Duets – Movie Night – VIDEOS and Recap

Eliminated: Jordan Meredith from Kelly Clarkson’s team.

I’ll be live blogging Duets tonight, but won’t be joining you until 10 pm ET while I finish up blogging So You Think You Can Dance.

Duets will move back to Thursdays at 8 pm next week. The live shows begin!

Kelly’s duet partners were both in the Bottom 2 and had to sing off against each other. Between the two, Jordan had the best performance overall, both in her duet with Kelly AND her sing off. Actually, I think Jordan and Jason outsang Olivia, whose continued presence in the competition baffles me.

I can only explain the judges’ wack scoring by speculating that there is a concerted effort to keep at least one partner in for each judge as long as possible.  The show goes live next week, which could end the first place reign of J. Rome.  John Glosson is his biggest competition right now.  Olivia Chisholm will probably finally be shown the door next week.

Jennifer Nettles and John Glosson – “My Heart Will Go On” – John is back in his sweet spot singing ballads.  If he continues to choose songs that show off his big voice, he could pull ahead of J. Rome in the live voting.

Kelly Clarkson and Jordan Meredith – “Take My Breath Away – Beyond a few pitchy spots, I thought this was one of Jordan’s best performances to date. For the first time, she seemed comfortable up on stage. The song showed off her big voice nicely.

Olivia Chisholm and Robin Thicke –  “Staying Alive” – Oh. This girl should have been sent packing last week. Let’s see if she’s better this week. Ha. Robin is perfect for this song. She’s still breathy and dull. AND underpitch. Yikes. On her own, she’s completely lost.  If she ends up in the bottom this week, THEY HAVE TO CUT HER LOOSE. Cut to Kelly who looks like she just smelled a fart. John: I felt more power from her tonight. Kelly: This is my favorite that she’s done so far! Jennifer: I thought she did great. I like the more upbeat stuff. It showcases a different part of your voice.  Are the judges kidding? That was not good.

Scores: 1. John Glosson  2. Olivia Chisholm 3. Jordan Meredith

Bridget Carrington and John Legend – “What’s Love Got to Do With It” – John is still surprised and shaken by the loss of Meleana. Bridget was number 2 last week. She’s REAL good. Bridget and John have great chemistry.  She just breezes along so confidently on this number. Star power. Love her  peach colored Tina shimmy dress. Kelly: That song just doesn’t really go anywhere for me. Other than that I loved it. Jennifer: I’m going to give you a yes m’am. I forget I was supposed to be judging. Robin: You have this amazing spirit. You’re best performance. Fearless.  This is the first time I totally disagreed with Kelly. This was a good song that worked well as a duet.

Scores: 1. John Glosson 2. Bridget Carrington 3. Olivia Chisholm 4. Jordan Meredith.

J. Rome and Jennifer Nettles –  “I Will Always Love You” – Jennifer snaps back at John Legend after he and Bridget made fun of their tears last week. “He can take hormone supplements,” snarked Jennifer. She goes on about “The Whitney Song”. It was a country song first, Jennifer. Dolly! Respect!  J. Rome begins the song a capella just like Whitney. Jennifer joins him on the chorus. J. Rome irritates me with his planty ways, but I have to say he’s nailing this. He brings power and emotion to the song. Jennifer is a nice compliment. Kelly: If I didn’t have my heels on…you are SO GOOD. I love you. Robin: There’s a reason you’ve been number 1 every week. John: Wipes away a tear (mockingly). It was really awesome. Well done.

Scores: 1. J. Rome 2. John Glosson 3. Bridget Carrington 4. Olivia Chisholm 5. Jordan Meredith.

 Jason Farol and Kelly Clarkson – “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge –  Jason has trouble committing to the song and he goes pitchy. It drives her crazy.  Kelly calls Robin “Paul” by mistake.  OOPS.  Oh. Jason is totally in over his head here. Once again, Kelly sings rings around him. He was pitchy and breathy in spots. Robin: Finds him lovable. Didn’t think it showed off his range. Jennifer: I love musical theater. I could see you there. Some pitchy things. John: He looked great. Really cool. Most of the song was too low for you. Kelly points out it was a tenor part!  I agree with the panel, Jason is weak in his lower register.

Scores: 1. J. Rome 2. John Glosson 3. Bridget Carrington 4. Olivia Chisholm 5. Jordan Meredith. 6. Jason Farol.

Both of Kelly’s partners will sing for their lives!

Jason –  “Mama Know Best” His diction is terrible.

Jordan Meredith – “And I Am Telling You”

Jason is safe, Jordan is going home. Aw. She cries in Kelly’s arms afterward. Honestly, I thought she performed better than Jason.

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