American Idol 9 Pool Top 24 Winners

Congratulations to the following participants in this week’s American Idol pool. They earned the most points, to come in first place:


Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sin...
Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sing Irving Berlin!

Each of the first placers earned 15 points out of 20.  A tough week for picks, there were no perfect scores this week.

I only earned a measly 5 points myself.  I suck! Ha.

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  1. I suck too 0 points, but was happy that none of my 4 faves got eliminated since none are frontrunners and only one is a darkhorse. I wonder if I should make my predictions before watching the performance cause it certainly didn’t make me able to pick better after watching the performances. I have a feeling Tim will survive, so probably will not pick him this time.

  2. Well like MJ I got 5 points #137 out of 1008. So I guess not bad. I think My pics were correct and the majority who voted was wrong and messed me up for the pool. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. :mrgreen:

  3. haha dhunken! the pools dont lie but i like your story all the same.

    i got 10 points, correctly picked jannell and joe (but still sad to see joe going home. poor kid)

  4. TwigLA, the link to the pool is at the top of the front page, the first one listed under “Popular Posts.”

  5. Hey dhunken,

    I am right there with you. I got 5 points and wow, total amazement at what happened.

  6. 5 points for me too, I thought for sure it was going to be Jermaine and Paige going home

  7. Hey! Those who only got five points and still have all their favorites staying are lucky. I only got one point…and my favorite guy was Joe. :(

  8. It was a tough week! So many mediocre performances, anyone could have gone. The only one I was absolutely sure of was, ermmm, lol, ok she was so forgettable I can’t think of her name! The one who went second from Boston. She was so boring, there was a lot of chatter about a lot of the frontrunners for going home, but nothing mentioned about her and that is always a bad sign. Can’t even remember what she sang and if i could have put all 20 points on her I would have! So i got 5 too and we don’t suck! It was too close to call, altho i was surprised about Tyler.

  9. Add me to the “I suck” list. I got 5 points too.

    None of my favs got eliminated, so that’s cool. Sorry LadyBeBop about Joe. I thought he should have stayed this week.

    Oh well, as horrible as the performances were it’s a wonder anyone did well.

  10. Question – if you make your overall pick now – and that person is eliminated this week – what happens? Are you out of the pool overall pick? Do you lose the opportunity to get 36 points? Or do you get to make another overall pick based on who is left up until week 12?

  11. Emma, you do get another pick but you don’t have the opportunity for the 36 points.

    All of you did so well compared to my 3 points. No way did I think Tyler was going home. At least he brought some excitement and fun to the show.

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