American Idol 2022 Recap: Top 24 Compete in Hawaii Pt. 2 (Video)


American Idol 2022 Top 24 travelled to Disney Aulani Resort to sing for your votes. Part 2 featured 12 singers mentored by Bebe Rexha  The semi-finalists perform on an outdoor stage in front of judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan

How to VOTE for your Favorite on American Idol Season 20

Tonight’s contestants: 13. Cadence Baker, 14. Sir Blayke, 15. Allegra Myles, 16. Lady K, 17. Ava Maybee, 18. Noah Thompson, 19. Leah Marlene, 20. Cameron Whitcomb, 21. Christian Guardino, 22. Katyrah Love, 23. Fritz Hager, *Kenedi Anderson. Photo Gallery

*A credible rumor reports Kenedi Anderson quit the competition after she taped her Top 24 performance. TWO of tonight’s 12 singers will be eliminated from the competition next Sunday. ETA: Kenedi is not listed on the voting page at Confirmed: Kenedi QUIT American Idol

American Idol 2022: Full Season 20 Schedule

Song Spoilers! Find out what the Top 24 will sing:

What Did Top 24 Sing in Hawaii? (Spoilers)

Cadence Baker 

Something’s Got a Hold on Me by Etta James – After her showcase performance, the judges said she looked fearful on stage. When it comes to confidence, Bebe offers,  sometimes you have to “fake it until you make it.”  She helps Cadence with stage choreography. I loved Cadence’s audition, but she disappointed in Hollywood. But now, she’s off to a good start, beginning the Etta James classic with strong notes. Her tone is sweet and raspy at the same time. This is a big step up for her.

Luke thinks it’s her best since her audition. Lionel loves the growl in her voice. Katy liked the arrangement. – Text 13 to 21523

Sir Blayke

Breakeven by The Script – The song is about a relationship, but Sir won’t spill. Bebe wants to see Blayke fight on stage. “I want to feel it,” she adds. Lots of pitchy stuff in this performance. And still, he holds back. His timing is also off. Performance-wise, Sir has never been able to break through to the next level.

The judges seem satisfied with the performance. Luke says he upped his game. Lionel feels like he finally connected, and gave a great performance. There is something missing in Sir’s performances. He might be in trouble after that. – Text 14 to 21523

Allegra Miles

Adore You by Harry Styles – She created the arrangement. Bebe thinks Allegra needs a wind machine. That’s helpful (Not). Allegra usually sits behind the piano, but not tonight. Her phrasing and arranging are creative. She’s got some pitch problems here and there, however. But she’s a singer with a ton of potential. Allegra tells Ryan that she enjoyed performing without an instrument.

Luke notes her poor enunciation. I noticed that too. He says keep pushing out of your comfort zone. Lionel calls her a “stylist” and appreciates her poise. Katy compares her to Bonnie Raitt. I ‘m not sure about that! But Allegra is very musical. She’ll be wonderful in a few years. – Text 15 to 21523

Kenedi Anderson

Human by Christina Perri – OK. Here’s Kenedi. The show has not provided any voting information for her. She has obviously dropped out. This is interesting that the show is airing her performance instead of merely announcing that she quit. Bebe gives Kenedi tips on her performance. Before taking the stage, Kenedi calls Hawaii “one of the best weeks of her life.” Christina Perri Facetimes Kenedi to wish her good luck. Kenedi has to work on her pitch, but she’s got all the ingredients to be a successful pop star. She’s got the raw ingredients to be successful. But not on Idol. 

It’s Official. Kenedi Anderson has dropped out of American Idol

In place of the judges critique, the show cuts to Ryan sitting in his studio. He mentions that fans might have noticed there is no voting information for Kenedi. Ryan explains, “Kenedi has decided to withdraw from our show for personal reasons. We send her well wishes.” He adds that the rest of the talent is “incredible” and to keep watching. 

Lady K

Before he Cheats by Carrie Underwood – Lady sang Collard Greens and Cornbread by Fantasia and Before he Cheats for Bebe to help decide which to sing. Lady decides to take the risk and go for season 4 over season 3.  Hm. I’m not sure this works for her. She’s flat A LOT, especially on the lower notes. She’s WAY OUT of her comfort zone here. Not the best from Lady. Hopefully, this won’t cost her. She’s too good. 

Luke wanted more “ugly” and “nasty” out of that performance. He is correct. And stay on key! Lionel has a sweet spot for his fellow Tuskegee gal. Katy says she’s “glowing” but she agrees with Luke. Dang, Luke it the only one willing to really criticize her. – Text 16 to 21523

Ava Maybee

Tell Me Something Good by Chaka Khan – She randomly had a dream about singing Chaka Khan on Idol. So here we are! Bebe is all about coaching the kids performing abilities, rather than vocal notes. This song is a tall order. Ava’s not changing the arrangement much, but I love her growl. Funk is hard. The pocket is deceptive. But she’s rolling right along with it.

Lionel admires her guts. “You turned it into Ava…that was risky.” Katy calls it soulful and funky. Katy congratulates her on taking musical risks, She felt Ava navigated it well. Luke says, “you really showed a different side.” He was worried she’d bring herself back a few notches. – Text 17 to 21523

Next Bebe Rexha joins Ryan on stage. “I feel like a proud mom!”

Noah Thompson

Blue Side of the Mountain by Steeldrivers – His son Walker is his biggest push to succeed after American Idol. Bebe advises Noah to connect directly with the audience. “Make eye contact,” she says.  His style is so similar to current winner, Chayce Beckham, can’t imagine him winning. But he’ll come close. His Americana style comes across authentic. He still needs to find his own style, however. 

Katy calls it “solid country efforts.” But she wants more unique moments from him. Luke observes that everything is new for him. “Keep going for it…keep following your heart.” Luke thinks he’s got a sweet spot, and that once he starts using it, he can win it all.  “You’ve got a storyteller voice,” don’t let the shyness shut you down,” says Lionel – Text 18 to 21523

Leah Marlene

Call Me by Blondie – Katy wanted more vocals from her Showcase performance. Bebe loves the arrangement, but feels Leah is holding back. Leah’s arrangements are musical and unique. She strips the sheen off the original arrangement, and turns it into a gritty plea. She takes Bebe’s advice and just goes for it. So good! She ends with a big twirl. She drops her phone! What a ball of energy.

Lionel notes that she’s in a lane all by herself. Katy agrees that she’s one of a kind. “You are just a bunch of fun.” She loved the pacing. “She has just begun.” She didn’t have Luke right off the bat, he wouldn’t have started the song slow. Katy disagrees, appreciating how the arrangement built.  – Text 19 to 21523

Cameron Whitcomb

Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bebe thinks Cameron is a star, but needs to harness his energy. He’s not sure he can. She suggests he use the mic stand to calm himself down. But it’s a waste of time. He pulls the mic off the stand, criss-crossing the stage like a maniac. Offstage, Bebe shakes her head. He’s running all over the stage like a lunatic. Bets on how long it takes for his head to explode. LOL AT BEBE’S SIDE EYE. She was correct. This performance is a hot mess. Cameron could be an artist if he took himself seriously.

Katy wonders if he’ll “just blow up.” Ha. She thinks his voice is really cool, but maybe he should bathe in lavender oil. Luke acknowledges that he’ll never take advice from anyone. They’ve all given up. – Text 20 to 21523

Christian Guardino

Leave the Door Open by Silk Sonic – Bebe loves his falsetto but tells him to stay on time. She had very few notes for him! This is a good song choice for him. It’s retro, but also contemporary. He can sound old-fashioned. He’s very ambitious about his riffs and runs. It’s a bit much. The last note was painful. The song would have been great with fewer bells and whistles. Having said that, Christian has talent. He needs to rein it in.

Lionel says “God gave you an amazing gift.” Katy compares Christian to a superhero. Katy also advised him to work on his timing. Luke suggests that he nail everything from top to bottom. The “everything and the kitchen sink” approach can be problematic. – Text 21 to 21523

Katyrah Love 

Blame it on the Boogie by The Jacksons – Katyrah explains that she grew up in a religious household. Bebe suggests the band lower the key, so she can reach the notes. Katyrah has barely been shown. She’s a good singer with the right material. I’m not sure I love this song choice, even though she’s singing it well. 

“You put on a show,” says Luke. He calls her performance “natural.” Lionel admires her dance steps. “You were using that energy,” says Katy. “You can sing anything.” Katy likes that Katyrah took the judges notes. – Text 22 to 21523

Fritz Hager

Waves by Dean Lewis – Bebe helps him “get that first note.” She suggests he practice the first three notes over and over again. I’ve been on the fence about Fritz. He’s a vulnerable singer, but his vocals need work. An entire concert might be boring. But tonight, he throws caution to the wind. There were some bad notes, but his passion made up for it.

Katy call it “spectacular….this kid is it.” She adds “I think you believe it now.” Luke thought the emotion made up for the bad notes. “You gave us attitude on top of attitude,” says Lionel. Fritz said Hollywood week left him with confidence that he didn’t have before. – Text 23 to 21523


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