American Song Contest Week 4 Recap: Qualifiers 4 Results (Video)

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Can y’all believe we’re already four weeks into American Song Contest?! We’ve already seen a total of 34 original songs performed, and tonight we’ll see 11 more from 11 different states/territories, including my own home state of Massachusetts represented by Jared Lee.

Last week’s winning song was “Seventeen” by Tyler Braden from Tennessee, and tonight’s episode will start with three more songs from last week advancing to the semi-finals per the fan votes.

Voting is conducted by a jury representing all 56 states, territories and Washington D.C., but fans have the opportunity to vote as well! Fan-voting takes place online, on TikTok, and on the NBC app. Full voting details can be found HERE.

Kelly and Snoop announce the three performers moving on… Riker Lynch, Ni/Co and Grant Knoche!

MARi – New Hampshire – “Fly”

MARi shows us around her hometown of Milford, NH, with the picture-perfect scenery and her family restaurant. She says she was like only Latina in her hometown, but New Hampshire taught her confidence, being the self-proclaimed “Latin Lizzo.”

MARi calls “Fly” the anthem of New Hampshire, but it also sounds like a “This Girl Is On Fire”-esque anthem for fighters and survivors. The stage setup is simple because MARi is the whole package, with a song that makes you bob your head and raise your fist in solidarity.

Scott Kirkland (The Crystal Method) – Nevada – “Watch Me Now”

Scott tells us that The Crystal Method’s debut album was inspired by the lively city of Vegas. He previews the performance as “bonkers” when the show comes back from the break…

This performance had a lot going on a lot of effects, which definitely distracted from the point, which is the song. The song itself was hard rock meets classic 80’s, and it was hard to make out any other lyrics aside from the obvious “watch me now.”

Savannah Keyes – Utah – “Sad Girl”

Savannah calls her home state of Utah a good mix of old and new, and talks about the state’s made-up swears like “oh my heck.” She says the inspiration behind “Sad Girl” came from not wanting to keep a smile on her face and just “be the sad girl for a minute.”

I wasn’t expecting this to be a country song! Sounded like she was singing a Dan and Shay song. It’s got the typical country sound and lyrics, and I personally can’t see how it stands out from its competitors. But side not, who else thinks her outfit is gorgeous??

NËITHER – Washington DC – “I Like It”

NËITHER assures us that there’s a lot about the city we don’t know, including how it’s not a state but the only federal district in the country. He introduces us to go-go music, which is what listeners can expect to find in his own music. NËITHER has worked with Childish Gambino and Ne-Yo, among others, and plans to bring the spirit of DC with him to ASC.

I can already hear that Ne-Yo inspo in the first few notes! The background dancers are a necessary attribute for this one, livening up an already upbeat song.

Jared Lee – Massachusetts – “Shameless”

“Pahk ya cah and whateva ya wanna do and whatnot,” says Jared, showcasing an exaggerated Boston accent. He shows us around Faneuil Hall and tells us about writing the theme song for the film Fantasy Island.

I know he’s legit a Bostonian, but did anyone else literally get those NKOTB/Donnie Wahlberg vibes?? The lyrics had a complimentary sweet but naughty feel, dropping the beat each time Jared said he was “shameless in love”

Stela Cole – Georgia – “DIY”

Cute geese interrupt Stela’s “postcard” package, and she says once she went to Atlanta, she dove into her dream of being a popstar. Stela calls her sound a melting pot of different genres and eras of music, and says its the coolest thing to get to represent a state that has so much music history.

I see why Stela said she’s been influenced by TLC. This song is very 90’s and the lyrics have some serious attitude.

Kelly and Snoop’s Halftime Report informs viewers of the current rivalries between the two New England states and the two Washingtons, plus shows Twitter memes from tonight’s show.

Bronson Varde – Hawaii –- “4 You”

Bronson says the Hawaiian spirit expresses love and compassion. He jokes that everyone in Hawaii is family and that he’s related to Bruno Mars and The Rock, but says when you take care of the land, you truly are taking care of the family because it provides for them.

“4 You” is a cute pop song with a can’t-miss Hawaiian vibe and feel-good lyrics. It’s a head-bobber and an hand-waver, and you can’t help but sing along to those “La La La”s.

Alexis Cunningham – West Virginia – “Working on a Miracle”

Alexis says she’s persistent about making it in music, calling her sound retro and rock with a little bit of pop. She calls “Working on a Miracle” a hopeful love song after the positive reaction from her community after coming out.

Alexis looks and sounds just like Taylor Swift, and that’s a compliment. The song has intricate lyrics that provide a lot of storytelling amid the upbeat tempo.

*Sidenote during the break: “Working on a Miracle” is the first song I’ve found myself singing after the performance throughout the last four weeks of this show so far.

Las Marias – Arizona – “De La Finikera”

The twin duo both named Maria says Las Marias started at their parents restaurant, which led them to performing around Arizona.  When their parents got deported in 2008, the twins started living on both sides of the border and enjoy representing both cultures.

“De La Finikera” is sung entirely in Spanish and has that beautiful mariachi sound. It had the whole audience clapping along, and it was cute when one of the girls started handing flowers out to the audience members.

The Office stars Kate Flannery and Creed Bratton are in the crowd to represent PA!

Bri Steves – Pennsylvania – “Plenty Love”

Bri says she’s inspired by Philly to sing and rap and become a better artist. She tells the story of when se saved up $3,000 to buy a car and instead spent it all in one day on her studio equipment, because she chose to invest in herself.

This song is like gospel R&B with a simple message that we need “plenty love.” Bri’s got a beautiful voice that goes from a gorgeous falsetto to insane rapping in an instant.

Allen Stone – Washington – “A Bit of Both”

Allen says he wants to represent the state of Washington despite not knowing much trivia about it. He once played on Conan, and prides the Seattle music scene on its community. He says if he doesn’t place higher than Rhode Island, he’s quitting music…

“A Bit of Both” is groovy and jazzy and what my mother watching beside me calls a “sleepy song.” Allen’s got a good voice but I personally can’t see this song going much further…

After the break, they’re revealing the winning song of the night…

The winner is… “A Bit of Both” by Allen Stone from Washington!

After Massachusetts was in the lead most of the night, that was an unexpected twist at the end with Washington winning! Check back here next Monday night to find out who else is making the semi-finals, plus we’ll hear another group of songs!

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