American Idol 2024 Winner Prediction, Final Rankings, Facebook Stats


American Idol 2024 Top 3 FINAL rankings and winner prediction, Facebook stats and YOUR poll results

This week, Abi Carter clearly dominated in both the mjsbigblog polls and Facebook stats. She ranks No 1 going into Sunday’s (5/19) finale. Jack Blocker is No 2, while Will Moseley, comes in third. If Will got in to the Top 3 on a tight vote count, I would not be surprised.

See below for poll results, stats and FINAL PREDICTIONS!

Top 3 FINAL Rankings

3. Will Moseley

Will Moseley - American Idol 2024 Top 3
(Disney/Eric McCandless) WILL MOSELEY

Will has had a tremendous run on American Idol without taking many risks, He’s hewed closely to his Chris Stapleton soulful country lane, and has refused to budge, even when giving suggestions to stretch. Toward the end of his run, he worked to create more dynamic performances, but he’d only take it so far. But here’s the thing. Playing safe has worked for him, because he’s likeable and sings in a genre fans love. However, Jack and Abi are formidable competition. He’s gone as far as he can go.

American Idol: Will Moseley Drops Redemptive ‘Good Book Bad’

Clearly Jack and Abi out performed him on Disney Night. They both took risks and delivered high caliber performances. Will went back to the Chris Stapleton well, and then made mistakes during the performance. He seems tired. It’s also worth noting that Jack and Abi penned their winners singles, while Will did not.

Even if he comes in third, 19/BMG may sign him anyway! They’ll probably sign the Top 3 no matter what.

2. Jack Blocker

Jack Blocker - American Idol 2024 Top 3
(Disney/Eric McCandless) JACK BLOCKER

Folk/Americana singer, Jack Blocker, can flip any genre of song to his liking, which has helped him get to the finale. He’s also a confident performer. He can rivet the audience standing still, or work the stage. He’s not afraid of taking a risk. His song choices have NOT been boring. He’s played the American Idol game strategically.

American Idol: Jack Blocker Drops Self-Penned Ode to his Wife

He and Will may share country fans. But I suspect Jack’s popularity bleeds into the indie/singer/songwriter space as well. Jack served up two great performances on Disney night and took a HUGE chance covering David Bowie. Bowie, but the way, is hard to clear. Jack is fearless, but also knows who he is as an artist. It’s a winning combo.

Aslo, fans love a dark horse. And that’s what Jack is. Unlike Abi, Triston Harper and Julia Gagnon, Jack was NOT an early frontrunner. He worked his way to the top, smartly.

1. Abi Carter

Abi Carter - American Idol 2024 Top 3
(Disney/Eric McCandless) ABI CARTER

But Abi has dominated all season. She’s a talented songwriter who excels performing emotional piano ballads. However, she was smart enough to come out front and sing pop and rock numbers, proving to audiences she can be a thrilling performer. Her performances didn’t always work, but she never played it safe.

American Idol: Abi Carter Declares in New Winners’ Single ‘This Isn’t Over’

Out of the Top 3 contestants, she’s had the most viral moments. She garnered more than 1M plays for her
Part of Your World performance on Facebook, blowing the other competition away. If she turns in exciting performances on the finale, this competition will be hers to lose. But she’s probably not going to lose.

American Idol 2024 Top 3 FINAL Polls

Abi is a clear favorite in our polls this week, with 50% believing she WILL win American Idol 2024, and 56% believing she should. She and Jack split evenly in the favorite Top 5 performance poll (Will, Triston and Emmy’s performances earned statistically insignificant scores). (Click for poll post)

But fans streamed Abi’s “Part of Your World” video over 1M times, blowing away the other 5 performances from the Top 3 that night. Impressive.

Who WILL Win American Idol 2024?

  1. Abi Carter – 50.00%
  2. Jack Blocker – 36.75%
  3. Will Moseley – 13.25%

Who SHOULD Win American Idol 2024?

  1. Abi Carter – 56.25%
  2. Jack Blocker – 37.85%
  3. Will Moseley – 5.90%

Favorite Top 5 Performance (Pick 2)

  1. Abi Carter – Part of Your World – 27.00%
  2. Abi Carter – The Chain – 22.71%
  3. Jack Blocker – Space Oddity – 21.05%
  4. Jack Blocker – Nobody’s Fool – 13.94%
  5. Will Moseley – Born to Be Wild – 5.07%
  6. Emmy Russell – The Climb – 3.02%
  7. Emmy Russell – Carried Me With You – 2.53%
  8. Triston Harper – Almost There – 2.05%
  9. Will Moseley – The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy – 1.66%
  10. Triston Harper – Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts – 0.97%

Which Eliminated Contestant Was Robbed?

  • Nobody was robbed – 71.52%
  • Emmy Russell – 16.90%
  • Triston Harper – 11.58%

Facebook Statistics

Abi Carter’s “Part of Your World” from Disney night garnered over 1M plays! Jack Blocker’s Space Oddity at No. 2 only got half as many plays! Abi’s other performance, The Chain isn’t far behind in 3rd place. Jack’s other performance, Nobody’s Fool is 20ish plays behind in 4th place. Will Moseley’s two performances are 5 and 6. The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy, in which he flubbed the timing and lyrics, only garnered 302 plays.

Top 3 (Top 5 performances) Facebook Stats

  1. Abi Carter – Part of Your World – 1M plays 16K likes
  2. Jack Blocker – Space Oddity – 518.6K plays 9K likes
  3. Abi Carter – The Chain – 495.4K plays 7.3K likes
  4. Jack Blocker – Nobody’s Fool – 476.4 plays 8.8k likes
  5. Will Moseley – Born to be Wild – 373.2 plays 6.8K likes
  6. Will Moseley – The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy – 301.9K plays 4.1K likes


Jack Blocker and Abi Carter will emerge as the Top 2 American Idol 2024 season 22 contestants. But who will win? Either could win. But at this point, Abi has the edge.

Caveats: American Idol voters love singers from the south and midwest. Geographically, ABC era winners have come from the South or Midwest except for Iam Tongi (Hawaii/Seattle), Just Sam (New York) and Chayce Beckham (California). Yes, that’s 50/50, but Chayce is probably an asterisk. He’s from California, but from a very rural part of the state. Additionally, half the winners are country, while Iam is country adjacent. (Maddie Poppe is pop/Just Sam R&B). And also In the ABC era, there have been only 2 female winners (Maddie Poppe in 2018, Just Sam in 2020).

In other words, do NOT count out the two male southern country singers! Jack probably has all of Dallas/Fort Worth on his side, while Abi is from Indio, California, home of Coachella. Those folks are probably not as invested.

Having said all that, here is my prediction: Abi Carter wins American Idol, Jack Blocker will be the runner-up. Will Moseley comes in third.

Jack is my favorite of the three But an Abi win would be fine. Even good. It’s time for a female to win.

American Idol Finale guest stars…

The Top 3 and more will perform duets with popular artists, including Hootie and the Blowfish, New Kids on the Block, Jason Mraz, Wynonna Judd, CeCe Winans, Cody Johnson, Seal, James Bey, and Bishop Briggs.

American Idol 2015 winner, Nick Fradiani, who is finishing up a Broadway run in the Neil Diamond musical, A Beautiful Noise, will also appear. Iconic 80s rocker, Jon Bon Jovi will mentor the contestants and perform. The three judges–Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan–will also take the stage.

Surely there will be a farewell tribute for Katy, who is leaving the judges panel at the end of the season. And for the final time in 2024, host Ryan Seacrest will DIM THE LIGHTS to announce the American Idol 2024 winner.

The THREE HOUR American Idol 2024 finale airs LIVE COAST TO COAST on ABC beginning at 8 pm EDT.

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