox
  • Michael Lynche
  • Lacey Brown
  • Aaron Kelly
  • Andrew Garcia
  • Katie Stevens


  • Katelyn Epperly
  • Todrick Hall
  • Alex Lambert
  • Lilly Scott
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