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Ben Briley is eliminated

Next week’s theme is Billboard Top 10 Charts

We’re live blogging the American Idol XIII Top 11 results right here! Who is heading home? Find out live!  Also, Harry Connick Jr. and Mali Music perform.

Let me explain myself. Ben Briley is not my favorite contestant. In fact, there are a slew of them I like more. But I think the producers DID want him out and his elimination was manipulated to a degree. If the judges had let nature take its course, we’d probably have another girl, gone.

Many felt that Ben had a poor performance last night. I don’t agree with that. It wasn’t the greatest ever, but it wasn’t terrible. I thought he showed some creativity and fun in his choice and execution.  There were performances that were worse.  Sam Woolf, Majesty Rose, Malaya Watson. All worse. Even Jessica Meuse’s performance was worse. (But she gets a pass after the bandzilla eff up.)

So why did Ben get the harshest critiques while others *coughmajestymalayacough* got a pass? The producers also slammed him LAST WEEK for a performance that was solid. I believe they did NOT want to lose a 3rd girl, and felt Ben was expendable. He was the 3rd country boy who was, unfortunately, not reliably country. I liked that Ben took chances, even if they didn’t completely pay off. Better than pandering to the red, white and blue like Dexter.  Ben deserved to go on tour. I preferred him over Sam, who has been snoozy since he’s hit the big stage. Oh well. It’s not the first elimination to annoy me, and it won’t be the last.

I’m glad Majesty was in the bottom 2.  I hope the realization that she nearly got eliminated (there was only a .07% difference between her and Ben!) is a wake up call.  When Randy is the truth teller in a situation (calling her vocal “not stellar”) that’s pretty wack. He may have been reacting to the results, or the backlash to Harry’s soft judging. But still, it had to be said.  Now that Majesty’s made the tour, hopefully the judges will get real with her. She’ll never improve if they don’t.

Other than Ben. I’m happy with the tour lineup. I’m pretty psyched that Jena Irene, Jessica Meuse, MK Nobilette, Alex Preston, Caleb Johnson and CJ Harris all made it. It will be interesting to see what kind of venues get booked. I wonder if the tour will be downsized to theaters? I would not be surprised.  I’m just happy there still IS a tour.


The contestant eliminated tonight will JUST miss making the tour! It’s a cruel, cruel cut.

72 million votes came in last night. The highest of the season. 6 billion votes since Season 1! OHHHHHH Ryan says tonight’s outcome may surprise us! SHOCK BOOT? Jennifer Lopez is wearing a headband. UPDATE AT 11!

Video package features the Idols getting the post show VIP treatment. Jena is all bummed out that Keith pronounced her name wrong again. Harry gave them autographed copies of “Hope Floats” Oh. Caleb notices that Harry never gives standing ovations. And rightly so.

CJ, Caleb and Dexter take the stage. Randy is back with his critiques. Oh joy. He believes CJ is safe. Randy agreed with the judges, Dexter needed to turn his performance into something uniquely his own. Randy suggested that Caleb sing more melody. The Adele song was perfect. That was actually good advice! Randy gives him a 10 10 10! Now it’s time to DIM THE LIGHTS.  Caleb is SAFE. Dexter and CJ are both safe too! I saw that coming, didn’t you?

Ha ha. The kids are “auditioning” to play the judges. Keith is first.

Ryan and the judges introduce Harry Connick Jr. from the rafters. An FYI: Harry taped this performance after last night’s show.  He’s singing a medley of his songs “One Fine Thing” and “Come By Me.”

Next, the kids “audition” to be Harry. “You ended on the 9.” Caleb does an awesome vocal impression.

Munfarid is back! He’s on spring break from college and he’s returned to visit his love, Harry, and to be held like a baby, once again.  Harry runs up on the stage and picks him up. Munfarid sings. It’s hilarious.

Munfarid Serenades Harry – American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

MK, Ben, Majesty and Malaya take the stage! Randy thought MK delivered a standout performance. Randy says change is good, but you have to keep in mind who you really are. Randy did not think Majesty’s performance was stellar. NO KIDDING. Randy as truth teller. The world has turned upside down. Randy thinks Malaya is blossoming on the stage. And fearless. Yeah, not scared to scream in my face. Malaya is SAFE. MK is SAFE!!!!. OMG my predictions are CRAP. BOTH BEN AND MAJESTY ARE IN THE BOTTOM 3 FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!

Jlo auditions are next. GOOSIES FOR EVERYONE.

Jennifer introduces hip hop artist, Mali Music.  Oh look! He plays the piano too. This is an interesting mix of styles and genres. The remaining contestants watching the performance look SO NERVOUS.

[HD] Mali – Beautiful – American Ido 13 by IdolxMuzic

Sneak peek of Jennifer’s new song. Like, 5 seconds of it as we go out to break. She’s performing next week.

Sam, Jessica, Jena and Alex are next. Randy thinks Sam is doing a good job trying to crack out of his shell. He feels Jessica’s poor performance cost her votes. Alex is a true artist, says Randy.  He was so proud of Jena. Like a proud parent.

Jessica is safe!!!!! HOOORRAYYYYYY.  Alex is also safe. As is Jena. SAM IS BOTTOM 3!!!!! Whoa.

Jlo thinks the bottom 3 is performance based. She went home and watched them back. America was responding to what they saw.  SAM WOOLF IS SAFE. .07 percent separated the bottom 2. EEK!  Ben Briley is the lowest vote getter!

Ben sings “Stars” by Grace Potter.   They ain’t gonna save him. They want him GONE in a big way.  Keith says there has been no artistic growth. So. No save. CONGRATULATIONS IDOL. YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED. Yay manipulation!

Ben Briley is eliminated!

Final Results & Elimination (Top 11) – American… by IdolxMuzic


  • Caleb Johnson
  • CJ Harris
  • Dexter Roberts
  • Malaya Watson
  • MK Nobilette
  • Jessica Meuse
  • Alex Preston
  • Jena Irene
  • Sam Woolf
  • Majesty Rose

Bottom 3

  • Ben Briley – Eliminated
  • Majesty Rose
  • Sam Woolf
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