Anoop Desai – FOX 8 Interview – VIDEO

Anoop Desai talks to FOX 8 about his new single “My Name”, co-written with Season 7 Idol Brandon Rogers, his new EP and how his songwriting is informed by his past relationships.

INFJ Male Psychology (Clip 10)
INFJ Male Psychology (Clip 10)

Anoop says that Idol helped him hone his musical identity.

You can hear the catchy new single in the background during the interview. “My Name” drops on March 23. The 8 song EP will be available in early May.

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  1. I see Anoop has given up on trying to project any semblance of “cool”.

  2. ^I never thought Anoop had tried to project being “cool” except when he performed Usher’s Caught Up….and his “trying to be cool” in that instance was because he was singing that song and he was trying to be a bit like Usher(well because the content of the song itself had something to do with “coolness”). Otherwise, his other performances –I think–showed his more sensitive side….his real side.

    And anyway, being cordial, intelligent, smart, affable and forthcoming (which he is showing in these interviews) is –for me—“cool” in itself.

  3. And anyway, I think Anoop is the type of person who learns…just as he said in some interviews…that his learning curve is on hyperdrive…his learning about the business and is trying to cope…so I think we’ll see changes in him musically as well as in his outward appearance…but changes which stay true to who he really is.

  4. Wow.. listening to “My Name” in the background makes me want to hear it for real and buy it already. I agree, Anoop is always so articulate in his interviews. I hope he gets a chance to promote his single/EP on Idol.. but we’ll see. Good luck to you man.

  5. What do you mean, not cool? Didn’t you see his “kicks”? ;-)

    I think he’s pretty savvy about his surroundings. For New York fashion week he wore a one-of-a-kind lace tuxedo. In this intereview, he’s in the South and is dressed prep. Some great photos online in an electric blue suit. Can’t wait to see and hear more.

  6. flyaway, Anoop looked dreamy in that blue suit. I think he would make a great model. Is there a picture link to the lace tuxedo?

    Some may consider his black glasses not cool, but there is more to the man than that. He is such an intelligent and articluate person. I sometimes felt that Simon didn’t appreciate Anoop’s talents. I hope Idol will give him an opportunity to come on the show!

    I don’t want to see any singers on trying to promote their new album. Mentors are a different story and deserve to sing on the show. Let’s bring in all the Idols who have released an album as guests!

  7. Grammie Kari – here’s a link to that tuxedo that Malan Breton made for him – It is actually silver and then covered in black lace..
    and the background on his twitter page has another one showing it too:

    Here’s another suit that Malan made for him..I think he really looks great in this blue color:

    He definitely dresses for the occasion…of course he goes casual at home in NC – I’m just happy to see the blue hoodie gone..haha I can take or leave the glasses.

  8. The music is the most important thing to me about Anoop – and I am loving his song “My Name” that being played in the background of the video.
    I’m excited that the full recording of it will be out soon.

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