American Idol 2012 – Even MORE Tour Tidbits!

While Brittany uploads her videos from today’s American Idol tour press junket, she jotted down a few more tidbits from today.
The Idols are playing backup singers throughout the whole show, as they did last year.

It sounds like DeAndre only gets one song, and he said it is reggae, so pretty sure it’s “Master Blaster” (yeah!) but he is in half the show, and he said we would hear the falsetto during the background singing. He also hates having his hair down but the producers insisted he wear it down every show. This is why in the video he makes a point about DeAndre being a guy who likes his hair up. lol (love him)

Colton Dixon  said he was definitely going the Christian route with his music. He has been in talks but nothing has been decided yet, as far as a record deal. He has written over 11 songs since the show ended. He has three solos. One popular one from the show (he asked fans which was their favorite, my money is on “Piano Man”), one rock song that wasn’t done on the show but everyone should know it, and one song we have never heard. I asked if it was an original and he could neither confirm not deny. No duets for him, he seemed relieved.

Skylar Laine has two solos, both upbeat. I believe she said they were both from the show. I asked about the trio (Jessica, Hollie & her) that was talked about online. It ended up becoming a duet between her and one of those other girls (she would not name which) because it was not working out. She’s been writing and will be recording some demos to “shop around.” Poor girl had been up since 1:30am, she was exhausted.

Jessica Sanchez said her set will be nothing like her songs on the show. On the show she was told to do competition type songs and ones that showed off her voice. We can expect a lot of dancing (along with another contestant, not named) and a lot of moving around the stage. She made a point she would not just be singing ballads & standing behind a mic. She would confirm no songs but suggested there might be at least one ballad.

Elise Testone didn’t confirm “Whole Lotta Love” but she she gave a hug grin when someone asked. Sounds like she has at least 2 solos and a couple duets.  I asked about the Goyte duet with Phillip, and she wouldn’t say. Said she is a part of about 9 songs.
Wants to write with Phillip, Skylar, Josh, Erika for her future album.

Hollie Cavanagh, as well would not give anything away. She said to just come to the show. But that she would be doing one popular song from the show and one not from the show, also a duet (perhaps with Skylar?). She plans on teaming with Joshua to prank hardcore….no one but Heejun. Wants to go pop, with her own twist.

Heejun Han is THE prankster of the group, and everyone knows it. He talked about having some sort of show lined up..and to expect it sometime next year. He said the first half of the show is fun & crazy and the second half is serious, so to just come & see the first half. He said he would be making an “Adult” album…and to clarify he said “adult contemporary.”  He is recording an album in Asia first, and then bringing it over here to the US.

Joshua Ledet will not be recording “booty popping” stuff. lol. A lot of soul for the album, very Beyonce. Things are still in works with the whole album thing. Talked about Fantasia being THE. GREATEST. SINGER. EVER.  He plans on pranking…, because everyone picks on him and Hollie. For tour, there will be a lot of diversity and soul singing. Would not confirm “It’s a Man’s, Man’s World”.  (Hollie and Joshua are the cutest things ever when they are together. If you thought Joshua was reserved because of how he was portrayed on the show, when he was not singing….not in the least when Hollie is around.)

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