American Idol 18: Does Seacrest Give Away Big Twist in Teaser? (VIDEO)

American Idol 18 Teaser Gives Away Big Twist?

In the teaser that ran at the end of Sunday’s Hawaii Showcase/Final Judgment Part 1 episode, Ryan Seacrest promised a big twist at the conclusion of Part 2. “And it all ends with a twist that will go down in Idol HISTORY!” Ryan narrates breathlessly.

But, watch the teaser closely. American Idol gives the game away. As Ryan announces the twist, we see country singer songwriters Lauren Mascitti and Grace Leer walking away from the final judgement stage with their hands over their mouths.

Grace Leer and Lauren Mascetti Final Judgement

It’s pretty easy to see what’s going on here. For most of the past 18 seasons, American Idol has revealed their semifinalists in a bit of reality show shtick fans call “the green mile.” A singers fate is revealed after they take to long walk to a stage where the judges deliver the good or bad news. The drama comes to a crescendo when, at the very end, only two remain. Usually the final two are similar and/or fan favorite singers. One goes home, and the other is left to cry. It’s awkward for everyone all around!

But SOMETIMES BOTH singers wind up going through. Considering that Lauren and Grace walk away shocked, I’m going to assume both make the Top 20. AND YES THERE ARE SPOILERS. But I wouldn’t bring it up if the teaser didn’t make it so dang obvious. I mean, c’mon Idol just announce it on Twitter, why don’t you. The big twist is probably…well those who are following the spoilers know what that is. And it’s a thing that’s been done before, just not at the semi-final stage.

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The American Idol Hawaii Showcase/Final Judgement concludes on Sunday April 5 at 8 pm ET/PT on ABC. Watch the promo below. 


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