American Idol 2024 Finale Results Live Blog – Winner Revealed!


American Idol 2024 Finale: Either Abi Carter, Jack Blocker or Will Moseley will win it all!

American Idol 2024 crowns a season 22 winner tonight (May 19). The Top 3–Abi Carter, Jack Blocker and Will Moseley–sing one last time for America’s vote!

Iconic rocker, Jon Bon Jovi will mentor the Top 3 as they each cover one of his songs. He will also perform.

The episode airs LIVE COAST-TO-COAST. VOTING begins at 8 pm EDT and ends after the last comercial break. At the end of the show, host Ryan Seacrest will announce the American Idol season 22 WINNER. Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan serve as judges.

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How to VOTE

American Idol provides three ways to vote. You can vote online at, in the American Idol app or via text. You have to be at least 16 years old and located in the U.S., Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands to vote on or in the American Idol app. For text message voting, simply text the number of the contestant you would like to vote for to “21523.” (Abi – 8, Will – 11, Jack – 20,) VOTING BEGINS AT THE TOP OF THE SHOW AND ENDS DURING THE END OF THE LAST COMMERCIAL BREAK Read the voting FAQ HERE. The show is LIVE COAST TO COAST.

Jon Bon Jovi joins the Top 3 to open the show

The show opens with a Top 3 group number of Bon Jovi’s hit, “Livin on a Prayer.” Abi, Jack and Will take center stage dressed in black. Abi introduces the key change and Jon Bon Jovi’s introduction. He joins them to sing his latest single. And we are off!

Host Ryan Seacrest introduces the judges, Lionel, Katy and Luke ONE LAST TIME! Katy Perry is leaving after this season. “Are you crying?” he asks her. “I’m going to miss you…let’s have a fun night!”

After two rounds of singing. ONE contestant will be eliminated.

Jon Bon Jovi mentors the Top 3 as they tackle his songbook in round 1

Will Moseley – It’s My Life

His dad urged Will to cover “It’s My Life.” Jon called Will out on his commitment to the lyrics. He’s PUSHING HIM to lend urgency to the song. THAT has been an issue for Will all season.

Bon Jovi songs fit Will’s wheelhouse pretty well. He still doesn’t have to stretch himself much. But Jon gave him perfect advice. Think about how Chris Daughtry attacked his cover of “Wanted Dead or Alive.” He was so passionate–he riveted audiences. Will pushes himself harder than he did at the beginning of the season, but he’s not quite there yet.

Lionel says, “Let it go and enjoy yourself.” Katy says, “You sound like Jon Bon Jovi. You are totally free.” Luke compliments him for putting his guitar aside. “That thing had some teeth in it.”

Jack Blocker – I’ll Be There For You

Make this story yours, Jon advises. Jack says he’ll be thinking about his wife, Georgia. After Jack sings for him, Jon laughs tha the singer is “going to win this F—- contest!”

Jack doesn’t have a guitar either. But all the better to pour himself into the lyrics. He’s authentic, believable. Not having his guitar has never been a problem for Jack. Right before the key change, he hits a falsetto note. It’s effective.

Katy says, “The complicated relationship we started with! You’re still playing aces. Nobody is blocking Jack Blocker…not even me!” Luke compliments his fringy shirt. “Way to push yourself. Way to branch out…have some fun.” Lionel says, “I know we started off a little rocky. I saw your potential.” Ha ha. Lionel and Katy said no at first, until Luke intervened.

Abi Carter – Bed of Roses

Jon advises her to stay true to who she is. He describes what the song means to him. But he insists that she sing the song solely from her own point of view. Jon is big on personal storytelling.

Abi is back where she’s most comfortable–behind the piano. She flips the Bon Jovi song into an indie-tinged power ballad. Her beautiful tone and phrasing makes the emotional song truly her own. She’s so moved, Abi is crying at the end.

Luke says, “That was tremendous. Incredible.” Katy urges fans to VOTE. “I’m so unimaginably thankful,” the singer says through tears.

OH BILLIE EILISH SENDS A SPECIAL VIDEO MESSAGE TO ABI. Whoo boy. The show wants her to win. “I’m here to support you forever. I love you,” she says. Billie was impressed with Abi’s audition cover of “What Was I Made For?”

Hometown dedications

The show airs clips from the Top 3 contestants’ hometown visits before they perform songs dedicated to their hometowns, live on stage

Will Moseley – My Town by Montgomery Gentry

The video clip features Will’s recent trip back home to Georgia. He returns to his childhood home. It’s obvious he’s close to his father. The parade through Hazlehurst is next. He visits the primary school he attended to speak with the kids. He ends the day with a concert. The crowd sings along. He calls his community “the best place in the world.”

It’s literally a song about a hometown, and Will is feeling it. Dad looks like he’s going to bust out in tears. It’s the most emotional performance Will has ever delivered. It’s a solid end to the second round.

Lionel says, “That song said it all for you. How I feel about you. You got me crying on the song.” Katy says, “It is keeping the American dream alive,” she says of American Idol. Luke says, “You started it real smooth and not overdone. You have all the tools to go be anything you want.” If only producers could have gotten a message for Will from Chris Stapleton. Oh well!

Jack Blocker – All my Ex’s Live in Texas by George Strait

Mark Cuban congratulates Jack. He personally invites Jack to perform at a Mavericks game! Monday night before his official visit, he took center court and sang “You Were Always on My Mind.” On Tuesday he visited a coffee shop where he used to play. Next he swung by the Christian Academy where he and his wife attended school. After a parade, the singer performed a concert in front of a huge crowd.

For this rousing number Jack plays electric guitar with a horn section behind him. For this last time on the stage, Jack sticks to country rather than flip a song from another genre. I’m a little disappointed, to be honest. What better time to take a risk than when everything is on the line?

Katy calls the performance his “bread and butter.” Luke says, “You are doing star maneuvers. That may be my favorite…” Lionel says, “I think you are on to something called a career.” Jack, who married his high school sweetheart, admits he has no exes.

Abi Carter – Somewhere from West Side Story

Back in Indio California, Abi and her family ride “the tram.” She visited her school where she did her first talent show. The school choir sings one of her songs to her. Abi is in tears. She receives a key to the city. She’s proclaimed “mayor for the day.” The day ends with a concert, where her family joins her on stage.

She comes out swinging with an ambitious Broadway classic. She delivers a show stopping performance to end the round. It’s a beautifully phrased rendition of a classic. Has “Somewhere” ever been performed on the Idol stage? Spectacular. Between song choice and impeccable delivery, she wins BOTH rounds.

Lionel says, “That was a show stopping moment. It doesn’t get any better than that.” He says she “killed” the show. Katy declares, “The statue of liberty comes to life. That was magic.” Her drapey gown does resemble the statue when she raises up her mic!

Celebrity duets and group numbers

Fantasia Barrino celebrates 20 years

What did I say? NOT having Fantasia appear on the finale would be a missed opportunity. Here she is, a surprise guest. Unfortunately, she doesn’t perform But she does give the contestants a few words of encouragement. “Keep God first,” she advises them. “Here I stand, better than ever.” She adds, “This show opened so many doors for me. She and her husband started their own company, she says. She’s had an incredible year, starring in the movie adaption of the Broadway musical, The Color Purple and landing on the Time100 list.

Jason Mraz joins Julia Gagnon for I Feel Like Dancing

This wasn’t the matchup or song I envisioned for Julia. She’s a big voiced singer. I would have paired her up with another female artist she could match vocals with. This is OK, but it doesn’t show off her voice. Afterward, Jason promotes his summer tour.

Next, a video package taped at Sound Factory where the Top 5 recorded their original singles. The clip shows each of the Top 3 working with their producers.

Seal joins Jayna Elise to sing his song “Crazy”

Man. Jayna is kinda blowing Seal of the stage. He’s a little pitchy tonight, dawg. Not under any pressure to compete, Jayna dances and works the stage. She sounds free. In this instance, Jayna got the perfect song to sing.


All three contestants take the stage as Ryan annnounces the Top 2.

Will Moseley makes the Top 2. Abi Carter is the second contestant to make the Top 2. Jack Blocker is eliminated. Ugh.. I am disappointed that Jack didn’t make the Top 2. Talk about coasting his way to the Top 2. Will did that. Congratulations to him.

More celebrity duets and group numbers

James Bey joins Kaibrienne and McKenna Faith Breinholt to sing “Let it Go”

It’s the 10th anniversary of “Let it Go.” McKenna and Kaibrienne sound lovely singing harmony with James. It’s a perfect matchup.

Luke Bryan sings his new single “Love You, Miss you, Mean it” Mia Matthews joins him on stage

Luke can be bro country annoying, singing about trucks and partying. This song is heartfelt. It’s bearable for a mainstream country song. Next, Mia Matthews joins him on stage to perform “Run” by George Strait.

Lionel Richie sings “Running with the Night” with the Top 12

Lionel sings his classic 1983 hit “Running with the Night.” Half way through the song, the Top 12 join him on stage to sing backups.

Next, Ryan chats with Abi and Will’s families, as Fantasia stands nearby. Is she giving the contestants and their families moral support? For a minute, I thought Ryan was going to interview her again.

Cody Johnson joins Triston Harper to sing “‘Til You Can’t”

Cody Johnson and young Triston Harper join forces on the country star’s hit “”Til You Can’t” It’s a good pairing. A couple more years, and 15 year old Triston will be ready for the big time.

Bishop Briggs joins Abi Carter to sing “River”

Bishop sings “Triumph” to start, and then Abi joins her for “River.” Another great duet. Bishop sang duets with the Top 24 a few seasons back. AND she beat David Archuleta to win season 9 of The Masked Singer last year!

Next, it’s a retrospective of the last seven years of the current judges panel. Katy is about to leave. And who knows…maybe Luke and Lionel won’t sign new contracts. Maybe the show is saying goodbye to all three.

American Idol 2015 winner Nick Fradiani sings Neil Diamond medley with Top 12 guys

Currently Nick is starring in the Broadway jukebox musical, A Beautiful Noise playing a young Neil Diamond. On stage, he performs “Coming to America” and the favorite sing along song “Sweet Caroline.” Of course the entire audience joins in: SO GOOD SO GOOD SO GOOD BAH BAH BAH. He is on Broadway with the show through June and then will join the North American tour in the fall! I love when American Idol winners succeed!

Hootie and the Blowfish join Will Moseley

Country star Darius Rucker is back with his 90s pop group Hootie and the Blowfish. They’ll be going on tour this summer. Will joins him to sing a medley of “Hold My Hand,” “Let Her Cry.” and “Only Wanna Be With You.” Wow Will and Darius’ voices are so similar. It’s striking.

Katy Perry joins Jack Blocker for her song “What Makes a Woman”

Jack gets the super-special Katy Perry duet. Both are standing on platforms that raise high in the air. As Katy’s platform rises, the skirt unfurls to the floor. IT’S MADE UP OF AMERICAN IDOL CONTESTANT PHOTOS OMG. Ryan said one verse was re-written for Jack. Oh, by the way…JACK WAS ROBBED. It’s stupid that he’s not in the Top 2.

New Kids on the Block and Kayko have the “Right Stuff”

The group takes the stage singing “Kids.” Oops one of the Kids lost his mic for a minute. They introduce Kayko. He looks sincerely thrilled to sing “(You’ve Got the) Right Stuff.” I’m not kidding, Kayko is having a blast up there. The group is heading off to tour this summer. Paula Abdul will be their opener.

Wynonna joins Emmy Russell

Emmy reprises her grandmother Loretta Lynn’s song “Coal Miner’s Daughter” with Wynonna Judd as a duet. Next, the two sing Wynonna’s “No One Else on Earth.” Emmy’s voice is so soft compared to Wynonna’s sturdy alto. However, Wynonna is careful not to drown out her young duet partner.

Fantasia is back to talk more about her win. She reminisces about her shoe breaking after Ryan announced her the champ. Fantasia hopes the contestants all go back to what they love about music. She insists that al of them “win” just by being on the show. After all, Jennifer Hudson finished 6th that season! Speaking of Jennifer. She’s not appearing tonight, because her daytime talk show shares a production company with The Voice (Warner Bros.). She’ll appear on The Voice finale on Tuesday with a group of former coaches celebrating 25 seasons.

CeCe Winans joins Roman Collins

CeCe and gospel singer Roman join forces to sing the Christian classic “Goodness of God.” Roman is an effective communicator. He could be a break out artist of this season if he signs a contract with a Christian label. Fantasia is thoroughly enjoying this performance. Katy is crying.

The Top 12 ladies pay tribute to Katy Perry

The Top 12 ladies sing a medley of Katy Perry hits. SHE’S LEAVING Y’ALL if you haven’t heard. Heh. “Teenage Dream” is followed by “Dark Horse.” Then, it’s “California Gurls.” Beach balls are tossed around the studio. Shenanigans! Luke chucks balls at Katy’s head.

Ryan announces that the Top 2 win a Disney cruise for themselves and three guests to the Bahamas. Whoo hoo!

Now, the Top 2 will sing their original songs as a last round before Ryan announces the winner. The vote is still open!

The Top 2 perform original songs

Will Moseley – Good Book Bad

Before the Top 2 sing, a recap of their American Idol journey airs in a package. Will has written his own songs, but he didn’t write “Good Book Bad.” The performance is a 90 second Idol special. Why not allow them to sing the entire song?

Lionel says, “You made it. Congratulations.” Katy declares that he has a “storytelling” voice. She calls him a star. Luke says, “The ball is in your court.”

Abi Carter – This Isn’t Over

Abi is a Platinum TIcket winner. The show would probably LOVE IT if she won. And actually, American Idol is due for a female winner. She begins the song, Katharine McPhee style, sitting on the floor with her legs behind her, before standing up slowly. Abi co-wrote the song. Once she’s on her feet, she works the stage like a confident pro. C’mon voters. She deserves this!

The judges say…nothing. I guess the show is short on time.

And the winner of American Idol 2024 is…

Ryan claims it was a very tight race. TOM DIM THE LIGHTS AND HERE WE GO. After the nationwide live coast to coast vote. The winner of American Idol 2024 is…ABI CARTER!!!!!!!!! Will Moseley is the runner-up. She tearfully sings out with Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For.”

Abi deserved to win. But considering Jack’s arc on the show and the strength of his performances, he deserved a spot in the Top 2. Maybe he and Will split the country vote. And Jack played it safe tonight. Maybe he should have taken a risk. Will’s second performance, in particular, was as good as he’s ever been on the show.


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