American Idol 2023 Recap: Showstoppers Pt 1 Results

Wé Ani - American Idol 2023 Showstoppers
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American Idol 2023 Recap Showstoppers Pt 1 Performances and RESULTS

American Idol 2023 Recap Showstoppers Pt 1 and RESULTS – Season 21 Showstoppers featuring judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan along with host Ryan Seacrest kick off as the Top 55 perform with a live band in front of an audience for a spot in the semi-finals taking place at the Disney Aulani resort in Hawaii.

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Kaeyra – River by Bishop Briggs

Kaeyra auditioned in Las Vegas. Her mom is really invested. Considering Kaeyra competed on AGT as a child, and performed with Postmodern Jukebox at age 14, that’s not a surprise. During final judgement, Lionel warns her not to be boring. In her audition, Katy wanted her to sing something other than a piano ballad, and here on the Showstoppers stage, she straps on a bass guitar and growls her way through Bishop Briggs’ “River.” Well she sure as heck took that note.

Lionel felt she stepped out of the lounge and into being a lead singer.

Kaeyra advances

Warren Peay – Whipping Post by Allman Brothers

In his audition, the judges predicted Warren would make the Top 10. He’s picking a southern rock classic, but decides not to play guitar. It’s a big risk for him–he’s used to always accompanying himself. Being instrument free allows him to work the stage more. He growls his way back and forth across the stage, showing the judges that he can be a showman.

Luke says, “you have cleared yet another hurdle…” Warren advances! Another step toward ditching his appliance repair job.

Warren advances

Nutsa – Proud Mary by Tina Turner

She shares that the duets round was the most emotional experience of her life. “It was really hurtful to me…I never do bad to people,” she insists. That’s not how it looked in the clip. But OK. When Katy told her to have “more Grace” after her disastrous Hollywood duet, that really upset her. In her final judgement, she apologizes to the judges about the incident. After a big healing hug, Katy shares that she identifies with Nutsa’s determination. She is actually singing “Proud Mary.” Nutsa is like an American Idol contestant circa 2003. She’s 20 years out of time. She’s possesses a strong instrument, but she is so so so old fashioned.

Katy compares Nutsa to Jlo, saying, “we didn’t put you in the Top 24….You did.” It’s an awkward fake-out that leaves Nutsa understandably confused. But she is through to the next round.

Nutsa advances

Adin Boyer – Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Lionel is impressed with Adin’s musicality. And truly, he’s a talented musician. But his vocals aren’t as strong. He has pitchy moments. The judge compliments Adin’s stage presence, saying he has a definite place in show business. But his vocals aren’t strong enough for the competition. He urges Adin to begin songwriting and producing. “I want to write a song with you,” Lionel offers. Adin leaves the room happy and looking forward to working with a legend. Hope that actually happens.

Adin Boyer is eliminated

Michael Williams – Angels Like You by Miley Cyrus

The judges called him Top 10 at his audition. This former The Voice contestant has a sweet tone. He’s a little overwhelmed singing in front of a live band. Nice tone, but he needs to pop more and work on those pitchy spots. “I kept losing him in the backgrounds,” says Luke. He’s correct. Katy thinks he chose the wrong song.

Katy calls his voice “controlled,” but didn’t hear his unique abilities in this latest performance. “We have to let you go….into the Top 24,” says Katy, “We really believe in you.” Despite a weak Showstopper performance, the judges put him through.

Michael advances

PJAE (I Want You by Luke James) and Malik (Can We Talk by Tevin Campbell)

PJAE shows off his massive range on stage. Katy thinks he stayed up in his false too long. Malik is smooth albeit a little pitchy on his adlibs. But he’s got range and a lovely tone. The two are called to sit together in front of the judges.

Like last year, both singers will “sing off” in front of the judges for a single spot. The judges give them a couple of songs to choose from. They have to agree on a song before singing solos. They decide on “Everything I Wanted” by Billie Eilish. Malik’s version is emotional, soulful, but straightforward. His falsetto is so pretty. PJAE’s version is more intense. He knows how to dig into a song and wring out every emotion. I would pick PJAE. But they are both worthy. The judges ask them to step out. Katy says, “I’m changing my mind.”

“We hate having to make choices like this,” says Katy, who thinks Malik delivered a more controlled performance. But she tells PJAE that he’s going through. “We’ve never done this. We moved somebody else out of the competition. Malik is through too.”

Malik and PJAE BOTH advance

Wé Ani – Ain’t No Way by Aretha Franklin

“Everything I’ve done has been a risk,” says Wé. She considers her Showstoppers choice another risky move. Maybe because she’s picked an iconic song? Or perhaps its her decision to go for massive notes in her upper range, which she doesn’t hit perfectly, but well enough. Aretha suits her big deep sound and soulful vocals. Singing in front of a crowd, the song is a pleaser.

Lionel calls her a star. The judges put her through to the next round.

Wé Advances

Zachariah Smith – Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Zachariah is hoping to quit his burger flipping job. The quirky singer isn’t a great vocalist, but he’s a very entertaining showman. Every semi-final needs the person who can get an audience out of their seats. He has such a blast on stage. Very infectious.

Katy considered him a gimmick initially. But she thinks he’s grown and calls his voice one of the most interesting in the competition. She tells him he’s going home…to pack his bag for the Top 24.

Zachariah advances

Kaylin Hedges – Kiss from a Rose by Seal

Kiss from Rose is a hard song to sing. She has a ton of pitch issues attempting it. At only 15 years old, she earned a Platinum Ticket from the judges. Maybe the pressure is too much–she seems out of her depth on the big stage.

Lionel says it comes down to experience and timing. She doesn’t make the Top 24 he tells her. Last season two Platinum Ticket holders advanced to the Top 10. HunterGirl finished as runner-up, while Jay finished in the Top 7. All three probably would have advanced that far if Kenedi Anderson hadn’t dropped out after performing in the Top 24.

Kaylin is eliminated

Tyson Venegas – Cuz I Love You by Lizzo

Tyson was Kaylin’s duet partner and also a Platinum Ticket holder. Now he is nervous because during his performance he FORGOT ALL THE WORDS OH NOES. He’s one of the best singers in the competition, and he’s blowing it. Will the judges consider his entire body of work and put him through? They should!

Katy said to Tyson “We are eating our words.” Tyson promises that he can do more. Katy says pressure is a part of life, and how you learn. “We don’t think you are destined for the Top 24….it’s more like the Top 10.” Another confusing fake-out that Katy had to explain to a bewildered contestant.

Tyson advances

Haven Madison – Bird Set Free by Sia

Haven sang an original song in her audition that impressed the judges. She sang another original in Hollywood. Luke called her a “massive star.” It’s her first solo cover. Her originals feel more authentic. Sia is typically rangy and hard to sing. She hits a few pitchy notes here and there.

Luke thinks she’s a singer who will go very very very far. They don’t even try to fake her out. She’s through.

Haven advances

Fire Willmore – Mercy by Duffy

Katy feels that Fire has grown faster than they thought she would. The singer is so moved by the support she has felt from the judges–especially Katy–throughout her journey on the show. In the duet rounds, her partner Kaya Stewart quit after falling ill, and it threw her a little. That, plus having to audition in two different cities made her Idol run challenging. Fire’s stage presence is good, but she struggles some in her upper register. She needs more experience, but she’s got the raw materials.

Luke says, “We have learned from you.” But they don’t put her through to the next round. “We’re so proud of you…take that home and build on that.” She’s pretty disappointed. “I feel like I needed this more than a lot of people did,” she says dejectedly.

Fire is eliminated

Lucy Love – Flying Without Wings by Ruben Studdard

She’s competing on American Idol for her two young children. Not a great song choice. She struggles in her lower register, but as the song progresses and she can hit the higher notes, the performance improves. She’s not a perfect singer, but her approach and tone are unique. She’s fierce.

Luke compares her to last year’s Lady K. Katy notes that she wasn’t off to a great start. Lucy knows it too. Katy mentions Lucy’s vision wall. “I can’t give up because my kids are counting on me.” is one of the messages she tells herself. Katy rambles on for awhile before sending Lucy off to the next round.

Lucy advances

Paige Anne (California Dreaming by Mamas and Papas) and Megan Danielle (Always Remember Us This Way by Lady Gaga)

Paige Anne was ill and performed her Showstopper performance “California Dreaming” remotely from her hotel room. But she’s well enough the next day to sit for Final Judgement in person.

She and Megan Danielle are asked to sing off. The judges instruct them to pick ANY Adele song, and return with a performance. They struggle a little to choose a song. Megan feels she’s in a sing off because she “froze up” during her Showstopper performance. But the snip that we see of her coving Lady Gaga is impressive (other than a tiny voice crack). She brings a bluesy grit to whatever she sings.

They choose “Go Easy on Me.” Paige’s tone comes through. It’s gorgeous. And just as Megan begins to sing….It’s a cliffhanger, y’all.

Ryan teases a SHOCKING TWIST YOU’LL NEVER SEE COMING. Whoops! Cats outta the bag (sorry).

Top 24/26

Malik Heard
Haven Madison
Lucy Love
Michael Williams
Tyson Venegas
Warren Peay
Wé Ani
Zachariah Smith


Adin Boyer
Kaylin Hedges – (Platinum Ticket holder)
Fire Willmore


Megan Danielle, Paige Anne sing off results will be revealed on Monday’s episode (April 10)

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