American Idol 14 Top 48 Spoilers


American Idol 14 Top 48 Spoilers

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11/17 UPDATE: A NEW contestant has been added. The last girl,  Adanna Duru. She was a contestant on The Voice season 3.  Also, The Idol Pad reports a TOP 48 instead of a Top 40! There are 26 girls and 22 boys! The 8  extra contestants are listed below. Interesting, we received an extra male name, Tion Phipps, a few days ago.  But we were completely, confused, because it contradicted the whole Top 40 thing!

The remaining contestants are due back for a new round called the American Idol 14 Showcase with Rickey Minor and the band in DECEMBER. Deets at the link. Speculation is the field will be cut to a Top 24 at that time.

11/11 UPDATE: We spoiled 36 contestants.  The Idol Pad added three more: Mark Andrew PudasShannon and Tyanna Jones, plus JAX real name. Now we can find some videos!) Still waiting on one more name.

The American Idol 14 Hollywood Week ended on October 31, and we finally have some intel coming out of the round! From what I hear, the week ended with a TOP 40.

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American Idol 14 Spoilers Hollywood Contestant Full Master List


With Editorial Contributions from AdamSLM (thank him for all the bio info!)

The American Idol 14 Top 40 Top 48


Adam EzegelianVIDEO – Adam seems like he has been an Idol fan for a while. I couldn’t find anything on Twitter or Youtube, the only thing I did find was his American Idol Experience Audition. His audition is from a few years ago, but he does still have a very strong voice! Genre wise, I’m not sure where he fits in, but there isn’t really much to base an opinion on. American Idol Experience audition

Casey Thrasher (season 13) )- Casey is back! Of the returnees, Casey is one I’m really glad came back. I feel like last season he had to compete with a bunch of other country guys, but now he is fresh in everyones minds. Should he make the live shows, I expect him to stick around for a while as the season’s token country guy. TwitterLast season’s Audition

Clark Beckham – Clark is a WGWG, who honestly comes off a little bland compared to past WGWGs who have come through Idol. At first, I was ready to write him off, but then I found some of his covers on piano and they are epic! This guy is one definitely not to be overlooked. I highly suggest you check out some of his covers where he plays piano. TwitterYouTube – This is old, but here he does an excellent piano version of Radiohead’s Creep.

Cody Fry– For some reason, something about this guy just screams winner to me. Cody really reminds me of Taylor Phelan from this season of The Voice. That said, I think Cody is this season’s wildcard. I think Cody fits into the alternative genre, and should mostly have it to himself, at least on the boys side. Anyway, I think Cody’s voice is super strong and he sounds radio ready! Hope to hear a lot from him this season on Idol. – TwitterYouTube

Daniel Seavey – Back when we were still spoiling the Hollywood bound contestants, Daniel was the first name I spoiled, so he holds a special place in my heart for that. Regardless, as the youngest contestant in the batch, as I’ve said before, I worry for his still changing voice. He definitely has potential, I just hope he advances based on his talent and not on any story they give him. Either way, I hope he does well this season. Twitter – Youtube- He doesn’t have a channel up, but here he is singing The A Team. He also has a cover of that annoying song by Justin Bieber

Hector Montenegro – Another WGWG. Compared to Clark, I think Clark has the edge on being the better WGWG, because I just feel more from him. Anyway, Hector has an ok voice, it isn’t the best, but it is still pretty good. If he makes the live shows, I don’t seem him going far, as there are just better singers in the mix. – TwitterYouTube

Anderson “Hollywood” Footman– Just when I thought there weren’t any joke contestants in this top 40 bunch well….. Hollywood comes along. He is interesting to say the least; his youtube page is filled with odd videos (including a cringeworthy Super Bass cover). On a few videos that he is serious, he seems okay at best. – TwitterYouTube

Jessie Nunn– He apparently goes by the name J. None, and is an R&B singer. Interestingly, he is a violin player and has posted a cover using the instrument. In addition, he also plays piano and has a pretty strong voice! – Twitter – YouTube

Josh Sanders (seasons 11, 12) – Josh is a returnee who was part of the incredible season 11 Las Vegas group of contestants. Way back in season 11, he was in a group with Caleb Johnson, and was cut at the green mile. Weirdly, he auditioned again in season 12 and was apparently cut at the celebrity judges first auditions. Anyway, Josh is back with a vengeance this season by making the top 40! Will he be the next Caleb? We will have to wait and see. – Twitter –  Season 11 group performance (with Caleb Johnson)YouTube

Mark Andrew Pudas– He was on The Voice! It will be interesting to see a contestant on The Voice who never got criticism get some on Idol. His voice is okay, nothing special. – TwitterYouTube – CONFIRMED

Michael Simeon (season 13) – )- If we are going to get a token WGWG for the season, there is a strong chance it will be Michael. The season hasn’t even started and already there is a lot of buzz around this young man. He seems talented enough; at least that’s what I’m getting from his covers. The real question is if he is a comeback kid like Colton Dixon, Caleb Johnson, Hollie Cavanagh, Candice Glover etc, or the second coming of Marielle Sellers. God, I hope it’s the former. – TwitterYouTube – CONFIRMED

Nick Fradiani – I remember this guy from Beach Avenue! For those of you who didn’t watch AGT this season, Nick is the lead singer of a band called Beach Avenue who were ROBBED (along with Dustin’s Dojo, mind you) with a capital R on this year’s Americas Got Talent. Anyway, Nick has an incredible voice and an amazing talent for song writing. I highly suggest you watch their original they performed on AGT called Coming Your Way that I put below. This is one of the guys I really hope makes the live shows. – Twitter – (Coming Your Way, AGT) – YouTube

Qaasim Middleton – For me, my childhood included shows like Spongebob (I had a weird crush on Sandy), Rocket Power, Rugrats and such. I had already grown out of Nickelodeon TV shows when The Naked Brothers Band came along. I never really got the point of the show, but kids were all over it. Anyway, Qaasim was apparently part of the show and bunch of people should remember him if Idol decides to exploit his past. His voice isn’t my cup of tea, but if Idol pimps him, I expect him to stick around a while. – TwitterYoutube

*Quentin Alexander

Rayvon Owens– Another R&B singer. There is a bunch in the mix this season, and I think Rayvon is one of the better ones. – TwitterYouTube –

Reno Anoa’i– Not much to base an opinion on. He just has a few videos on his channel, and they are R&B covers. Honestly, I think Rayvon is a more interesting singer. – TwitterYouTube

Ricky Hendricks – Another WGWG. Honestly, Nick, Michael and Clark are just much more interesting then Ricky is. Nothing against Ricky, he is just a little generic.  Ricky auditioned for X Factor in 2013. –  YouTube –  Twitter

Riley Bria – Riley seems like an alternative WGWG. He sets himself apart from the other WGWGs by having a very unique voice and look. Not only that, a while ago he apparently performed with Kieth Urban at the American Country Awards. Overall, he is ok, still not as strong as Nick, Clark and Michael, but he still has a lot of potential to surprise us. – TwitterYouTube –

Savion Wright (season 13) – SAVION, YOU DID IT! Tied for the returnee I’m most excited is back, Savion has returned! Last season, Savion was tragically cut at the last round before the live shows and this year, he is at the exact place he was cut last season. The fact that he made it this far means the producers want him in this season for the long hall. Expect to see a lot of Savion this season! – TwitterYouTube

*Tion Phipps – He is an R&B singer, and a pretty good one even. This guy has a huge following, and on a verified Twitter account has amassed 45 thousand followers! Check out some of his covers, they are very polished and professional. – TwitterYouTube

Trevor Douglas – – Trevor is another one of my favorites this season. This season, there are many WGWGs in the mix, and while Trevor is another one, he definitely sets himself apart with his quirky personality; his voice is unique and his demeanor make him someone you can easily root for. I hope to see a lot of Trevor this season. He is definitely one you want to check out. TwitterYoutube – CONFIRMED

Zack Kaltenbach – Zach is ok, but nothing special. He needs something about him to make him stand apart in this crowd of talented singers, and for me, he isn’t that memorable. TwitterYouTube


Adanna Duru –  Adanna was on The Voice season 3! She has a big old belting voice, and I think that could be a problem for her. The thing is, yes she has a great voice, but off the top of my head, I can name 4 others who are just as good. The thing with Adanna, is she needs a way to separate herself from the other belters. –  TwitterSoundcloudTwitterYouTube

*Alexis Gomez – Another country girl! Alexis has a great singer, but personally, I find Rachael Hallack a lot more appealing. You decide. – Twitter – YouTube

*Ellen Petersen – I can’t tell if she is a country or folk singer. She looks super young, but her voice sounds pretty strong. Her covers on youtube seem to focus on Bluegrass, so if you like that kind of music Ellen is perfect for you. – Twitter – YouTube

Emily Brooke – Another name that was on the early spoiler lists! Emily is one of the few country girls this season, and is going to be one of the few contestants representing country music, I think she does an excellent job. She seems very young (15), but still very polished. Her Youtube channel has a ton of covers up, so if you want hear from her check her out. – TwitterYouTube – CONFIRMED

Erica Washington – This girl has some pipes, and she is definitely a powerhouse to look out for this season. On her Youtube page, her covers on her channel range from church songs to R&B hits, so if you are into that kinda of music Erica is perfect for you. With her ability to belt out those big notes, Erica will be a force to be reckoned with this season. Twitter- I don’t think she has one – YouTube

*Erika Davis

Hannah Mrozak – Hannah is one of the younger girls this season, and she has a very recording friendly voice, as shown by her homemade music videos. Personally, I find her a little pagenty, but I can’t deny she has some raw talent. She is worth checking out. – TwitterYouTube

Hunter Larsen – I don’t know who this girl is, but I want to know more about her. Her voice is absolutely phenomenal! She apparently was into Broadway, but is now pursuing singing. Check this girl out! Twitter- I don’t think she has one Youtube

Jackie “Jax” Cole– Jax was another of the first girls I spoiled this season. Now that she has made the top 40, and we now know her real name, I can say I really LOVE this girl! From being the mystery girl this season to finally having a name and now videos where she sings, I must admit, I think this girl is a star. Jax is a piano playing rocker girl, and has a lot of potential to be the second coming of Jena Irene. She used to be in a rock band called The Jersey Kids, but since then she has cut her hair, dyed it blond and gone for a more punkish look. Watch out for this girl this season guys, Jax is gonna be someone to keep an eye on. – TwitterYouTube

*Jaq Mackenzie – So is she like the “yin” to Jax’s “yang”? Anyway, this girl is good…. really good. There is just something super intriguing about her. She has something super special going on. I think she is a star. I suggest you check out her Dark Horse cover. – Twitter YouTubeFacebookInstagram

Anjelika “Jelly” Joseph – Who would ever want to be nicknamed “Jelly”? Anyway, she is a soul singer, and actually looks like the oldest contestant in the mix this season. Honestly, I think Erica is a much better singer, but Jelly is still pretty polished. – TwitterYouTube

Joey Cook – If you are looking for quirky girls this season, look no further; Joey is probably the first contestant to be an accordion player (well maybe Alex Preston plays to). Regardless, she kinda gives me Sia vibes, as her voice has a haunting quality to it. Check her out – Youtube –

Katherine Winston – She reminds me of Emily Piriz except she doesn’t play piano. She is an ok singer, not my favorite but still pretty solid. TwitterYoutube

Kalynne Schoelen (also uses the last name Michelle)- I like this girl. Her voice gets a little wobbly sometimes, and I worry a little for her, but we shall have to see how she does. Besides for that, I think she is very current and very versatile. – TwitterYouTube

Loren Lott– Another R&B singer. She actually has a very strong belty voice! Her channel is full of current soul songs, and she seems pretty cool on Twitter. Check her out. – TwitterYouTube –

Lovey James – Going into this season, Lovey seems to be the most ready to go pop star. She has a great look, a strong enough voice and enough presence that your eyes are drawn to her. Personally, I find Lovey’s voice a little difficult to tolerate, but what do I know. You decide. – TwitterYouTube

Maddie Walker (season 13) – I don’t remember her at all from last season. She is a good singer, but nothing that special or standoutish. – Twitter –  YouTube

Maddy Hudson – Another polished young singer! She is another favorite of my mine for sure. Most of her covers have her playing guitar, and she seems to stick firmly in the pop lane. She is very much worth checking out. Youtube

*Monica Laire Pidoy Mendoza – And then there is Monica. Good god, this girl can SANG! We might just have the second coming of Jessica Sanchez right here. – Twitter – YouTube

Najah Lewis – Dangggggg this girl can SANG! I really love this girl! She has a great and beautiful tone in her voice and she just has this aura that just makes it impossible to look away. Twitter – Youtube

Nalani Quintello (season 13) –  I don’t remember Nalani from last season, but she has a big old belting voice! She is a little bit pagenty, but I don’t really mind with her because she is just so good! It doesn’t hurt that she is also a beautiful girl. YouTubeTwitter UPDATE:  Nalani WITHDREW FROM THE TOP 48 BEFORE the House of Blues showcase. Nashville auditioner, Gina Venier performed for the judges in her place. Click for all the details.

Rachel Hallack– Country girl in the house! Rachel reminds me of Skylar Laine, as they both are in that country/rock mesh genre. Rachel has some great covers, and is definitely worth looking into. – TwitterYouTube

Shannon Mae Berthiaume

Sarina Joi Crowe (Season 10, 12, 13) – Yes. So much yes. For seasons now, I have championed Sarina and finally, she has a great shot of making the live shows. Being a returnee, I hope they build up her story and pimp her hard, because after all the rejection the show gave her, she damn well deserves it. Of the girls, Sarina is the dark horse and is not to be underestimated. – TwitterYoutube

*Shi Scott – Bio coming soon

Tyanna Jones– She only has one Youtube song up and I don’t think she has a Twitter. There isn’t much to base an opinion on, but from the one video up, she has a lot of control over her voice. – YouTube

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