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Welp. I semi-predicted last night’s results. I had Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon at the bottom of my power list. But I thought Madison VanDenburg would be standing beside him. And that if the judges used their save, it would be to keep Jeremiah in the competition.

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Top 10 Airlines in the world 2019

American Idol 2019 Top 6 Recap and Results Live Blog (VIDEO)

But when Laci Kaye Booth ended up in the bottom, I knew the judges would save her instead. Jeremiah is a terrific singer. But at this point, the competition is tough. I pegged Laine Hardy, Alejandro Arunda and Laci as the judges favorites. Wade Cota is a fan favorite and wasn’t going anywhere. Therefore, Jeremiah could come to the end of his run and he did.

But two things: I underestimated Madison’s popularity and overestimated Laci’s. Madison nailed her her Celine Dion cover, “I Surrender.” Laci struggled last night. It was never mentioned by the judges, but she sounded under the weather–hoarse and off-pitch. But I thought she had enough of a fan base to carry her through. Guess not.

Right now, the finale could very well include Laine Hardy, Alejandro Aranda and Wade Cota. Wade is peaking at just the right time. He had his best night of the competition, and if he keeps it up, he’s in the finale. Laci will need a very strong night of performances next week to survive.

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  1. worst top 5 in the history of the show. no way that jerimiah should be gone. alejandro is awful. nice guitar player but most cats in heat can sing better.

  2. I think Jeremiah’s backstory hurt him, unfortunately.
    Kinda weak Top 5, considering how strong the Top 20 was.
    Alejandro/Laine Top 2.

  3. I think Madison benefited from Alyssa leaving last week. When one contestant leaves – you have to think about where those votes will go – if the person keeps voting. Alyssa’s fans gravitating to Madison totally makes sense. Now – with Jeremiah gone – where will those votes go? I don’t see them going to either Alejandro or Wade. So that leaves Laci, Madison, or Laine. I think Madison may benefit again from this as she’s the last powerhouse vocalist left. But who knows? My favorites and the ones that I voted for were Laine, Jerimiah, and Laci – so I guess Laine is the one left standing because I’m sure that Laci’s days are numbered. And her votes would likely go to Laine. Should be interesting to see how this plays out – but I think Madison may be in the finale now – which I didn’t think last week.

  4. Jeremiah didn’t run his backstory into the ground. ABC and Idol did. They control what viewers are told and what they aren’t

  5. The night was a mess. I thought that Jeremiah, Laci and Laine were the bottom 3 performers. Based on the 2 songs that they performed Jeremiah should’ve edged out Laci, but based on the season as a whole I was happy they saved her. But based on last night, any of the 6 could’ve been eliminated and I wouldn’t be awfully upset.

  6. I think this is a great point. It is the main reason why Laine’s very consistent performances may hurt him. It is always who picks up the votes after people are booted. You could see Madddies social numbers climb last year after contestants were eliminated. She was a non threatening contestant. Madison will be the one to take it from Laine if he doesn’t win. That is why he needs to do something still in his box but maybe a little different. He needs to pull out one of his originals or do something more current.

  7. I totally agree with you. I don’t have a horse in this race and voted for different people from the last week based on performances (Wade, Laine and Alejandro vs Jeremiah and Laci last week)
    No one really stands out to me. I wanted to see growth and variety – just not there this year.

  8. So, is it going to be like the “olden days” where after a Judge’s Save, there is an extra person going home the following week? Meaning there will be three going home this week leaving two for the finale next week?

    Or will they send two home this coming week as scheduled and leave three for the finale, like last season?

    Either way, I wish that with two weeks left, the judges would have just sat on the save so as not to skew the voting these last two weeks.

  9. I think the judges were put in an impossible position choosing between Jeremiah and Laci-they were expecting Wade or Madison to be in the bottom and would not have saved either over Jeremiah. Laci is a different story-she had a really off tonight but is probably the most marketable singer left. And folks who think Jeremiah was robbed are also ignoring that he had by far his worst two performances. He turned a slave spiritual into a Vegas lounge act and started Somewhere in the wrong key and never recovered.

    You are not going to win Idol singing show tunes. Jeremiah will be great on Broadway and I am sorry to see him go. But Wade and Alejandro had their best nights and I voted for both over Jeremiah and Laci

  10. I think there will be three in the finale like last year. And right now I predict those three will be Laine, Madison, and Alejandro

  11. Madison has the Kelly/Jordin type girl-next-door personality with a massive voice. She’s a typical AI winner of days gone by. She and Wade are also the only two this season with a traceable growth arc which is always fun for fans to root for. Laine desperately needs to do a ballad and a current song next week for diversity’s sake but what he is doing is connecting. Notice they put him last- I bet he, like Carrie Underwood is so far ahead in the voting that nothing messes with his votes. I think Madison/Laine are in the finale with Alejandro.. it will be interesting to see who wins between those three. Alejandro is the PP of this season. The do-your-own thing “artist”.

  12. I agree that Jer is a great singer but Somewhere started off somewhere off key and shrill. He did improve but wow was that intro bad. Many might have just been turned off by that. his performances were more like stuff we hear on The Voice and less like what I would expect to hear on AI. I can see Broadway in his future. Something about his style never worked for me. I thought he’d make the finale though! Him Laine and Laci… boy was I wrong lol.

  13. You clearly missed Season 9… no one in the top 5 is worse than Wrong Key Lee or shirtless guy. Poo Bowersox was robbed but I doubt she would have made the top 5 any other season either…

  14. Also, Jeremiah technically sang poorly on Somewhere so when you’re supposed to be a good singer and sing bad, you get eliminated.

  15. Decent top 5. Here’s how I think it could go:

    1. Laine
    2. Madison
    3. Alejandro
    4. Laci
    5. Wade


    1. Laine
    2. Alejandro
    3. Madison
    4. Wade
    5. Laci

    or (crazier things have happened)

    1. Alejandro
    2. Laine
    3. Madison
    4. Wade
    5. Laci

    however, I still think Madison could win if she plays her cards right and Laine/Alejandro stumble… not likely but I can hope lol. She fits the Disney motiff the best IMO.

  16. I’m not sure Jer would be a good “fit” for the Voice. Oddly, I think Alejandro would have been a better fit for the Voice. I’m actually a bit surprised that Alejandro continues to be voted thru on AI. I just don’t think he fits the mold of your typical AI contestant/winner. Diss Katie all you want. .. but, if Alejandro somehow ends up winning, it will be a “change” for AI. He would not be your typical AI contestant/winner at all.

  17. You guys are on a roll….I completely agree here too. Those three were my three favorites left coming into the night and I think they had the three worst collective outings.

  18. I’m usually among the first to bust on the Idol voting demographic for its trends, but I actually don’t think that was the case here. If it were, I think we would’ve him flirt with danger much earlier. Honestly, I just think he had an off night. He sang a slave spiritual with glee and wholly inappropriately, then butchered his intro to Somewhere, kinda settled, but was still picthy and shrill in spots throughout. And it was a Broadway song, which isn’t necessarily gonna grab a ton of people to begin with unless it’s nailed which in this case, wasn’t even close.

  19. Very true about Alejandro… we shall see… the world is changing!

  20. meee tooo!!! He brought a dose of reality to reality TV. Even on AGT he occasionally brings that too… I always thought David Foster would have been a good judge on AI as he had that grouchy I don’t care talk about him….

  21. Crystal was great, I agree… she deserved to win… but Lee on AI was no bueno at all- absolutely terrible. Casey was top 10 fodder , not top 3 finalist. It was a horrible- unwatchable season. The beginning of the end IMO. AI never recovered from Season 9.

  22. Unfortunately most of the group paid little attention to Adam or Lauren who gave valuable advice. But they have had so little guidance this year I’m sure they didn’t think they needed it. When all they hear week after week is praise and not a single word of actual critique they have no reason to believe they are anything but perfect! These judges are mainly window dressing. Katy again embarrassed Laine and herself? I hope the winner has a chance in spite of all this unwarranted hype.

  23. I think for the most part the contestants performed better with Adam and Lauren. I saw improvements for several on both nights. But I agree the judges are pretty useless. And Bobby Bones?

  24. Although Katy was ridiculous with Laines second song she gave him great advice after his first song.

  25. The problem is not the backstory itself the problem is repeating and repeating the backstory.
    It happened with Brian Justing Krum on AGT, terrific singer but they repeated the sobbing backstory (when the truth is Brian was on Broadway so all the hurdles of coming out were way in the past).

    I pity Jeremiah, because they way this played it seemed they only wanted him for that reconciliation with his parents (given the recent sermon of his father i doubt that will last) and they had no use of him after that.

    On a positive note, he ended sixth, something that an openly gay singer not long time ago could only dream on a show were just gay rumours could make you bite the dust (ask David Hernandez).

    In the end, american talent shows are middle america darlings so i can’t see an openly gay singer, no matter how good he could be winning this type of competition

  26. I’d rather take a dose of bitter medicine than try to endure Wade or Alejandro murdering through a 2-hour concert. But to be honest, I don’t think there are any truly promising contestants left.

  27. Looking back, I see that Kellie Pickler also finished #6 and she’s done reasonably well for herself. Thank heavens the general public often has better judgement of talent than many Idol voters.

  28. This is probably a minority opinion but if I’m basing it strictly on last nights performances, no elimination should be shocking. I think we were treated to 10 mediocre performances and two decent performances by Wade, decent in the fact that they seemed authentic. I have been pretty solidly a fan of Laine for much of this season but if he had been eliminated, I wouldn’t be here today screaming that he was robbed. He didn’t do anything wrong, but he didn’t do anything to set himself apart either and I think that same statement pretty much applies to every performer last night.

  29. Singing is part of the package, though. If it’s weak, the package isn’t good enough. Other areas don’t effectively camouflage basics that are lacking.

  30. The best singer is gone and the 2 worst singers remain. Insult was added to injury when when the clearly lesser singer in the Bottom 2 was saved. Laine may have a chance at creating some ripples if he wins, but I think any of the others would remain as inconspicuous as most Idol winners of the past 5 seasons.

  31. Might be the lesser vocalist but she is far more marketable. The tagline for the show is about finding superstars. Not great vocalists. There’s a difference between those two things (not that I think any of these contestants will become supertars, because I don’t. But the show has never been about who is the best technical vocalist).

  32. Yes it is. Although cats in heat have more volume, so they are worse. Maybe.

  33. PREACH !! Well said and important to remember. That’s one of the reasons I don’t get so caught up in the individual contestants. Keeping the purpose of the show in perspective makes it a lot more fun to watch.

    I think in the beginning of AI, Simon did a great job of reminding contestants & fans of what the purpose of the competition was, Selling music to fans. Being a good/decent vocalist was certainly important & prerequisite to move thru the competition, but that’s only a part of what they were looking for.

    I think that messaging has somewhat gotten lost in the recent iterations of AI. I miss Simon.

  34. The Save should never have been used, especially this close to the finale. The Save contestant never wins. People here hate Wade and Alejandro, but they actually had a good night. Jeremiah may be a good technical singer, but he is also old school with the big, sad emotional ballads.

  35. I agree with Girlygirl and others who have said that Laci was saved because she is more marketable than Jeremiah. And others mentioned that Laci seemed under the weather. But I’m starting to wonder whether Laci’s voice is so delicate that she can’t sing when she’s not 100% fit, which doesn’t bode well for a music career, given that most artists make their money through live performances.

  36. All speculation but I think Laci may have had more votes than Jeremiah and that was the reason she was saved. They clearly liked both of them. Maybe TPTB thought she was more marketable but what difference would that make? She was in the bottom. And voters don’t care who is marketable, they just vote for who they want to win. You can see as soon as the shows ends that most winners are not going to be in demand, marketable or become stars. But that did not stop them from winning even if TPTB wanted someone else.

    I thought Gabby had more potential than Maddie. I think Lane has the most potential of this group. He looks, performs (a little showmanship is a plus) and acts as if he will and wants to be a star, lol. And he has a good voice, so good for him for putting it all out there. You are going to need confidence, attention, support and some luck, if you stand any chance of doing well in the industry when you come from a reality show. Most of the successful Idols (winners/non-winners) had strong vocal abilities that gave them a lot of attention before the show even ended and it carried over. They have high profile and lucrative careers still today. Will it happen again? I guess anything is possible but who really knows for sure? No doubt it will be difficult. But if I were a contestant, I would go for it anyway no matter what the naysayers may think or what the chances are. This is your time to get that attention and hope someone who can help you will take notice. Imo, at this point anyone could win so nobody was robbed.

  37. An old song not yet sung on Idol.
    There was a farmer who had a dog and BINGO was his name-oh.
    Can we request for the finale?

  38. My only question with Laine is can he be a current artist. His two originals tell me yes but on the show he hasn’t shown it. I need something current from him next show. With gabby it was obvious she would fit in as a current marketable artist because she sang current songs. It is 2019 not 1950 so Laine needs to find that sound. His originals are a good place to start. Getting great management will be huge for him.

  39. If Laine wins, and a label is happy with his win and ready to support him, I have no doubt that he and his management team will work with them to make his influences current. I would love to see Laine do a current ballad because he can sing. But you are not obligated to stick to the exact style that you have done on the show. When Adam did not win, some said his classic rock style nor he personally would fit in the mainstream. However, he mixed things up and incorporated different boxes in his concerts and albums. Pop/pop-rock/ballads/a little rock. Even before Queen, he didn’t so bad. HA!! So I guess I am not one who believes there is a box for everyone and they should all stay in it. If it works for you then do it that way. But allow others to do what works best for them. Adam didn’t listen to what fans/non-fans thought he should or could do. Gabby ignored people complaining because she was putting music out often and they didn’t know what she was going for. And I think Laine will be fine if he has support and interest.

  40. The chances of it being a mother’s day theme Sunday are pretty big. Maybe he will finally sing a ballad. It could be a great time to bring out Louisiana lady.

  41. There is no one in this top 5 even close to performing as well as Crystal did in season 9, they are actually in different leagues, IMO. Crystal actually had idol “moments” lots of them. I can’t recall even one really standout performance from this season. Season 9 gets a bad rap, Lee did struggle with pitch but he has actually blossomed into a very good singer/songwriter.

  42. Yes, we’re at the point of trying to figure out where departing contestants votes will go. Of course, that’s IF people will still vote if their favorite has been eliminated.

    While I think Laine has become a bit stale and karaoke, he’d likely pick up most of Laci/Wade voters. That’s why I think Laine will still win. That being said. . Madison could pick up Jerimiah’s votes and be in the Final 2 with Laine.

    I don’t think Alejandro would pick up any Laci or Wade voters. It seems people either love Alejandro or hate him. And, even if he has a really strong voting contingent. . .I don’t know that he could overcome voters moving their votes to Laine or Madison. The Alejandro hate by some could also spur them to vote for anyone else but him. . .even if they don’t particularly like Laine or Madison. The hate seems so strong for Alejandro… . I could easily see some votes being cast elsewhere just to make sure he doesn’t win.

  43. Jeremiah was ROBBED. I can’t believe those stupid judges. I do not even want to watch next week.

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