American Idol 2016 Atlanta Audition – Lillian Glanton

Lillian Glanton – Country Boyfriend (Original) – She grew up on a poultry farm. Aw look at the cute little chicks. Her family has 100 head of cattle. She sold some to buy recording time. Her vocal is nasally and the accent is a bit much. The songwriting skills aren’t bad though. A little cliched, but she’s got a sense of humor. Harry is not feeling her voice. The entire crew “awws” disappointedly at that. Jlo really liked her, especially the song, but felt it was a little worrisome that she sang her own song, off key. Keith likes the whole package. He says yes. The vocal wasn’t good enough for Harry. He says No. It’s up to Jlo, and of course, no way will she be responsible for crushing someone’s dreams. She says Yes. They all take a selfie to celebrate. Keith and Jlo say yes. Harry says No. Team Harry on this one.

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