American Idol 2020 Recap – Auditions 2 Live Blog (VIDEOS)

AMERICAN IDOL - "302 (Auditions)" - The "American Idol" bus continues its journey to Savannah, Georgia; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles, California, and Sunriver, Oregon, on an all-new episode of "American Idol," SUNDAY, FEB. 23 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Eliza Morse) HANNAH PRESTRIDGE, KATY PERRY

American Idol 2020 Auditions 2 airs TONIGHT on ABC at 8 pm ET/PT Featured on the panel are veteran R&B master, Lionel Richie, pop star Katy Perry and country singer Luke Bryan. Ryan Seacrest returns to host.

In the second American Idol audition episode of the season viewers will embark on a nation-wide journey across Savannah, Georgia; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles, California; and Sunriver, Oregon.

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The show opens in Savannah, with a Forrest Gump bit. It’s Luke’s favorite movie!!!

Cyniah Elise – You Are the Reason by Calum Scott  – 17 year old singer/actress from Atlanta Georgia. She’s been watching Idol her entire life. She and her musical family had a youtube video go viral. Girl can hit those high notes, in a strong clear voice. Very soulful! She barely uses runs–she doesn’t need them! Lionel compares her to Whitney. Luke calls Cyniah “a natural….tastefully done.”  Katy points out their shared history in the church, and says her high notes “open her heart.” The singer’s entire family joins her in the audition room as the judges award the golden ticket. Celebration!-  3 yeses

Kay Genyse – Mercy by Duffy – Nineteen year old Kay is the artist Katy drags out into the street to “sing for your life.” She’s a real “character.” She pulls a fortune cookie message from her hair. She’s the kind of singer Idol will advance to Hollywood just for the hijinks. There are pitchy spots here and there, but her singing is decent. Katy loves her “energy and joy,” but notes her pitchiness. Lionel calls her showmanship “fantastic.” But he doesn’t get her. Luke says her vocals haven’t caught up to her antics. He thinks she needs a few years. Luke says no. Katy suggests Kay “sing in the streets.” Totally spontaneous, of course. *eyes roll* And those folks outside just HAPPEN to be strolling by. *Sure Jan*.  So Kay sings her song, exaggerating the hijinks because AUDIENCE. They erupt. Of course, Lionel says yes. I mean, c’mon. As if that staged bit wasn’t going to end with Kay’s ticket to Hollywood… Lionel and Katy Yes Luke No

Kyle Tanguay – Mercy by Sean Mendes – Kyle is a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader who brings along his squad to auditions. He’s a dancer and choreographer and admits that he’s NOT A SINGER. This should end well. He’s one of the first male cheerleaders in Eagles history. The ladies, pom poms in hand, do a cheer in support of their guy. This is all about the cheesecake. Kyle opens his mouth to sing…and he’s not terrible. He can carry a tune. It’s pleasant. Not a joke. Katy asks him to sing again in a higher key, and it is an improvement. Lionel admits that he only sang in the shower before joining the Commodores. The judges say he needs to work hard but…he’s through. Still, I wonder if he REALLY is a total newbie singer. – 3 yeses.

Jovin Webb – Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers – 28 year old Louisiana musician. Jovin lost his mother suddenly in 2012. The loss was devastating. But it wasn’t until he had his own child, that he was able to climb out of depression. Whoa. Jovin bringing the Gary Clark Jr. realness to American Idol. What a voice. His way with the blues is effortless. Dang, he doesn’t even have to try. Jovin’s is definitely one of my favorite auditions so far. The judges give him an extended standing ovation. “You officially brought the BBQ sauce to American Idol,” says Lionel, “That was moving.” Luke says, “It’s something only Louisiana can create…I saw your whole life in that performance.” Katy says she got goosebumps in her cheekbones, before making a botox joke. “You’re going to Hollywood,” the three say enthusiastically. 3 yeses

Uh oh. Here comes the gas leak bit. Of course, there will be a CLIFFHANGER. Back from break, the judges smell gas. The studio is evacuated. The firetrucks rush up. Katy faints. And of course Katy’s dramatic fall proves to be total theatrics as the firefighters help her to her feet. The problem? A pilot light went out in one of the kitchen stoves. HO HUM. Back inside, the firefighters join the judges in the audition room for a photo op. The dudes dance to “All Night Long” and ALL GET GOLDEN TICKETS!

Claire Jolie Goodman – 16 year old Chicago based singer/actress . When we meet Claire, she singing her vocal warm ups and sounds ridiculous! She admits to being a Broadway baby. Which means she’ll go nowhere on American Idol. Oh, they’re treating her like a joke contestant. We don’t even hear the Broadway song she sang. We join the audition as the judges are asking for something else. She ends up singing an opera aria. AND IT’S PRETTY BAD. Lionel tries to be diplomatic. He calls her voice “incredible.” but basically, Idol isn’t for her. Katy says she’s not shooting for the right dream. Luke says she has “tremendous gifts.” Luke uses himself as an example. He’s country. He can’t be anything else. Same with her. She needs to head to Broadway.  She keeps a brave face, until after. She’s crying.  Maybe it’s the editing? But the big problem is her singing. It’s not really good. Maybe it’s a case of her parents and friends not being honest with her. –  3 Nos

Lionel attempts to teach Luke how to CORRECTLY play his songs and is sure he’ll get it by the end of the season.

Margie Mays – I Found a Boy by Adele – Y’all remember Margie from season 17. She was the hyperactive hopeful who actually had a good voice, when she could calm herself down enough to sing. She was eliminated at the Top 40. She’s back with her boyfriend, Jonny West in tow. He’ll play piano for her, but will also audition. Margie admits this could go wrong when it comes to who advances and who doesn’t. As long as she knows! “I’m Margie 2.0!” she explains regarding the lack of wackiness this time.  She has dialed back the hyperactivity, for sure. But now, she’s kind of boring? She’s got a good voice, but either way, she never sounds authentic.  Luke notes that she has “become a much better singer.” Most importantly, she can sing in tune. Lionel likes the person that she brought to the audition. Katy doesn’t like the song choice. She misses wild Margie. She says NO. Luke agrees with Katy. But he’s going to give her another shot. – Lionel and Luke say yes. Katy says no

Jonny West – Original Song – 23 from Murrieta, CA. He supported Margie at her audition last year, but stayed in the background. This year, he’s in front of the judges auditioning. And, oh gosh–he’s unique, for sure. I think he’ll be a little polarizing? But he can write and play. While his gal pal is mostly personality, Jonny is the real deal–a pure musician. Mid song he BREAKS OUT SOME FAST RAPPING. Hm. I don’t know what to think, to be honest. I’m not sure I like his style, but there’s no denying his talent. “You are a silent but deadly killer,” says Katy. She calls him “totally pro” and adds, “You may go farther than Margie.” Do tell. Lionel calls him an “artist.” The rap blew his mind. Luke compares him to last season’s Alejandro Aranda. “The dynamic duo stays together,” says Ryan. But for how long? – 3 yeses

Sarah Isen – If I Were A Boy by Beyonce – She’s here with her two moms, her bio dad sperm donor and 10 of her 26 sperm donor siblings. Wow. Her dad sold his sperm for extra cash in college. She frames it as a “good deed.” Maybe. The singing, though. Her lower register is gorgeous. That’s usually not the case. And she then she hits the high notes. I like her dusky tone. I MEAN THAT TONE. Beautiful phrasing too. “THANK THE SPERM,” Katy shouts. “It totally blew me away,” says Luke. He noted some nerves. Lionel compliments her low notes. Katy also loves her alto. She wants her to use dynamics even more.  – 3 yeses

Eliza Catastrophe – Sardines (Original) – 28 year old from Spokane. She gifted the judges with tiny mp3 players containing her music. And sardines, which is a prelude to her original, a novelty song aptly titled “Sardines.” The judges look like they smelled something bad. Really bad. Lionel calls her entertaining. But vocally? He’s not sure. He says no. Luke says no too. Katy calls her “a character” but feels she’s not right for American Idol. Now, if she had approached the audition with any seriousness, she might have advanced. But I’m thinking she wasn’t really serious to begin with–just hoping for a viral moment. – 3 nos

Katy roller skates. Falls on her butt. Sings “I Want to Skate with Somebody.” The end. Katy says Alejandro Aranda and Catie Turner opened the door to creative, original auditioners. Then a montage of hopefuls talk about how inspiring they are. 

Julia Gargano – Growing Pains (Original) – 21 year old from Staten Island, NY. She was inspired to audition by both Alejandro and Catie. Singing an original was important to her, “I feel when you go on American Idol, you have to put yourself out there as an artist.” Her musical identity is strongly tied to being a songwriter. And as it turns out she’s a pretty good one. Not only that, she delivers a compelling performance of her original ballad at the piano. Katy gets up to hug her. “That was big time,” says Luke. “It sounded really classic, and done well.” Lionel says, “You gave us the whole authentic self.” Katy predicts future auditioners will be inspired by HER. “I think you’re top 5,” says Katy. – 3 yeses!

Curt Jones & Hannah Prestridge – The two are a country duo called Treble Soul. They met in Nashville and have been playing together for 6 years, married for 3. Curtis sings Help Me Hold On by Travis Tritt.  Hannah sings an original called Day to Day. But before she does, she tells the couple’s story. After dating 3 months, she got pregnant. During the pregnancy, she had a kidney problem, which required intravenous pain medication. Eventually, she became dependent on oxycodone. “I was messing up everything,” she says. Curt gave her an ultimatum–get sober or I’m leaving with the kids. She got sober last year. “Day to Day,” Hannah explains, is about the hard times. They are both good singers. But she’s better. Katy notes the pain in her voice. She thinks Curt has an authentic sound, but won’t measure up to the country talent they’ve already found. Lionel thinks Hannah is the lead, Curt is the rock. Hoo boy. Curt: Lionel and Katy No Luke Yes Hannah 3 yeses. I have a feeling Curt doesn’t look at their musical partnership like that AT ALL. He’ll suck it up, probably. Because in relationships where one has a drug/alcohol problem, the partner is typically the caretaker. Believe me, he’s  been sacrificing all along for her. He’s used to it by now.

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