American Idol 13 Top 7 Results – Live Blog and Videos (UPDATED: POLLS)


We’re live blogging the American Idol 13 Top 7 results. Tonight the Top 5 will be revealed! Which contestant will be eliminated? Follow along to find out!

Wow. So that was a close one. Another girl almost bit the dust tonight. That would have left ONE girl in the Top 6! Thankfully, that DID NOT HAPPEN. The combination of a 2nd spot in the performance order, and the judges  criticizing her performance without even a bit of sugar to balance it out, nearly did her in.  Instead, the competent, but always generic Dexter Roberts was eliminated instead.

I know folks want CJ Harris to go home.  Yes, he has pitch problems that ruin his performances sometimes, but he did not deserve to go home based on last night’s performance. And if I’m picking between CJ and Dexter, I’ll choose the one who sings unevenly, but with emotion over a perfectly pitched vocalist who brings nothing new to his performances.

Back to Jessica.  The judges attitude toward her has been puzzling to say the least.  She’s a talented songwriter. I don’t understand why she isn’t getting the “artistry” edit that Alex Preston enjoys. What’s more WHY aren’t the judges instructing Alex to dance in front of his mirror? Or move around the stage? Why is Jessica expected to “perform” when she’s at her best standing on stage with her guitar, delivering an edgy song?

Next week, she needs to blow off the judges and listen to her instincts.  After nearly leaving the competition, there will be a groundswell of support for her next week. She’ll have a cushion. Nevertheless, she needs to stick to what she does best.  If she delivers authentic performances, what the judges say won’t matter. Even if she’s eliminated, she’ll go out as the artist she is, not one that leaves trying to please the judges.

What the hell is the panel’s problem with her anyway? Damn.

Oh look! It’s Kevin Bacon! he’s helping Ryan introduce the show. “AND THIS IS AMERICAN IDOL!” says Kevin before Ryan shoves him off of the stage. Kevin’s show “The Following” has dropped in the ratings.

Check out Jlo in her thigh high boots. She’s trying to give Ryan a heart attack, I think. And of course, Ryan has to make a smarmy remark about her mini-dress, some jazz about her flunking the high school fingertip test.

Time for the post show dinner chat video package. “Did Harry seem a little sick tonight?” asks Jena “Hoarse Harry,” says Caleb. Demi told Jena that she wanted to sing with her. Aw. Sam tweeted out a group selfie.

Let’s watch the Ford commercial. What would the Idols do if they had a Mustang for the day? Some cool vintage Mustangs in this promo. Awesome.

Keith has a few cars, including a 69 Mustang fastback. A second anniversary gift from his wife. “He’s giving me the week off,” says Harry, “I don’t have to wash them.” Keith shoots back, “Yes you do!”

Results!  Ryan calls the finalists to center stage. Randy Jackson will deliver his mini critiques.

Dexter Roberts – “He has a pretty powerful rangey voice. Take some chances.” Alex Preston – “Alex knows when to take the things he does, and make them seem bigger. He’s developing into a great artist.” Jena Irene – “She’s the one to beat right now. Everybody else, step up to the plate. Let’s look at the screen. Who is safe? Jena Irene is declared safe first. One is safe, the other is in the bottom two. OBVIOUS. Alex Preston is safe. Dexter Roberts is in the bottom 2.

CJ Harris – “I wanted him to do more with the song, take more vocal liberties.” Jessica Meuse – “It’s going to be interesting to see how she lands in the votes tonight.” Sam Woolf – “If he sticks around, he’s got to get a winning performance.” Caleb Johnson – “Started on a high, he’s been consistent every week. I give him an A”  Caleb Johnson is SAFE. CJ Harris is safe. OMG I KNEW IT. Sam Woolf is also safe. JESSICA MEUSE IS IN THE BOTTOM 2.  I TOLD YOU GUYS I TOLD YOU I TOLD YOU. Grrrr.

OMG Jessica’s face when CJ is declared safe. PLEASE SOMEBODY HAS TO GIF THIS.




Dexter Roberts is eliminated. THANK JEEBUS ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD. That was a close one.

Dexter’s Idol Journey

Dexter sings out with “Lucky Man.”  He always did well with ballads. Goodbye to Dexter and his generic performances. Aw. He gets his performance in right under the wire.

Final Results & Elimination (Top 7) – American… by IdolxMuzic


  • Jena Irene
  • Alex Preston
  • Caleb Johnson
  • CJ Harris
  • Sam Woolf
  • Jessica Meuse

Bottom 2

  • Dexter Roberts – Eliminated
  • Jessica Meuse

Did Dexter Deserve to Go Home?

Did Jessica Deserve to Be in the Bottom 2?

Are the Judges Too Harsh to Jess?

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