American Idol 14 – See The FIRST Promo! (VIDEO)



Yep. It’s that time of year again. Time for the very first American Idol 14 promo of the new season!  The 45 second spot aired in front of millions of viewers watching Game 1 of the World Series on FOX.

The powers that be are NOT giving up on the idea that American Idol creates superstars, even after the last two winners have flopped pretty hard. Ironically, the most recent champ, Caleb Johnson, has literally disappeared from the national landscape after his debut album, released in July, sold an anemic 11K.  And, it was season 11 winner, Phillip Phillips who was asked to sing the anthem for one of the games, rather than Idol winner, latest flavah.

Poor Caleb doesn’t even figure into the new promo. The season 13 winner has been virtually erased from Idol history.  Instead, a trio of alums–the aforementioned Phillip Phillips, along with Jennifer Hudson (S3 alum, Oscar winner) and Carrie Underwood (S4 winner, country music superstar) are featured in clips that portray a journey from frumpy to fabulous.  All thanks to Idol!

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The spot opens with footage of the alums’ respective auditions in front of the judges, from back in the day.  “It’s the one show that takes unknowns and transforms them into superstars!” informs the voice over as the singers’ dorky former selves morph into today’s stylish and successful incarnations.

Welp. Nevermind that only Carrie arguably fits the description of a music superstar. Phillip is still an up and comer, while I’d label JHud a successful entertainer bolstered by a PR team that knows how to market her.

Anywhoo! It’s a set up for present day American Idol. Watch the judges high jinks! “Is that uncomfortable?” quips judge Harry Connick Jr. to a hopeful that says she has “Paramore up her sleeve.” BONUS KEITH URBAN GIGGLE.  Contestants burst out of audition rooms, celebrating their golden tickets.  One hopeful, who looks like he could be an NFL linebacker, strolls into the room crooning “I’m still Jenny from the block…”  Jennifer Lopez riffs back. Don’t forget the one thing about Idol that has remained constant…God bless Ryan Seacrest.

And in case you forgot….

SUPERSTARS MADE HERE flashes up on the screen, one more time before the spot ends.

How excited are YOU for the new season of  American Idol? I’m not gonna lie. I’m a die hard. No matter how mad it makes me.  I’ll always be excited for Idol. Always.

OH. Don’t forget. Hollywood Week begins SUPER EARLY this year. The kids land in Los Angeles on October 25, with the round finishing up on October 31. We will be posting updates, so STAY TUNED.

Watch the NEW American Idol 14 promo. Leave yur thoughts in comments.

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  1. Not gonna lie. I love Idol and I love this judge’s panel. Also Idol may not launch people into the stratosphere anymore but even the lousiest winners have sold more albums than they would have without Idol and I think that is saying something. And putting yourself in front of potential producers every week can’t hurt either. All it takes is the right song at the right time…

  2. I will always be excited about American Idol – it’s the only singing contest I watch from week to week, not wanting to miss even one week.
    Ryan is essential in the show, I can’t think of a better host. I was very pleased with the judges this past season, even with JLo – who was better than in previous years. I do hope there’ll be great contestants. I’ve always thought AI has the best contestants – I have watched X-Factor and The Voice occasionally when they have been broadcast here in Finland.
    I hope AI will be shown again next year here (it has been shown here since 2006) – and I do hope David Cook will be there either to perform or mentor, or preferably both!
    I hope other commercials will include all winners.
    I’d like to see more voters from all parts of the US, so that the majority of votes would not come predominantly from the South. That’s what resulted in CJ winning last season.

  3. I’m kind of perplexed they used Jennifer instead of Kelly. Is it quibbling to point out that JHud didn’t come near winning? Or is the message “Our 7th place finishers do better than their winners”?

  4. I think it’s quibbling, especially since Kelly is incredibly successful, and AI has never had a problem with using her image in commercials.

  5. Since its only the invested Idol watcher who can name even a few of the winners I don’t think your average joe will even correlate those highlighted on this commercial with winning. And this commercial just proves a point…winning Idol doesn’t create a superstar…it takes more than the Idol crown to get someone to the top.

  6. I think that they want to show that AI produces successful artists from all walks of life. AI is all about cultural diversity. ;) And even though Fantasia has ostensibly been more successful than JHud, JHud shows a very real physical transformation from AI to now.

  7. I’m expecting TONS of promos this year especially because of how poorly FOX is doing this season. Remember they were going to cut back the hours, I doubt they still do that they need as much 9 million viewers as they can get.

    Also so excited for a new season but the font looks a lot like the X Factor Season 1.

  8. I’m pretty excited. I’m hoping that without the bloated talent shows this year (back to The Voice and Idol) Idol can at least hold on to its numbers.

  9. If it is like most seasons, they will have more than one promotion. Kelly will most likely be included somewhere. And they have never limited highlighting their success stories to just the winners because there are as many non-winners as winners with success. It would be too limiting.

  10. Probably won’t watch till the final 12 for first time in 6 years. The past two season have left a really bad taste in my mouth. Hopefully producers will finally cast some good so singers with personality this year.

  11. The panel was the ONE thing Idol got right last season (and go figure, it’s the one thing Nigel would’ve done the same). This promo has me super excited. Let’s just hope we get some good contestants that get to make it all the way through. (And please, no Rush Week. And please, get a better set. The live shows are what killed Season 13.)

  12. I didn’t see R*ndy… and while JHo and Keef are still around to drive the corporate bus, no R*ndy means there will be something to celebrate… if he’s really gone for good…

  13. I’m with you. And at that point I’ll check out the vids of the final 12 and see if there is anyone I’m interested in before watching. I’m just not interested in another season of the JLo show unless there is a contestant I really want to follow.

  14. I don’t think it’s quibbling… JHud is successful DESPITE Idol’s intentions… I know I’m not her, but if I were, I’d cringe every time they exercised their perpetual license…

  15. I am still looking forward to this season no matter what naysayers say. I am also looking forward to the coverage from MJ’s!

  16. Jennifer is incredibly successful, why she shouldn’t she be there and they use Kelly all the time for promos like it really doesn’t matter.

  17. Well in Jennifer’s case she has done better than most of the winners.

  18. Normally I’d be mad about them not showing the previous Idol in the promo, but, errrrrm…

  19. Idol got A LOT right last season…a good panel, fresh songs, a fairly diverse panel of contestants, no overdone theme weeks, mostly eliminating the joke auditions, giving air time to every single semi-finalists so no one had a huge advantage going into the voting weeks, and of course, a new voting system that ensured the worst or second worst contestant went home every night. Too bad the whole season fell apart around Top 5 week, but from the Top 11 to then it was extremely enjoyable. You know what they say, the best laid plans of mice and men…

  20. But that’s the problem. From top 5 on what’s left of the viewers still watching this show, the demographics of who they are, will determine the winner every time. The one thing TPTB can’t control.

    Me personally, I want more entertaining contestants. Too many ‘deer in the headlights’ types with no performing skills last year.
    Boring, like watching MLB ;)

    Plus a rocker, that’s at least somewhat attractive and not singing 30 yr old music would be appreciated. Thanks.

  21. I know Caleb gets a ton of ridicule for not accomplishing much, but he is pretty lucky that the press does not seem to care about him. The winners in the past, who did not accomplish some arbitrary level of success, were savaged in the media. It was not always justified, but it did some damage nonetheless. They painted a picture of failure that follows some today.

  22. If Caleb was around in Season 5, he would have been sent packing after the Top 4 week. Maybe even as far back as Season 8. Anonymity is a double-edged sword.

  23. Everything you liked is what made the season unbearable for me. Unknown songs with no diversity, same old same old contestant style each week with the elimination of themes, the fun of the joke auditions to break up the boring and the back stories, the off air cuts of the top 30 (biggest mistake EVER).

  24. JHud was successful when she was chubby and plain…but now she is just a clone of all the other black actresses out there. Nothing to set her apart.

  25. Caleb wouldn’t have made it out of Hollywood any other season.

  26. Actually, I hated the off air cuts of the Top 30 too, but to put it into perspective it’s not worse than Season 3 when they invited a bunch of people to the Wildcard show then cut them that night without prior warning. At least this season they got a chance to sing for producers in dress rehearsal for a shot at the live show and they knew beforehand they might not be selected, but I was still pissed I didn’t get a chance to decide. Hope they just go back to the semifinal format they had Seasons 4-7. Even the Season 10-11 format would be an improvement.

  27. I don’t know about that. He’d have a really good shot during Season 1 or Season 9.

  28. Not really. Lupita, Halle, Carrie Washington, Octavia Spenser, Jordin. The black actresses are as diverse in looks and style and size as other actresses.

  29. While I agree she didn’t get the Idol push of Kelly or Carrie I actually met Jennifer this summer in philly and she made it very clear that she would have never gotten Dreamgirls had it not been for Idol and even with Dreamgirls Idol was the reason she got to make an album so quickly

  30. That’s incredibly insulting. Besides that, considering the fact that she continues to book high profile gigs, I’d also say that it’s not true.

  31. Too bad they don’t just say Randy is NOT coming back. Until they do, then I’m assuming Randy will be back. Hey! It’s Randy. You know he is that uncle…

  32. I think if they got a really strong contestant or contestants, it could change the demographics of the show. There were never rockers or country singers on the show, but when there were. and they were strong, they drew fans in. If there was a really strong contestant that represented music outside the usual demographic, it might be enough to bring viewers in, or even change who people might vote for, even if there weren’t in the type of music they usually listen to.

    I agree they need more entertaining contestants. There isn’t enough time for them to learn performance skills while in the show, they need them before they even go on in order to excel while on the show.

  33. Does anybody else think there might be a hope in hell that the ratings could go up this time? I’m talking *very* mild gains, but I don’t see how interest in Idol couldn’t go up if they cast more entertaining contestants who have a better shot at doing well after the show. The past two seasons were dreadful IMO in nearly every regard, but perhaps learning from Caleb/Candice (and everything else bad about season 12 and 13) along with X Factor USA being gone will help them out a bit. Maybe I just feel like being optimistic for a change.

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