Abi Carter Wins American Idol 2024! First Female Champ Since 2020

Abi Carter wins American Idol 2024
(Disney/Eric McCandless) ABI CARTER

Abi Carter Wins American Idol 2024

Season 22 wrapped up on Sunday night (May 19) in an emotional way as America said goodbye to judge Katy Perry after 7 years on the panel, and the show named 21-year-old Abi Carter from Indio, California the winner over Will Moseley (runner-up) and Jack Blocker (2nd runner-up).

Abi Reinterprets Bon Jovi’s “Bed of Roses”

The top three started the night with a Bon Jovi performance singing, “Living On a Prayer.” Next, they each performed a song by the iconic 80’s band. Jon Bon Jovi mentored the contestants earlier in the week. For this round, Abi tackled “Bed of Roses.” In her mentor session, Jon asked Abi where she will be in 5 years. “I would like to go a little more indie, a little darker with happy tones,” she replied Jon wants her to lean into the lyrics based on personal experience. She interprets it as “being with somebody but wanting something else.” He calls her the “whole package.”


Abi makes the song her own, turning it into yet another vocal moment. She has performed plenty of those all season long. Although Jack and Will turned in good performances this round, Abi’s song felt more emotionally connected and like a winning moment early in the evening. The crowd erupted as she finished, which was the case all night as they seemed to be rooting for her.

Abi Becomes Honorary Mayor of Indio and dedicates “Somewhere” to Her Hometown

Next we got a glimpse into Abi’s hometown visit. She takes the tram with her family as she relives moments from her childhood. She used to save her allowance and they would have picnics at the top. Abi’s mom says, “each one of you is going to have your times too, but we are so excited for this time to be Abi time.” The singer then shares a moment with her 2nd grade teacher who believes she will win and a school choir who sings for her. A council member names Abi an honorary mayor for the day.

She dedicates “Somewhere” from West Side Story to her hometown. It’s a risky pick as it is very theatrical, but it shows off Abi’s incredible technical ability. The latter half of the performance takes off as she showcases her range, and it all ends in a very dramatic manner. Katy Perry called her “America’s own,” saying that if she wins, “the bar will be so high.”

After the Top 3 completed two rounds, Host Ryan Seacrest eliminated Jack Blocker. Abi and Will Moseley advanced to the Top 2.

Abi Carter Shares a Fiery Duet with Bishop Briggs on Her Hit “River”

There were a number of guests on the finale who each performed with members of the top 12. Abi got to duet with Bishop Briggs, who began the performance with her song, “Triumph.” Abi then joined the singer-songwriter for her beloved hit “River.” Bishop has a huge voice, but Abi holds her own. She hits some crazy high notes in this performance. This was one of the best duets all night. This pop-rock style is what Abi hopefully explores post-show as both this and her earlier cover of “Bring Me to Life” were superb.

Abi Proclaims “This Isn’t Over” with Her Winners Single

For the final round of competition, Abi and Will performed their winners singles. Abi sang “This Isn’t Over” which she co-wrote. She starts seated on the ground and sounds very connected to the lyrics about not giving up. The performance is very emotional and impactful.

The judges are speechless as the crowd chants Abi’s name. Abi wipes tears saying, “I was really hoping I wouldn’t cry all night.”

Abi Carter Wins Season 22 and Reprises Audition Song “What Was I Made For”

In the final moment, Ryan Seacrest announced Abi Carter as the winner. She performed a reprise of her audition “What Was I Made For.” It’s especially poignant after Billie Eilish gave her a shout out towards the beginning of the episode. She holds it together enough to give one final beautiful vocal as she fights off tears. Judge Katy Perry is notably in tears as it’s her last moment on the show as well. The Top 12 joined Abi on stage with her roommate and good friend Julia Gagnon emracing her on stage first to share the moment. In every result show, they would always hug each other after being announced safe. It’s the perfect ending.

(Disney/Eric McCandless) RYAN SEACREST, ABI CARTER

Abi is the first female winner since Just Sam took the title in 2020 and only the 3rd female winner in the 7 years that ABC has broadcast the show (Maddie Poppe won the inaugural ABC season in 2018). She is also the first Platinum Ticket recipient to win the show in the three seasons American Idol has featured the special perk that allows singers to skip Hollywood rounds. It is refreshing to have both a pop singer and female champ after so many years of similar winners.

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