American Idol 9 Top 10 Guys – AOL Televsion Recap

Last night the guys showed great improvement, but compared to last week’s shaky start, that probably isn’t saying much.

  • Check out my recap for AOL television right HERE.

Lee Dewyze and Alex Lambert could surge ahead if the they loose the nerves, and it looks like Casey James and Andrew Garcia have lost a bit of their luster, but it’s still early in the season.

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Still, I think the girls will likely smoke the boys tonight. Hopefully, Crystal Bowersox is feeling much better, and will be able to take the Idol stage tonight…

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  1. I think its funny that there are not comments.. so just thought to add my “no comment”

  2. MJ, you write very incisive recaps–I enjoy reading them. Did you major in journalism at PSU (my alma mater, too!)?

  3. Good review, although I think the majority disagrees with you on Michael Lynch. His performance of Maroon 5 last week was dreadful, only picking up votes for his charisma.

    This week he had one of perhaps the best vocal performance of all, and was easily top 3 for overall performance of the night.

    He was fodder to me until this weeks performance, as I tend to only vote for people who can sing, don’t really care about the other stuff. Though he needs to cut that wierd karate like motion out once he finishes a song.

    Though I think Michael falls back into more ho hum vocal performances in the future, Alex Lambert on the other hand, I see becoming a bonofide front-runner in the competition by the time the Top 10 roles around. Especially if Andrew continues to struggle. Somebody has to be the front-runner right? …haha

  4. Spark.. I went back (thanks to MJ) and reviewed Alex’s performance. It was good. I previously hated it, but he has a nice tone. Now when I look at him, it is all kinds of wrong.. for reasons that don’t need to be rehashed. I think he will do well up until he is really challenged. I say that because I don’t think he is experienced or confident enough to avoid the minefields. He is completely green.

  5. MJ, you write very incisive recaps–I enjoy reading them. Did you major in journalism at PSU (my alma mater, too!)?

    I wasn’t a journalism major, but I did write for the Daily Collegian. I had lots of pals who WERE journalism majors, though.

  6. I am hoping that Alex contines to do well like this week, he is one of my favorites. Michael Lynch finally really impressed me last night, before I thought he was good but nothing special. I hope Todrick is given another chance.

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